DKC – Chapter 1731

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Chapter 1731 – The one that will emerge as victor (1)

Dongfang Xuan silently and stealthily approached Su Luo.

His speed was very slow, with soft and quiet steps while holding his breath. He didn’t give off a tiny bit of sound. Let alone to say, he hid away the spirit power around him so he didn’t bring about any fluctuations in the spirit force.

Right now, Su Luo was completely immersed in joy and the spirit force that the Absorbing Spirit Crystal brought her to frantically advance. She didn’t sense that viper-like figure gradually getting closer to her.

Not only was Su Luo full of joy, moreover, most of her attention was on cultivating. Therefore, it was hard for her to sense Dongfang Xuan’s actions.

Dongfang Xuan wasn’t foolish, he didn’t use a direct line to draw close to Su Luo, rather, he wound around in a circle. In a roundabout way, he moved to a position behind Su Luo, then slowly drew close to her.

One step, another step, finally, when he was twenty meters away from Su Luo, his footsteps slowly stopped. His sinister lips hooked into an apathetic sneer.

“Su Luo, Absorbing Spirit Crystal is mine!” Dongfang Xuan laughed secretly in his heart.

To get Absorbing Spirit Crystal and not let Su Luo give off any noise, the best way was to assassinate Su Luo! Moreover, he must succeed in one strike. Otherwise, if Nangong Liuyun was to discover it, Dongfang Xuan wouldn’t be able to handle the consequences.

After making this decision in his heart, the gaze Dongfang Xuan used to look at Su Luo had an even stronger killing intent.

A distance of twenty meters for him was merely a blink of an eye’s time, so he didn’t need to face the risk of being sensed by Su Luo to advance forward.

Right now, Su Luo was completely submerged in the joy of cultivation and unaware that a viper was heading towards her with his bloody mouth wide open.

She only knew that she must do her best to grasp every minute to cultivate and cultivate again. To advance, advance and advance some more. Because Su Luo knew, that in this lifetime, there might never be such an opportunity to advance so quickly. She had a premonition that when she had completely absorbed that thing on her head, it might be possible for her to advance all the way to Saint rank. That was the Saint rank ah! Even Nangong Liuyun was only at the Commander rank ah, while she could breakthrough to Saint rank in one move. How amazing a matter was this!?!

Just when Su Luo’s saliva was about to flow out while in the midst of her beautiful daydream, a clear, cold and arrogant tone with a trace of teasing sounded in Su Luo’s head.

“Still daydreaming?” The little stone’s mouth hooked into a ghost of a smile.

“Hiss——” Being awoken from the beautiful dream, Su Luo unhappily glared at the little stone, “If you have words to say, spit it out. If you want to fart, then let it out! Right now, this young lady’s time is more precious than the spring night of an honorable daughter from a rich family. Didn’t you see that I’m almost at Commander rank?”

In fact, Su Luo’s words carried some exaggerated elements, no matter how in defiance of nature this Spirit River and Absorbing Spirit Crystal were, under the situation of just being promoted to tenth rank, how could she get promoted to Commander rank in less than two hours?

Little Stone unhappily rolled his eyes at Su Luo: “Your little life is about to be gone and still have thoughts of being promoted. You must have a life to enjoy it first ah.”

Hearing this, Su Luo’s heart suddenly was startled. Although the words Little Stone spoke were never nice to hear, but he had a strong point that others didn’t have, that was, he wouldn’t lie. Since he said there was danger to her life, then her life absolutely was in danger.

Su Luo released a part of her consciousness, and immediately sensed that faint figure not far behind her.

Dongfang Xuan!

That person smiling coldly at her with eyes full of killing intent, wasn’t it Dongfang Xuan?

Su Luo’s eyes suddenly contracted, because she sensed that this time, Dongfang Xuan had the thought of ‘must kill her’!

“What’s going on? Has Dongfang Xuan gone crazy?” Such a great opportunity and he wouldn’t go properly cultivate, but to come and kill

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