DKC – Chapter 1730

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Chapter 1730 – Bird’s nest (3)

This kind of cultivation speed, simply put, only ‘miraculous’ could be used to describe it.

Su Luo was also stupefied by this kind of cultivation speed, but very quickly, she returned to her senses and continued to frantically cultivate. Because she knew, such cultivation speed was against nature, and the Heavens had always been balanced. So she knew, the time she had wouldn’t be long. She must make the most of every critical minute and second.

Suddenly, Su Luo’s mind moved.

Because within such a short time, she discovered her dantian was full of spirit force! If you were to make a comparison, then that was the huge wooden casket to be promoted to tenth rank, was full!

This speed…Su Luo was so pleasantly surprised that she almost cried!

If she didn’t miscalculate, now, less than two hours had passed right? She actually was about to be promoted to tenth rank? This was too much of a blessing okay? Even if she had to wear this rice field-shaped cone, it was worth it okay? Su Luo simply loved it beyond imagination. If she was given enough time, could she continue to advance? From tenth rank to Commander rank, from Commander rank to Saint rank, from Saint rank to Monarch rank….

Just when Su Luo was feeling blessed and having beautiful dreams, Dongfang Xuan’s deep and sinister pair of eyes suddenly opened!

His bloodthirsty eyes stared at Su Luo with frost, unblinkingly and unwaveringly staring at her.

Because he could clearly sense that his cultivation speed was decreasing. After investigating the cause…Dongfang Xuan saw that ‘bird nest’ on Su Luo’s head.

“Absorbing, Spirit, Crystal!” Dongfang Xuan said between gritted teeth, stressing each word. His complexion was ashen as he stared at Su Luo. His eyes were full of hatred.

“How could she have an Absorbing Spirit Crystal!” The more Dongfang Xuan thought about it, the angrier he became!

Originally, Dongfang Xuan thought his luck was the best. Before, when he left after being angered to death by Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun, he had accidentally stepped on the entrance to a cavern and fell all the way down. In the cave, he picked up a bag. In the bag, there were space bags, Absorbing Spirit Crystal and other things.

Dongfang Xuan originally thought only he had this Absorbing Spirit Crystal. But he never expected that Su Luo also had one. Moreover, her Absorbing Spirit Crystal was much larger than his, its purity and quality was also much better. Compared to Su Luo’s Absorbing Spirit Crystal, his was just like garbage goods!

When Su Luo advanced to the tenth rank, all the spirit force in the world rushed towards her. The undercurrent in the bottom of the Spirit River surged up, forming spirit force whirlpools, one after another.

“Hateful!” Dongfang Xuan’s fist clenched tightly.

Dongfang Xuan never thought Su Luo’s aptitude was this good. In such a short period of time, she was promoted to tenth rank. If he didn’t stop this girl, she would definitely get promoted to Commander rank without a doubt. Could it be that he had to watch helplessly as she advanced?

Dongfang Xuan saw that ‘bird nest’ on Su Luo’s head, and greed flashed through his eyes.

After going through the cultivation just now, only a fingernail slice of his Absorbing Spirit Crystal remained. It wouldn’t be able to help him. However….Dongfang Xuan stared fixedly at that thing on Su Luo’s head and secretly schemed in his heart. If he grabbed that Absorbing Spirit Crystal on Su Luo’s head, then he would definitely advance to the Saint rank in a short time. At that time, Nangong Liuyun definitely wouldn’t be his opponent.

As long as Nangong Liuyun was dead, then….Dongfang Xuan’s malicious gaze stared at the blurry figures, Beichen Ying, Zi Yan, Su Luo… these three definitely wouldn’t survive three moves against him.

Therefore…looking at Su Luo’s head, a killing intent shone from Dongfang Xuan’s eyes at this moment.

Therefore, he would get Su Luo’s Absorbing Spirit Crystal for sure!

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