DKC – Chapter 1732

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Chapter 1732 – The one that will emerge as victor (2)

But having just finished saying this, Su Luo sensed the emptiness on top of Dongfang Xuan’s head. Immediately, she understood: “He used up his Absorbing Spirit Crystal.”

“So he would come and steal yours ah, idiot.” The little stone used the gaze of beyond saving to look at Su Luo.

At this moment, Su Luo’s brows were tightly wrinkled.

Beichen Ying and the others were using all their strength to cultivate and get promoted. If she started to fight with Dongfang Xuan, it would absolutely affect them. Recklessly interrupting them would lead to serious Recoil of Madness. This was absolutely not a scene Su Luo wanted to see. Dongfang Xuan could compeletely disregard Li Aochen and Luo Haoming, but Su Luo couldn’t disturb Beichen Ying’s group.

What to do? Su Luo’s mind quickly turned, searching for a way to break this pitfall.

The little stone could come out, but the little stone had the same strength as Dongfang Xuan. At that time, the disturbance they created would be even greater. The more Su Luo pondered, the angrier she was at Dongfang Xuan. At this critical time, to disturb other people’s cultivation and advancement, was simply like the enmity of wiping out the entire family.

However, before Su Luo thought of a way, Dongfang Xuan had already launched an attack.

A tiny soft sound was heard before Su Luo could return to her senses, the long sword in Dongfang Xuan’s hand was mere inches from Su LUo.

Such a fast sword!

The white light flashed so fast that a person almost couldn’t react!


Before Su Luo could move, Cheng Ying Sword, that had already condensed out a spirit, subconsciously rushed up to meet that ice-cold sword!

The weapons directly clashed head-on, immediately, sparks flew in all directions, and the spirit force in the surroundings surged, giving rise to waves of chaos.

“Oh——” Su Luo noticed that not far away, Beichen Ying was affected by the fluctuations in the spirit force and directly spit out a mouthful of blood.

Seeing this, Su Luo hated Dongfang Xuan even more! If she had known earlier, she would have Nangong Liuyun kill Dongfang Xuan earlier to end all the troubles. So that he was unlikely to disturb people at a critical moment right now.

“Don’t you just want the Absorbing Spirit Crystal? This matter, we can discuss it.” Su Luo pointed at the Absorbing Spirit Crystal on her head, and smilingly looked at Dongfang Xuan. Right now, the most important thing was for her to stall for time.

A trace of mockery flashed through Dongfang Xuan’s eyes: “Absorbing Spirit Crystal? Okay, give the Absorbing Spirit Crystal to me!” Dongfang Xuan’s body moved up and flashed at a fast speed towards Su Luo.

His five long fingers suddenly grabbed towards the top of Su Luo’s head!

At this time, Su Luo lifted her eyes and could clearly see the killing intent that flashed through his eyes!

In an instant, Su Luo realized, what he wanted wasn’t just the Absorbing Spirit Crystal. He still wanted to carry out the scheme of killing two birds with one stone, and take her life!

Su Luo wanted to retreat, but she couldn’t use teleport in the bottom of this Spirit River, so she simply couldn’t retreat. There was no other way, looked like she could only take out Elder Ancestor Mo. This thought turned in Su Luo’s mind and she made the decision.

However, at this moment!

One only heard a soft “crash——” sound echo!

In the next instant, Su Luo’s beautiful eyes opened wide.

Because she suddenly saw Dongfang Xuan, who was very close to her, was kicked away by a foot! Kicked him to fly out far away.

Didn’t need to turn her head, and Su Luo knew that the person who had such formidable power, besides Nangong Liuyun, there was no one else.

Slender arms wrapped around Su Luo’s slender waistline. A clear and cold tone that carried traces of deep concern sounded by her ear: “Girl, are you injured?”

Su Luo’s eyes had a trace of deep concern: “I’m okay, but you…”

The two people were very close to each other. Su Luo lifted her head and could feel the warm breath coming from his nose. And also because of this, Su Luo could sense the chaotic aura coming from Nangong Liuyun’s body.

“You were about to advance to the Saint rank ah….now like this…” Su Luo looked at him anxiously, with distress in her beautiful eyes, and also annoyance.

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