DKC – Chapter 1711

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Chapter 1711- Broad and open road (3)

Under the eyes of a bored group of people standing by to watch, Li Aochen and that Four-eyed Snow Mastiff at the summit of ninth rank engaged in a fierce battle.

The Four-eyed Snow Mastiff’s entire body was snow-white, with hair as thick as mysterious iron. Under the reflection of the sunlight and snow, it gave off a faint silver grey luster. Especially that pair of eyes, it was keen, sharp and bloodthirsty, giving off a deep, ruthless cold light. People couldn’t help but be scared witless by it.

Under the conditions of being without any external help, before, Li Aochen was dying, so he found it hard to battle. While not far away, Su Luo’s group stood in a circle to watch this liveliness.

“Li Aochen’s speed seems a bit slow. I guess he will be eliminated within ten moves by the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff.” Zi Yan said with certainty. At the same time, this was also the hope in her heart. Li Aochen had always opposed them, so Zi Yan wished Li Aochen would disappear from everyone’s eyes as early as possible.

“No, matters can’t be that simple.” Beichen Ying stroked his chin, with eyes half-narrowed. Watching the scene in front of him, he slowly shook his head.

“Oh? What wise opinion do you have?” Zi Yan humphed, not at all convinced.

“Based on my knowledge, Li Aochen certainly won’t die so easily.” Beichen Ying seriously nodded his head.

“What proof do you have?” Zi Yan was even more unconvinced.

“Just because the so called ‘good people don’t live long, scourges lasts for millennium’. Li Aochen is like Li Yaoyao, these two brother and sisters are both millennium-worth of scourges, not that easy for them to die ah.” Beichen Ying said this very seriously.

So what Beichen Ying said was based on this, rather, it’s not because he really saw something. Zi Yan gave a cold sneer, soon after, she looked towards Su Luo, “What do you think?”

Su Luo pursed her red lips, her gaze paying serious attention to the battle up ahead.

At this moment, Li Aochen and the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff had battled to the critical point, afterimages flickering, both sides were very fast. They almost made everyone’s eyes dizzy.

In the strictest sense, Li Aochen was at a disadvantage.

Right now, he was defending everywhere with no way to strike back. Moreover, the wounds on his face and body had already burst open again. The blood dyed his clothing red, and because of this blood, it aroused the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff’s wild and wolf like nature even more.

Right now, the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff’s eyes gave off a bloodthirsty and deeply cold light. Its strength imperceptibly became stronger by a fold, suppressing Li Aochen firmly.

“Pop——” The Four-eyed Snow Mastiff’s claw streaked across Li Aochen’s face.

Li Aochen, who was tottering on the verge of collapse, couldn’t resist it. Immediately, a deep paw print remained behind on his snow-white face. Five streaks of bloody scars, flowed with blood down from his cheeks.

“Li Aochen is toast, hahaha!” Clearly, Zi Yan’s heart was especially happy.

“My view is the complete opposite of yours.” Su Luo smilingly looked at Zi Yan.

“Could it be you feel Li Aochen will win? Impossible!” Zi Yan said with certainty, “If it was Li Aochen at his peak period, then maybe he can fight with the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff to a draw. But right now, Li Aochen’s strength has weakened by more than half, and the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff is just in the midst of being hungry. Its wildness is about to break out all over.”

“Li Aochen will lose but he won’t die.” Su Luo smilingly watched Li Aochen up ahead, who was slowly retreating step-by-step. The corner of her mouth hooked into a shallow smile.

“Why?” Zi Yan really couldn’t understand after much thought.

“Idiot.” Beichen Ying flicked her forehead, this time, Zi Yan was even more depressed.

All of a sudden, Zi Yan realized and slapped her hand: “I know! So it turned out be like that!”

Just at this time, the battle had already entered the end.

The Four-eyed Snow Mastiff swiped over a Storm Wind Technique, smashing Li Aochen towards the ground. Then, its figure was like electricity, its huge body, with lightning fast speed, pounced towards Li Aochen. At the same time, its greedy mouth quickly opened wide, looking malevolent and frightening.

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