DKC – Chapter 1712

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Chapter 1712 – Go back on your words (1)

Just when everyone thought Li Aochen was about to lose his life under the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff’s large bloody mouth——

Suddenly, Li Aochen used all the strength in his body to punch the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff’s chin!

A loud clang sounded, the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff’s body swayed but wasn’t sent flying out. But when it was about to attack again, it discovered the target in front of it had disappeared.

The Four-eyed Snow Mastiff looked all around and finally found Li Aochen’s figure.

Right now, Li Aochen was laying on that fiery red-colored road. The ground was mysteriously paved when lava mixed with the snow on the mountain. Currently, Li Aochen’s whole body was drenched in blood. The clothing on his body was ragged, making him look extremely bedraggled. He laid motionless on the road, hurriedly gasping for breath. It was very clear that he had spent all his force and didn’t have any strength to fight.

Su Luo and Zi Yan looked at Li Aochen laying not far from them. Then, they slowly looked at that Four-eyed Snow Mastiff slowly strolling towards Li Aochen, their eyes were full of expectation.

At this moment, not even a hair was harmed on this Four-eyed Snow Mastiff. As long as it went up and lightly stepped down, Li Aochen would definitely be trampled into ground meat.

“Go up, quickly go up.” Zi Yan silently cheered on the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff.

At this moment, the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff also didn’t disappoint Zi Yan. Step by step, it walked slowly and firmly towards Li Aochen.

Li Aochen’s heart was jumping with thump sounds right now. His fierce eyes were contracted. A strong desire to live, Li Aochen shot a seeking for help gaze towards Su Luo’s group.

But Su Luo’s group all stood in place, completely indifferent.

They wouldn’t take the initiative to injury Li Aochen, but also were not kind-hearted enough to go and save him. This had nothing to do with morality. In truth, it was because their impression of Li Aochen was very bad.

Now, the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff was getting closer and closer to Li Aochen, now, there was almost no space between them.

Only the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff stood in front of the road and Li Aochen laid on it.

“Howl——” A ruthless and bloodthirsty light flashed through the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff’s eyes. Its four paws dug into the snowy ground, adopting a posture of wanting to rush towards Li Aochen.

Zi Yan, seeing this, couldn’t help but rub her hands and laughed out loud: “This is the result of Li Aochen bringing himself trouble. Him dying has nothing to do with us oh.”

“He won’t die.” Su Luo said with certainty.

“Just wait and see, I’m certain he will die.” Zi Yan said, full of confidence.

Hearing this, Su Luo only pursed her lips into a smile and slowly shook her head.

Sure enough, as Su Luo expected, that violent Four-eyed Snow Mastiff that was about to cross over suddenly stopped!

Afterwards, it quickly retreated!

Its four eyes stared at this fiery red road, a trace of terror flitting through its eyes.

As if this fiery red-colored road gave it a very strong terrifying feeling.

“Howl——” The Four-eyed Snow Mastiff roared at Li Aochen who was on the road, four paws angrily digging at the ground, but it dared not go up a step. As if stepping on this road would trigger a death button.

“Come up ah! Why hesitate? Quickly come up ah!” Zi Yan, seeing the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff not charging up and instead retreating, she became anxious.

But what made Zi Yan depressed was that the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff retreated and its retreat became faster and faster. Until in the end, it was rushing to leave with the appearance of not even stopping.

Watching as the Four-eyed Snow Mastiff quickly became a small dot, Zi Yan was dumbfounded. It took quite a while before she returned to her senses and asked foolishly: “In the end, what happened?”

“What else could it be? The disaster caused by this road, of course.” Su Luo shrugged her shoulders somewhat helplessly.

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