DKC – Chapter 1707

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Chapter 1707 – New challenge (5)

But when they walked two-thirds of the way, things began to become somewhat terrible.

Because not only didn’t the blizzard stop, instead, it became even more intense. The eyes could not reach outside a range of one meter.

“So cold…” Beichen Ying shivered.

“A little bit more and I can’t endure it. My entire person is about to be frozen stiff.” Zi Yan continuously rubbed her hands and stamped her feet. She already rotated her spirit force but it wasn’t very useful.

“Really can’t endure it?” Su Luo glanced back, smilingly looking at them.

Among the pure white snow, under the bright red fur coat, on a little face that was white with a pair of rosy cheeks, black paint-like eyes were bright as the stars. The eyes contained a light smile, right at this moment, smilingly looking at Beichen Ying and Zi Yan.

“Cough, cough…cough, cough…” Beichen Ying’s butt sat on the ground, gasping for breath to say, “Can’t walk, really can’t walk anymore…”

“Me too…” Zi Yan simply sat behind Beichen Ying, the two resting back-to-back.

“Just now it was lava, now it’s a huge snow mountain. If these two sides fuse together, wouldn’t it be wonderful?” Beichen Ying’s eyes looked to the sky, beginning his mental journey to a great emptiness.

Zi Yan slapped his head in annoyance: “Started to daydream oh? How could such a thing occur! Don’t even think about it, absolutely impossible!”

“I also know it’s impossible, I’m just thinking about it.” Beichen Ying covered his forehead that was in pain from being hit. Full of grievances, he pouted his bright red lips.

“Don’t even think about it. It’s impossible that such a thing would happen. Even if you think more about it, it’s still useless.” Zi Yan took a deep breath.

Didn’t know what’s the matter with this high wind, actually could cause the spirit force to fluctuate, even making her breathing to become chaotic.

Su Luo smilingly watched the two of them quarrel. Now, seeing them finished quarreling, only then did she hurriedly squat down. She met their eyes, her smile containing a deep meaning: “Do you think that fusing the lava bridge and this huge snow mountain is a completely impossible matter?”

“Could it be that you have a way?” Hearing Su Luo asking like this, with a ‘whoosh’ sound, Beichen Ying immediately stood up. He was nicely surprised as he held Su Luo’s shoulders.

“I don’t have a way oh. But Nangong Liuyun might have a way.” Su Luo smiled enigmatically.

“Second Brother!!” Beichen Ying once again went to annoy Nangong Liuyun.

But Nangong Liuyun only swept a faint glance at him, using an ice-cold tone to say: “Release your hand.”

“Oh.” Beichen Ying pouted his red cinnabar-like lips in discontent, in a low voice mumbling in complaint: “Only good to Su Luo, so fierce to others! Humph, humph.”

Su Luo felt this was very funny, wrapped around Nangong Liuyun’s arm and smilingly asked: “Don’t you have a way? Stop keeping people on tenterhooks. The wind and snow here has a strong degree of force to injure them.”

Su Luo opened her mouth, and Nangong Liuyun’s complexion was like the clear sky after the rain, warm like sunshine: “There is still one-third of the road left.”

“Those lava are enough to be used, moreover, it can’t be stored for too long.” Su Luo said the truth.

“Then fine.” Nangong Liuyun agreed.

“What’s going on?” Beichen Ying and Zi Yan both opened their eyes wide. Don’t know what method Nangong Liuyun was about to use.

Just at this moment, Su Luo handed a little stone to Nangong Liuyun.

This stone’s entire body was a fiery-red color, similar to a lump of ignited raging flame. Its temperature was very high.

“Follow behind to walk.” Nangong Liuyun instructed Beichen Ying and Zi Yan.

Finished speaking, Nangong Liuyun silently used his spirit force. Soon after, in one go, he tossed the little stone up ahead at the fastest speed. The little stone made a parabola arc in the sky, then disappeared into the summit of the snow mountain.

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