DKC – Chapter 1706

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Chapter 1706 – New challenge (4)

Su Luo turned her head and saw Dongfang Xuan’s group of three people.

Before, Su Luo picked out the weakest Ice Spirit Flowers to give to them. So the juice squeezed out was definitely not enough. So when Su Luo saw the three of them’s bedraggled appearance appearing in front of her, she wasn’t surprised at all.

Dongfang Xuan’s murky gaze swept across Su Luo’s face and said cheerlessly: “Didn’t expect that you, this girl, would be so crafty. Seeing us like this, you must feel it’s funny right?”

Su Luo pursed her lips and smiled: “Originally didn’t feel it, but now that you say it, this really does feel funny.”

A tread of chilliness flashed through Dongfang Xuan’s eyes. His ice-cold gaze was as sharp and cold as a sword, as he said in a deeply cold overcast tone: “Really? Then do you believe after crossing over this snow mountain, there will be huge benefits?”

“Believe ah, why won’t I believe it?” Su Luo smilingly asked in reply.

“Then that’s extremely good. Because I believe you definitely won’t get a bit of the benefits over there!” Finished speaking, Dongfang Xuan’s figure quickly rushed ahead. His speed was fast as a flash of lightning, in an instant, his figure disappeared.

Luo Haoming and Li Aochen also were struck dumb by this scene. So, it turned out this was Dongfang Xuan’s real speed ah!

Li Aochen and Luo Haoming exchanged a glance. They didn’t have time to say anything to Su Luo and hurriedly chased after Dongfang Xuan’s back. Only Li Aochen turned his head back to sweep Su Luo’s eyes a glance, putting Su Luo out of sorts.

Seeing them quickly leave, Beichen Ying suddenly became anxious as he urged Su Luo: “Luo Luo, we should also speed it up a bit! Otherwise, all the good stuff will be snatched by them again!”

“Don’t be anxious.” Su Luo replied.

“How could I not be anxious? Could it be that you forgot? Before, it was because you guys came too slowly, to the extent that the good regions were all occupied by Dongfang Xuan’s group!” Zi Yan and Beichen Ying followed each other’s words with rare tacit understanding and rapport.

“But in the end, didn’t all the benefits land in my hand?” Su Luo smiled warmly as she calmly said, “Behind this huge snow mountain hides countless dangers. If you become single-minded in hurrying on and overlook other things, it will be too late for regret. This is a word of advice, a pity those several people couldn’t hear it.”

Nangong Liuyun gently stroked Su Luo’s soft hair, nodding in endorsement: “Luo Luo’s words are true, here, the landscape is endless. How about you and I walk in the snow and admire the moon?”

Nangong Liuyun extended his hand out to Su Luo.

“Very much willing.” Su Luo looked at the prince-like Nangong Liuyun in front of her. Her lips pursed and placed her hand in his hand.

Su Luo’s body wasn’t cold, but in accordance with the season, she still took out the red-colored fox fur coat. It was set off by the pure white snow, making her entire person look even brighter.

What Nangong Liuyun took out was a black-colored bear fur coat, making him also look brighter.

Seeing these two people’s causal and careless way of doing things, Beichen Ying was helpless. He looked at that black dot up ahead that had already disappeared, then glanced at Su Luo. In the end, he could only helplessly give a long sigh, and let them do as they pleased.

In any case, according to the pattern of development from before, even if Dongfang Xuan found some good treasures, in the end, he would still have to return it to Su Luo’s hand. The king is not anxious, why would he, as the eunuch, be anxious? He just needed to properly enjoy this snowy scenery.

Thinking like this, Beichen Ying also cheered up. He and Zi Yan followed behind Su Luo pair’s back.

The four people followed the road to go up the mountain, and enjoyed a scenic tour along the way.

When they reached halfway up the mountain, the wind and snow gradually became larger. But with regards to Su Luo’s group, they could still endure this wind and snow. Everyone still talked and laughed as they moved ahead.

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