DKC – Chapter 1704

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Chapter 1704 – New challenge (2)

Li Aochen’s heart was extremely angry, his rage grew without restraint, but his face had a flattering smile: “Then how about two hundred source stones? This price is double the amount oh.”

“How many source stones do you have here?” Su Luo cast a sidelong glance at him as she faintly asked.

“Approximately about eight hundred pieces…” All of the source stones were piled on the ground, laying in front of everyone. Even if Li Aochen wanted to hide this, he wasn’t able to hide it. Therefore, he had no choice but to speak the truth.

“All of it.” Su Luo simply said these three words.

“What?” Momentarily, Li Aochen couldn’t react.

“Do you not understand human language?” Su Luo smiled, unconcerned, “I said all of it, I want it all.”

“You!!” Li Aochen was immediately angered until his face turned a reddish color like a carrot, just so happened, he was giving off smoke.

Want it all! Fancy she could even say it out loud! She was actually this greedy!

“Impossible!” Li Aochen, panting in rage, opened his eyes wide.

“Then there is nothing to discuss.” Su Luo helplessly spread open her hands. Afterwards, she smilingly took a glance at Luo Haoming and Dongfang Xuan as if she inadvertently said a sentence, “The juice from Ice Spirit Flower, if it comes from less than ten stalks of flowers, at that time…hehe.”

Su Luo left behind laughter, she turned around and was about to walk away. Just at this time, Dongfang Xuan said something.

He smiled faintly at Su Luo: “Why should Miss Su bully people so? Give me some face. What do you think of four hundred pieces of source stones?”

Dongfang Xuan knew Su Luo could select source stones. If you ask her to choose, she would definitely pick the best. The remaining four hundred source stones, for sure, would be waste material that didn’t contain anything else. It could be said his suggestion didn’t harm a bit of Su Luo’s interest.

But Su Luo only glanced at Dongfang Xuan indifferently as she smiled shallowly: “Give you face, how much is your face worth?”

Suddenly, a mouthful of air was stuck in Dongfang Xuan’s throat, unable to go up or down. It was extremely painful. He really must have gone crazy to rush up and let people curse at him ah.

“Okay, okay, okay, pretend I didn’t say anything.” Dongfang Xuan hurriedly lifted up both hands in surrender. Afterwards, he motioned Li Aochen with his mouth, “Opportunity only knocks once, don’t expect there to be surplus Ice Spirit Flowers saved for you.”

“I also don’t have ways to save…” Luo Haoming still wanted to leave this place with every whisker in tact.

The two people’s dialogue cut off Li Aochen’s last hope. He glared at Su Luo indignantly, when he sensed Su Luo’s impatience to leave, he finally gave a heavy and cold humph: “Okay! Give you all the source stones!!!”

Finished speaking, Li Aochen felt his entire chest and lungs were about to explode with rage. Before, he still wanted to snatch Zi Yan’s area, but now, he couldn’t even protect his own area, just for those ten stalks of Ice Spirit Flowers. Clearly, in the beginning, these Ice Spirit Flowers were ones that grew on the side of the road as weeds. Only ghosts would know that in a wink, their value would be so high!

Anger was anger, but things that needed to be done, still needed to be done! Things that needed to be compromised on, still needed to be compromised on ah! The more Li Aochen thought, the more miserable he felt. The angry fire made him feel extremely suffocated, in the end, seething, he turned his face away.

“All the source stones oh? A pity the worth of all your source stones are really low. All of them combined isn’t worth that one piece of source stone from Dongfang Xuan. Having business dealings with you, I lost a lot.” While Su Luo dug around for the Ice Spirit Flowers, in a picky manner, she complained endlessly.

These words, in Li Aochen’s ear, were extremely ear-piercing. But for the time being, the Ice Spirit Flowers were still in Su Luo’s hand. Li Aochen still hadn’t gotten it in his own hand, so he could only forcibly restrain the rage in his heart.

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