DKC – Chapter 1703

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Chapter 1703 – New challenge (1)

Dongfang Xuan subconsciously wanted to prevent it, but his speed was slower than Su Luo’s. Because in the blink of an eye, that huge source stone disappeared.

“Could it be you want to go back on your promise?” Su Luo smiled from ear-to-ear.

Dongfang Xuan indeed wanted to go back on his promise, but even if he wanted to renege, Su Luo couldn’t possibly take out the source stone and return it to him. Besides, Dongfang Xuan didn’t have Su Luo’s pair of borrowed eyes, so he didn’t have the courage to rebel. He could only glance at Su Luo silently, then gave a long sigh. Afterwards, he turned his face away, simply acting out the phrase what the eyes don’t see, the heart won’t grieve over.

Li Aochen, seeing Dongfang Xuan like this, he was extremely disappointed. Originally, he thought Dongfang Xuan would at least resist a bit. If they were to fight, it would be even better. He could use that opportunity to steal Su Luo’s Ice Spirit Flower. But Dongfang Xuan didn’t have the courage and chose to compromise. This simply let people look down on him.

After Su Luo finished selecting the one hundred source stones, according to the agreement, she handed ten stalks of Ice Spirit Flower to Dongfang Xuan. Soon after, her gaze slowly swept over Luo Haoming’s face.

Luo Haoming smilingly invited Su Luo over to his area to choose.

Su Luo surveyed once over, after choosing the best one hundred pieces of source stones, in passing, she handed over ten stalks of Ice Spirit Flower to Luo Haoming.

Now, the only person remaining that couldn’t cross the lava bridge was Li Aochen. And Su Luo disliked Li Aochen the most.

A shallow smile appeared on Su Luo’s lips, soon after, she allowed Nangong Liuyun to hold her hand to leave with quick steps.

Originally, Li Aochen thought Su Luo would speak first, but didn’t expect Su Luo actually didn’t even ask. She simply decisively turned around on the spot to leave. This made him subconsciously start to panic.

“Wait!” Li Aochen loudly yelled towards Su Luo’s back.

Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun exchanged a glance, the corner of her mouth pulling into a smile. She didn’t believe that when everyone could cross the lava bridge and Li Aochen couldn’t, he could still keep that asking for trouble arrogance and hostility.

“What?” Su Luo had a stiff face, looking at him in an ice-cold manner.

“I…I…” Li Aochen found it hard to speak and hesitated indecisively.

Su Luo suddenly found this very funny in her heart, but on the surface, she had an impatient expression. She swept him once over with an ice-cold glance, then turned and was about to leave.

Li Aochen immediately became anxious!

Because if he allowed Su Luo to leave, he would never be able to cross that lava bridge! At that time, everyone had crossed over and only he alone remained, how pathetic ah?

“Ask you to sell me ten stalks of Ice Spirit Flowers!” Li Aochen yelled this towards Su Luo’s back!

Su Luo pursed her lips and smiled.

Li Aochen finally said it, but a pity he said it too late. To the extent that Su Luo was about to be a lion that opened its large mouth. Because with regards to people Su Luo didn’t like, she would specifically not show mercy or give them face.

“You are certain you want to exchange for Ice Spirit Flowers?” Su Luo glanced back unhurriedly and asked indifferently.

“One hundred source stones, you can pick at will!” Li Aochen used a nice tone to discuss this.

“One hundred source stones?” At this time, Su Luo slowly shook her head. She used a very regretful tone and said with a sigh, “A bit too late. Now it’s not this price oh.”

She could afford to set this prince simply as if it’s her right. Making people angry but simply couldn’t let it out.

Li Aochen naturally knew Su Luo was deliberately making things difficult for him, but at this time, even if Su Luo deliberately made things difficult by tenfold, Li Aochen could only endure it. Who told him not to know what’s called a wise man submits to circumstances? Fight, he wouldn’t be able to beat Nangong Liuyun. Ultimately, he couldn’t be the only one remaining alone on this side of the lava bridge right?

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