DKC – Chapter 1688

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Chapter 1688 – How is one to blame luck? (3)

With such a pair of eyes, those source stones that were piled up like a mountain wasn’t a problem for her.

But after seeing the situation inside the source stones, Su Luo’s lips curled up. And she secretly sighed, actually said Dongfang Xuan cut out purple stones ah, how could Zi Yan and Beichen Ying’s luck be so bad? The portion of the source stones in this area that had crystal stones was very few. Moreover, they were all green colored crystal stones or lower colors. Several pieces that displayed a bit better prospects were only cyan-colored crystal stones. She didn’t even see a purple-colored crystal stone.

Su Luo scanned around and couldn’t find one she was pleased with.

Su Luo was suddenly speechless, slanting her head to look directly at Beichen Ying.

At this moment, Beichen Ying was very proud that he had grabbed a good territory, seeing Su Luo look over, he immediately patted his chest arrogantly. He proudly said: “Fortunately, Zi Yan and I ran here very quickly and occupied such a good territory. Otherwise, we would have gotten nothing.”

Su Luo silently looked at him and didn’t say a word.

“Why are you….looking at me…like this?” Beichen Ying looked into Su Luo’s pitch-black eyes, and suddenly felt this matter wasn’t too good. As a result, he started to stammer when speaking.

“You think in here….” Su Luo said half a sentence before pausing.

“Could it be…” Beichen Ying covered his lips and looked at Su Luo in disbelief.

“Yes.” Su Luo nodded.

“Can’t be….how could it…” Beichen couldn’t imagine that the territory he had grabbed with great difficulty had only trash inside!

Su Luo silently shook her head, soon after, she walked towards Li Aochen’s territory.

Because these people had come early, so the area was split into four.

Dongfang Xuan occupied the largest area in the east, after was Li Aochen in the west. Luo Haoming was in the south and the worst area in the north was set aside for Zi Yan and Beichen Ying.

Su Luo unhurriedly strolled over, now with the pair of eyes borrowed from the little stone, her eyes were more accurate than an x-ray scan. She only had to sweep her glance slightly over them and it was obvious whether inside had crystal stones or not, the color, and the grade of the crystal stone.

While Su Luo unhurriedly looked, she also criticized non-stop in her heart.

With this comparison, Zi Yan and Biechen Ying’s luck wasn’t just ordinarily bad.

No wonder they said Dongfang Xuan cut out several pieces of purple-colored crystal stones. Because below Dongfang Xuan, there was an enormous source stone. Although it only had a small strip, but it was enough to take out more than a hundred purple-colored crystal stones ah! The several that Dongfang Xuan cut out were merely pathetic compared to it.

But because that enormous source stone was hidden in the very bottom, so only Su Luo scanned it, she reckoned that Dongfang Xuan still hadn’t discovered it.

Besides that enormous piece of source stone. The ones above occasionally could give several small pieces of purple-colored crystal stone. If it was before, Su Luo naturally would be overjoyed, but after comparing it to the purple-colored crystal stones in that enormous source stone, these sporadic pieces of purple-colored crystal stones couldn’t even enter her eyes.

Dongfang Xuan saw Su Luo sizing up his source stones, and the corner of his lips couldn’t help but hook up. He had a lazy but provocative smile: “Miss Su seems not to have occupied a good area?”

Su Luo smiled faintly and nodded: “Hasn’t all the good area been occupied by your distinguished self?”

“If at that time Miss Su didn’t pull Third Junior Brother back, then I wouldn’t be able to occupy this area oh, wouldn’t you say it’s true?” Dongfang Xuan’s tone was very complacent. With an appearance of ‘now you must regret it right’.

Regret? Su Luo asked herself honestly and shook her head slightly.

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