DKC – Chapter 1687

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Chapter 1687 – How is one to blame luck? (2)

Seeing Su Luo’s group of people coming over, Li Aochen brows furrowed tightly, cleary very displeased.

“What? Still won’t leave?” Su Luo’s gaze gave off an ice-cold swordlike light, her tone was taunting and derisive.

Li Aochen glared at Su Luo, his gaze exposed an ominous glint, a ruthless and cruel factor flashing through his eyes. But Su Luo only smiled indifferently, with a sneer that welcomed his gaze.

Li Aochen’s gaze turned towards Dongfang Xuan.

Dongfang Xuan didn’t need to be asked as he shook his head.

After all, with such a strong expert as Nangong Liuyun present, if they were to really fight, Dongfang Xuan’s current strength might not be enough….So he chose to keep the peace and patched up the quarrel and endure.

Although Li Aochen wasn’t satisfied, but without Dongfang Xuan’s support, he wasn’t anyone special. Therefore, he could only give a gloomy heavy humph and left some harsh words for Su Luo, “Then give this area to you guys!” Finished speaking, he walked away indignantly.

Zi Yan watched his leaving back and spit: “This originally was our territory, ridiculous!”

Su Luo smilingly patted her shoulder: “It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t lower yourself to his level. It would seem you are lacking in class.”

“Humph, listen to you, I won’t lower myself to his level.” Zi Yan saw Su Luo and immediately started to complain, “How could you guys be so slow? Could it be you guys were just strolling along? Even Li Aochen could bully over our heads!”

“There was something along the way that delayed us for a bit.” Su Luo smilingly pointed at those source stones arranged on the ground: “So many? Don’t know if there are any crystal stones inside.”

Beichen Ying smilingly gathered close: “Where there are crystal stones inside or not, isn’t it a matter of a word from Luo Luo? Who can beat your abilities when it comes to betting on stones? At that time, winning against Li Aoqiong was too awesome!”

The corner of Su Luo’s lips twitched.

The last time winning against Li Aoqiong was so easy because the little divine dragon was present, borrowing his pair of eyes, but now… Su Luo stroked her chin, sinking into deep contemplation.

In her mind came the little stone’s voice.

“Girl, this time you don’t have a way right?” The little stone’s tone had a trace of being pleased with himself.

“At worse, I’ll take all of it into my space, what do I have to be concerned about?” Su Luo unhappily snorted twice at the little stone, “In any case, my space is big enough, after putting it inside, I’ll just slowly solve them, and it will be fine.”

The little stone gave her a despising glance: “You only have this bit of ability.”

Hearing his words, Su Luo’s eyes lit up: “Could it be you also know how to gamble on source stones?”

The little stone proudly lifted up his chin, “How about fifty-fifty split?”

“Okay!” Su Luo nodded firmly, in any case, she didn’t care how much to bet on. As long as the little stone wanted, she would offer up the entire amount okay? Therefore, as to fifty-fifty, it was merely a saying.

The little stone smiled faintly, soon after, with rapid attention, a fiery red light flashed through Su Luo’s pair of eyes.

When Su Luo looked at the ground again, she could clearly see the scene inside the source stone. It was even clearer than the little divine dragon’s pair of eyes.

At that time borrowing the little divine dragon’s eyes, if there were crystal stones in the source stone, Su Luo could see a bit of red light. But now was not the same, now, borrowing the little stone’s eyes, when she looked, she could clearly see the inside of the source stones.

What color the crystal stone, what shape, where the vein was, the size…it was all obvious at a glance.

It was as if Su Luo had a pair of x-ray eyes, very magical.

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