DKC – Chapter 1666

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Chapter 1666 – After getting what you wished for (4)

Seeing Su Luo casually pour in so many white stones, Li Aochen and Luo Haoming exchanged a glance that had a complicated expression.

This was the difference between a rich person and a poor person.

The two of them had painstakingly beheaded Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders in the desert without rest for three days and three nights. In the end, each only got six hundred after splitting up the spoils. But Su Luo, with a clinking sound, poured in a whole sack, it must be at least a thousand and two hundred right? It looked very extravagant.

Luo Haoming and Li Aochen’s eyes met, and both sighed. If they were a person in that group, wouldn’t it be good….

Now, Zi Yan started to draw, full of an imposing air.

Don’t know what the problem was, Zi Yan continued Li Aochen and Luo Haoming’s bad luck. She actually draw ‘thank you for your patronage’ continuously. Towards the end, Zi Yan’s hand was trembling, she no longer had the heroism from the beginning.

Ten times in a row, all of them were ‘thank you for your patronage’.

Zi Yan speechlessly placed her hand over her forehead: “How can my luck be so bad!”

Just now, Su Luo had poured in a lot of white stones with a clinking sound, in total, there were twelve chances to draw. Now, Zi Yan had already wasted ten tries, equivalent to the total times Luo Haoming and Li Aochen drew for prizes.

Seeing Zi Yan like this, Su Luo naturally used a gentle tone to comfort: “What’s wrong with it? Before, didn’t I draw ‘thank you for your patronage’ ten times in a row? But didn’t I win three prizes in a row after that? This is the test given by the gods, you must persevere.”

“But isn’t this test a bit too long?” As long as she thought of the white stones she wasted before, Zi Yan’s heart would throb with pain.

“In any case, if the white stones are not used up, then bringing it back is useless. Moreover, we got it from killing Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders, there is no business in it, what do you have to be worried about?” Su Luo smilingly comforted.

Li Aochen, seeing this, gave a cold sneer: “Just now’s strutting about appearance as if your luck was good enough to draw a top quality treasure, so, it turned out you are merely like this.”

Zi Yan angrily glared back at Li Aochen: “Give this grandmother to shut up!”

“Can’t draw a prize and still won’t let people say anything? Really interesting.” Li Aochen provoked arrogantly.

Zi Yan slapped the screen in anger: “This grandmother will draw it for you to have a good look!”

Li Aochen proudly raised his chin, full of arrogance, casting sidelong glances at Zi Yan.

Seeing this, a burst of blood rushed up towards Zi Yan’s forehead. Full of vigor, she slanted Li Aochen a sideway glance, and fiercely pressed the start key.

Then, with a ‘bang’ sound, she pressed the stop key.

“Pfft——” Seeing the number it finally stopped at, Li Aochen burst out in laughter, “Number 99, it’s number 99 again, hahaha. Too funny, I’m laughing to death! Hahahah——”

Zi Yan dumbfoundedly looked at that number, then both hands covered her eyes, she was simply too embarrassed to see people.

Eleven times in a row was all number 99, was there someone with worst luck than her? Zi Yan didn’t even have any confidence, just randomly give her any prizes at the end was okay with her ah.

Su Luo’s face was full of sympathy….

Beichen Ying’s face was also full of sympathy….

In the end, Beichen patted Zi Yan’s shoulder in comfort: “Don’t you still have one more chance? Just draw and see, as long as there is a chance, it is equivalent to having hope. Unlike someone who doesn’t even have a chance and is wantonly sneering over there, don’t know if he wants face or not.” The last several sentences, Beichen Ying said it while staring at Li Aochen.

Li Aochen’s lips twitched clearly, he was extremely angry. But he was stopped by Luo Haoming, so he didn’t lose his reason and rush up.

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