DKC – Chapter 1665

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Chapter 1665 – After getting what you wished for (3)

No matter who it was, a whole three days and three nights of ignoring exhaustion and fatigue had been spent to seek Hidden-eye Purple Spiders to behead them. With great difficulty, he had obtained six hundred white stones, but these six hundred white stones would very likely become four words. This meant he had been busy for three days in vain. How could people endure it?

Now was Li Aochen’s last chance to draw, even Zi Yan felt that at least, he should get a consolation prize. He should be randomly awarded number 96, 95 similar prizes as consolation.

But the heavens weren’t as kindhearted as Zi Yan. After the results of Li Aochen’s last draw came out, when everyone saw that number, they all sighed deeply….

“Number 99….”

It was ‘thank you for your patronage’ again.

This meant that these three days Li Aochen had worked diligently was in vain. He didn’t get a bit of benefit. At least Luo Haoming had already gotten the Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill earlier.

Luo Haoming patted Li Aochen’s shoulder to comfort him. But Li Aochen’s blood red eyes swept past Luo Haoming, gave a heavy humph and turned his face away.

Su Luo, seeing this kind of Li Aochen, couldn’t help but secretly shake her head.

Li Aochen’s temperament wouldn’t do. His luck was bad and unable to draw a treasure, could he blame this matter on Luo Haoming? His behavior right now clearly was jealous that Luo Haoming had drawn the Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill on his first try.

Su Luo felt that if Luo Haoming again drew something good, then the temporarily formed alliance between the two would very likely fall apart.

Thinking of this, Su Luo smilingly beckoned to Luo Haoming.:“We have a lot of white stones. Want to continue drawing non-stop, so your luck wouldn’t stop. Looks like you also only have five more chances to draw, how about you draw first.”

It’s not that Su Luo had a kind heart, she was looking forward to Li Aochen’s expression afterwards.

Luo Haoming wasn’t stupid, he naturally knew Su Luo’s thoughts. But what Su Luo said was correct ,no one wanted to be interrupted time and time again when drawing prizes. So, Luo Haoming agreed on the spot.

But what made Su Luo feel disappointed was… The following five chances to draw, Luo Haoming basically wasted it.

Because he was the same as Li Aochen, actually drawing ‘thank you for your patronage’ five times in a row. That was to say, Luo Haoming also wasted his efforts in vain for these three days.

But Luo Haoming didn’t seem to be affected, and he smilingly waved his hand: “Looks like my luck isn’t that good. Actually didn’t draw anything.”

Su Luo’s gaze swept over Li Aochen’s face, sure enough, the originally angry expression evened out a lot more. Maybe he felt there was someone else that shared his fate, so he wasn’t the unluckiest. As a result, his psyche evened out.

Su Luo smilingly shook her head: “Before, didn’t you draw an Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill? Just based on that pill, this time, you entering the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory is worth it. Not like a certain someone, didn’t even get a bit of good stuff.”

Li Aochen’s expression changed slightly, but Luo Haoming blocked in front of Li Aochen as he smilingly said to Su Luo: “Miss Su, following should be you guys’ turn.”

Su Luo shook her head helplessly, how was it that Luo Haoming didn’t draw anything else that was good? Otherwise, hostility between him and Li Aochen would occur, so she could very easily bring him over to her team. It was really a pity.

Luo Haoming and Li Aochen didn’t have white stones, as a result, following was Su Luo’s group turn to draw.

Before, Zi Yan cried and yelled, wanting to draw, want to settle the debt. Su Luo naturally offered up the chance with both hands.

She poured a pile of white stones into the machine, enough to let Zi Yan draw more than ten times in a row.

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