DKC – Chapter 1549

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Chapter 1549 – Nangong’s victory (8)

Master and her, their temper had always been crabby. None of them spoke first, both determinedly stared at each other.

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s expression was still as calm as before, but Su Luo was grasping coarsely, showing her mood was stirred up.

It was after a long time had passed, when Grandmaster Rong Yun slapped the back of Su Luo’s head: “You, this bad temper, is exactly the same as your mother’s.”

Su Luo, seeing Grandmaster Rong Yun spoke first, knew she had won. So, she smiled and said: “Master, don’t you particularly like my mother’s temper?”

Grandmaster Rong Yun rolled his eyes at her, how could he like Yan Hua for her temper only? All of Yan Hua, including the silken strands of her hair, he loved it all very much. But these words were not suitable to explain to Su Luo, so he just remained silent.

Grandmaster Rong Yun muttered irresolutely to himself for a while before explaining to Su Luo: “Do you know what kind of poison that boy is suffering from?”

“Which poison?” Su Luo’s expression was puzzled.

“Cold poison.” Grandmaster Rong Yun calmly replied, “Moreover, it comes from the coldness of a male’s cold poison. There is no medicine in the world to solve this poison. Only——”

“Only what?” Su Luo urgently asked.

“Only….”Grandmaster Rong Yun lowered his voice, and whispered a sentence by Su Luo’s ear. Immediately after, he calmly picked up the teacup and carefully tasted the tea. As if it was the sweetest and most beautiful-flavored tea in the world.

Su Luo foolishly sat in place, slowly, the complexion of her face became somewhat red.

“Master, how could…” Su Luo said in disbelief, “How could there be this kind of treatment method?”

Su Luo really felt it was hard to believe.

“That boy is whose disciple?” Grandmaster, in a faint tone, asked.

“The master of Purgatory City.” Su Luo replied while at a loss.

“You think based on Master of Purgatory City’s strength and methods, why hasn’t he been able to cure his disciple’s illness?” Grandmaster Rong Yun again calmly asked.

Su Luo suddenly seemed to have seen the light. That’s right ah. Based on the master of Purgatory City’s strength, how could he ignore his personal disciple’s body having an unmentionable illness? But even now, Nangong Liuyun’s body still had that unmentionable illness. What did this show?

This showed that even the master of Purgatory City had no way to deal with this illness.

“Ten years ago, Long Qingtian had brought him over to have a look by your master.” Grandmaster Rong Yun’s voice was indifferent, caught up among old memories, “Although your master doesn’t get along with Long Qingtian, this matter isn’t about people. At that time, your master personally checked that boy’s pulse and understood his illness.”

Su Luo’s heart immediately understood.

No wonder Master didn’t even have to look and knew Nangong Liuyun had leg illness. He also knew he couldn’t cure it. So, it turned out that ten years ago, Master had tried to cure him.

Su Luo opened her eyes wide, carefully listening to Master speak about this story from the past.

Grandmaster Rong Yun continue to say: “The cold poison in his body is very strange. As if…sealing a berserk strength. Very frightening.”

“What?” Su Luo suddenly stood up. Even Master said that strength was frightening. Then that unknown strength in Nangong Liuyun’s body, in the end, how frightening was it?

“Once the seal is removed, that foolish boy’s leg illness won’t be cured by medicine.” Grandmaster Rong Yun’s eyes were abstruse, as deeply profound as the ocean, “And to remove the seal on his body, there is only one way. That was what Master has just told you. But when employing this method, you must be Grandmaster level apothecary, otherwise, you won’t be able to endure it. You would die from your body exploding.”

Saying the later part, Grandmaster Rong Yun’s gaze was very strict like millennium old frost: “Therefore, the minute before you reach the Grandmaster level apothecary, you must guard well your body. Understand?”

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