DKC – Chapter 1548

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Chapter 1548 – Nangong’s victory (7)

When Su Luo arrived, Grandmaster Rong Yun was just holding a book, casually flipping though its pages.

Seeing Su Luo come over, he didn’t even lift an eye and gave a faint snort. He also deliberately turned his face away.

The black lines appeared on Su Luo’s forehead.

What was Master doing?

“Master…” Su Luo dragged out the word, gathering close to Grandmaster Rong Yun’s side.

“Humph.” Grandmaster Rong Yun immersed himself in the book, as if there was something inside the book that deeply attracted him. Making him unable to take his eyes off, so he didn’t even lift his head.

Su Luo quickly pondered this in her head, thinking deeply where she might have offended venerable Master. But after much thought, she still hadn’t a clue.

“Master….” Su Luo weakly pulled at Master Rong Yun’s sleeves.

Grandmaster Rong Yun lifted up the teacup and calmly drank some tea. Simply just ignoring Su Luo.

“Master, please look at me ah, for better or worse, don’t you like to look at this face?” Su Luo pushed her face closer to him.

Her face was about seventy percent similar to Yan Hua’s face. Just a glance, and you could almost take the fake for the real one.

Yan Hua, was deeply imprinted into Rong Yun’s heart, the softest existence.

Like this, how could Rong Yun still be angry? His slender as jade finger poked Su Luo in the forehead and darkly snorted twice: “A woman’s heart is with her husband. You this girl, humph, humph.”

Now that you have a man, you don’t even want this master.

“Master~~~” Su Luo suddenly understood why Master was angry, with a sweet smile just like the sunflower blossom in summer on her face, she tried to get closer to him, “Master, you sit and relax, Luo Luo will make tea for you.”

“Humph.” Grandmaster Rong Yun’s expression became a lot better.

Su Luo busily personally boiled the water, seeped the tea, soaked the leaves, then personally poured a small cup. She placed the cup in front of Grandmaster Rong Yun and smiled in a kissing-up manner to say: “Master, please drink some tea.”

“This tea, Master can’t afford to drink ah.” Grandmaster Rong Yun didn’t accept it.

“Why?” Su Luo asked puzzled.

“That foolish boy’s leg illness, this master can’t cure.” Grandmaster Rong Yun was what kind of character. Su Luo’s eyebrow moved and he could guess pretty close to what she was thinking.

“Why can’t you cure it?” Su Luo became anxious and hurriedly grabbed a stool and sat by Grandmaster Rong Yun’s side. Her expression was very serious, “Why can’t you cure it? Wasn’t it said that only a Grandmaster rank apothecary could cure his leg’s illness? Master is so awesome, why can’t you cure it?”

Su Luo was in confusion from being concerned and tossed several questions in succession.

Rong Yun’s brows once again wrinkled: “You are very worried?”

Su Luo nodded her head like a little puppy, how could she not be worried? That was the man she was set on ah.

“If you are concerned about it, then you should strive harder.” Grandmaster Rong Yun arranged his sleeves and calmly floated out a sentence, “Only when you yourself get promoted to Grandmaster level, then he can be saved.”

“Why?” Su Luo couldn’t accept it and stood up, “Clearly, Master can cure him, why won’t you cure him? Master clearly knows I’m only an Elite apothecary at this time, afterwards, I still need to be promoted to Master apothecary. Even if my luck is good and I get promoted to Master apothecary, there is still Grandmaster apothecary, this doorstep I need to enter. It’s not like Master doesn’t know. Old Man Luo cultivated for a full one hundred years and doesn’t have a way to step over this gap. Can it be that Master believes I can be promoted within just a few short years?”

Su Luo became anxious, and her words were like artillery shells, pitter-patter shooting out.

Grandmaster Rong Yun determinedly looked at her, eyes pitch-black as black jade with a mysterious expression, complicated and distinguished.

But Su Luo didn’t back down as she met his gaze. Her deep gaze that met his didn’t have any meaning of shrinking back.

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