DKC – Chapter 1541

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Chapter 1541 – Last battle (21)

Old Man Luo was full of expectations as he looked towards Dongfang Xuan. Expecting that Dongfang Xuan could counterattack.

But having arrived at this moment, was Dongfang Xuan really able to counterattack?

No one was clear.

At this moment, off the stage, everyone looked at their Highness Prince Jin with a new gaze.

“His Highness Prince Jin actually, actually advanced!”

“Commander rank? His Highness Prince Jin has reached the legendary Commander rank?”

“His Highness Prince Jin is worthy of admiration! Eastern Ling is formidable and domineering! Dongfang Xuan, go die for, I, your daddy!”

A countless number of yells rose and fall in succession.

On the stage, Dongfang Xuan’s dry face turned red.

Right now, he wanted to free himself and get off the stage, but such a simple movement, he couldn’t do.

He could only look like an idiot, foolishly maintain that statue-like posture. Looking on helplessly as the spirit force on Nangong Liuyun’s body increased. As his imposing manner became more and more formidable.

Don’t know how long had passed.

Nangong Liuyun’s dense and curved eyelashes trembled slightly. Soon after, his eyes opened slowly.

His jet-black as ink eyes were clear as water, in its depths burned a faint obsidian light.

He stood up, his long hair dancing lightly in the wind, making him look as handsome as a god. His entire person seem very indolent and also gave off a faint demonic charm.

He stood there, giving off the domineering aura of a king.

The Nangong Liuyun at this moment gave people an intense attack on their sights and a formidable deterrence force.

Seeing this kind of Nangong Liuyun, Dongfang Xuan’s eyes darkened, immediately, ire rushed out.

“Dongfang Xuan, do you still want to battle?” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes hooked up slightly, giving a feeling of beauty that stole people’s souls. However, that innate arrogance, nobility and domineering manner added more power to him.

“Speak less nonsense, fight!” Dongfang Xuan’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

Nangong Liuyun smiled coldly, then, he poured the lightning element into Chi Xiao Sword.

The originally dark Chi Xiao Sword, in an instant, lit up. Its sword blade was like a clear spring, shiny like daytime.

This time, it was double the brightness from before.

The bad premonition in Dongfang Xuan’s heart became more intense.

But matter had already become like this, if he didn’t fight, it would become a devil in his heart.

Although he knew the chances of losing was much greater, Dongfang Xuan still didn’t say anything else and directly rushed up waving Juesha Sword!


Chi Xiao Sword and Juesha Sword once again collided together.


A strong rumble sound came from heaven and earth.

Everyone held their breath with rapt attention, their gazes unblinkingly staring at the stage.

His Highness Prince Jin advanced to Commander rank, Dongfang Xuan was already known as at the summit of tenth rank. There was just a line between the two people’s difference in strength. In the end, who would win ah?

The first two times, His Highness Prince Jin was always at a disadvantage. This time, would he be able to counterattack successfully?

Under everyone’s eyes, Nangong Liuyun’s Chi Xiao Sword heavily hacked Dongfang Xuan’s Juesha Sword.

Momentarily, a lightning dragon serpent quickly coiled around Juesha Sword.

Soon after, Nangong Liuyun’s dark red lips slowly hooked up into a ‘determined to win’ cold smile. One only saw him suddenly use force.


An intense sound echoed, and Juesha Sword gave off a loud cry.

Stopping in everyone’s ears like the sharp wail of an infant lingering mournfully.

Immediately after, a thumbnail-size hole appeared on Juesha Sword.

Dongfang Xuan looked at that opening, immediately, his face had a sinister and vengeful expression.

The Juesha Sword he was most proud of was damaged by Chi Xiao Sword’s attack. Wasn’t it saying that Juesha Sword was not as good as Chi Xiao Sword?

It’s not that Juesha Sword can’t be compared to Chi Xiao Sword, rather, Juesha Sword’s master can’t be compared to Chi Xiao Sword’s master.” Nangong Liuyun’s light pink lips sneeringly hooked up, “Because you do not deserve to have Juesha Sword.”

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