Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: What Did You Trick Out of Him This Time?

“Who did Mowan do all of this for? Yan Nansheng, Mowan has always been helping you look after the person in there. If it comes to favors, you owe me countless ones. One thousand taels, not a single less. Now please leave, Ye Junqing needs rest.” Yao Mowan lifted her brows as she looked towards Yan Nansheng. She felt that Yan Nansheng truly was devastatingly beautiful. Even with such a sinister expression on his face, he was still very good-looking.

“You! Gold or silver!?” Yan Nansheng deflated halfway. He finally understood one thing, which was that the one thing he shouldn’t do in this life was try to talk reason with a woman, especially with a woman as sharp as Yao Mowan. When he saw the strange smile that appeared on Yao Mowan’s face, he suddenly realized that he really had a crappy mouth.

“Gold!” After declaring this, Yao Mowan pushed open the door and entered the bedroom, leaving Yan Nansheng to mourn outside the door by himself.

The night was still and silent. The moonlight spilled in through the window to light the room with a soft glow. Yao Mowan sat down to gaze at the unconscious man on the bed.

“Junqing ah, you really are dumb. It’s a good thing I’m still alive, otherwise what would you do…” After a long while, Yao Mowan was finally too tired to stay away and fell asleep next to the bed.

The next day, when Ye Junqing opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was that Yao Mowan’s face was pressed against his palm as she slept. Her hair fell over her forehead, leaving her beautiful features only faintly visible.

“Moxin?” Ye Junqing reached out subconsciously to push aside those strands of hair in order to get a better look at the familiar features.

“What are you doing?” A clear voice abruptly arose and Yao Mowan got up to look at Ye Junqing.

Cough cough… cough cough cough… water…” Yao Mowan had moved too suddenly and caused Ye Junqing to choke from the surprise. His hand that had froze in midair changed directions to reach for the celadon teapot on the table.

Yao Mowan rubbed her eyes and got up to walk towards the table.

“This is your room? Why am I here?” Only then did Ye Junqing realize where he was and he immediately jumped off the bed.

“Does my bed have thorns?” Yao Mowan was a little peeved to see Ye Junqing’s reaction.

“There’s not, but… cough, water!” Ye Junqing didn’t finish his sentence, but Yao Mowan knew what he was worried about. If a prince was discovered lying on a noble consort’s bed, the implication was obvious!

Right at this moment, Ting Yue knocked, then entered, finally ending this awkward situation.

Niang niang, the crown prince of Qi has invited you and the prince to Harmony Palace for the morning meal.”

The food on the table was obviously not made by the imperial kitchen of Chu. Yao Mowan made no remark, but she felt that Feng Yihan had been overworrying in this regard. Ye Hongyi wouldn’t go as far as to seek trouble out for himself.

“It’s only the morning meal, isn’t this a little too sumptuous?” Yao Mowan smiled lightly. After surviving that desperate situation last night, Feng Yihan was like a phoenix that had just been reborn from fire, so he was definitely going to make a large move soon.

“These were made by the imperial chief that Yihan brought from Qi. Consort Yao, Esteemed Prince, there are not enough words to express my gratitude. If one day, you two have the chance to come to Qi, Yihan will definitely respond with the greatest hospitality.” Feng Yihan’s handsome face with glowing and his eyes were filled with conviction.

“Crown Prince is being too polite.” Ye Junqing cupped his fist in response with a smile. Compared with Feng Yihan, the light in Ye Junqing’s eyes wasn’t as sharp. Fame and profit matter little too him, regardless of whether it was back then or now.

Ye Hongyi was perhaps astonished by the fact that Feng Yihan had managed to survive, or perhaps the spy he had in the state of Qi had passed him some hidden information, but on the tenth day since Feng Yihan had arrived in the palace of Chu, Ye Hongyi actually held a state banquet to entertain Feng Yihan. Although this late banquet meant nothing to Feng Yihan, he still maintained a polite smile on his face throughout the entire banquet, giving off a very magnanimous impression.

The day Feng Yihan left, he came to Guan Osprey Palace to take Fluffy’s baby. He promised Yao Mowan that he would care for the kitten like it was a national treasure. However, Fluffy pretty much searched all of Guan Osprey Palace to look for her baby. Her anxiety only calmed a little on the second day.

“Fluffy, don’t worry, Feng Yihan will definitely treat your baby well.” In Guan Osprey Palace, Yao Mowan was stroking Fluffy to soothe her when Yin Xue suddenly appeared.

“Master, Ben Lei has sent news that the temporary troops great Shu had stationed at Mangyuan have been dispersed. For the time being, Mangyuan is safe.” As Yin Xue spoke, she handed the purple letter in her hand to Yao Mowan.

“They’re safe this time, but what about next time…” Yao Mowan held the letter as she remarked this thoughtfully. After this incident, Yao Mowan was now sure that Chu Mobei’s desire to obtain Mangyuan hasn’t lessened at all. That guy would truly be troublesome to deal with!

“Respond with a letter. Have Ben Lei hurry and shift the money out. After all, in the end, Mangyuan is a very unstable and disputed area.” Yao Mowan gave this command coldly.

“Understood!” Yin Xue turned to leave after receiving this order, but she suddenly stopped as if she had recalled something. Then she pulled a banknote with a value of one thousand taels in gold and handed it to Yao Mowan.

“This is from Yan Nansheng.” After reporting this, Yin Xue left. Yao Mowan couldn’t help but laugh as she looked at the banknote.

“What did you trick out of Yan Nansheng this time?” Ye Junqing had just arrived, so he only heard the end of their conversation.

“Nothing much, just a thousand taels of gold.” Yao Mowan’s mood had lifted greatly and she carefully tucked the banknote away.

“It’s a thousand taels of gold, and you still say it’s nothing much? Why would he give you money out of the blue?” Ye Junqing walked to Yao Mowan with a doubtful expression on his face as he questioned her sternly.

“Is Prince asking about Mowan’s private business?” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Junqing with an expression that said ‘it’s none of your business’ as she walked to the table and lifted the porcelain bowl.

“The way you speak is getting harsher and harsher. This prince was just asking out of curiosity.” When Ye Junqing saw that Yao Mowan had no intention of answering, he felt slightly embarrassed and tried to salvage the conversation.

“Then Mowan will satisfy Prince’s curiosity. Nansheng gave Mowan money because he was worried that Mowan won’t able to eat well and dress well in the Imperial Palace, so he sent this to make sure Mowan had enough to live well!” Yao Mowan walked to Ye Junqing and answered in complete earnestness.

“Is Yan Nansheng blind? Can’t he see who the real person that’s not living well is!?” Ye Junqing sighed heavily in speechlessness. He needed this money way more than Yao Mowan. He had no idea that Yan Nansheng wouldn’t have obediently given this money to Yao Mowan if it weren’t for him. Meanwhile, Yao Mowan just smiled and ate without replying. Junqing ah, it wouldn’t be long until this entire country belonged to you. At that time, what need would you have to worry about not being able to live well?

After Feng Yihan left, Ye Junqing started investigating Sun momo, Eunuch Zheng, and Yun Er. As of now, with Liu Sha to help, Ye Junqing was able to quickly find out that Sun momo hadn’t returned to her hometown as recorded on the register. The speed at which he was finding things out was making Yao Mowan a little worried.

Thus, Yao Mowan had Yan Nansheng act petty for the first time in his life and had him take Liu Sha back from Ye Junqing. Unlike with Yin Xue, when Yan Nansheng gave Liu Sha to Ye Junqing, he didn’t have Liu Sha acknowledge Ye Junqing as his new master.

“Prince seems very unhappy today?” The night of this event, she decided to tease Ye Junqing.

“This prince wants to cut off all ties with Yan Nansheng!” declared Ye Junqing as he slapped his chopsticks down.

“Why? Did he offend you in some way?” Yao Mowan pretended not to know what happened.

“He actually took Liu Sha back!” Ye Junqing seriously couldn’t take this. He had just managed to find out that there was something suspicious about Sun momo when Yan Nansheng insisted on taking Liu Sha back. In addition, he had already told Yan Nansheng about how important this clue was, but Yan Nansheng wasn’t swayed in the slightest. He was seriously heartless!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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