Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: A Snobbish and Stingy Woman

“Yin Xue!” Yao Mowan sternly called for Yin Xue. At almost the same instant, Yin Xue crashed through the window with two double-edged swords in her hand. The carefully picked angle caught the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ off guard. As their weapons clashed, shrill clangs were emitted along with sparks caused by friction. Everyone awaited the result nervously. At almost the same time, Ting Feng and Liu Sha rushed towards the closest member of the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins.’

Suddenly, Yao Mowan felt a strong firm hand wrap around her. Yao Mowan abruptly looked up when she felt the sudden warmth. When she saw the conviction in Ye Junqing’s eyes, for some reason she felt very safe.

No one saw clearly what exactly happened, but Yin Xue was now standing in front of Yao Mowan. Yao Mowan could smell a metallic odor and knew that Yin Xue had gotten injured. She was more severely injured than Liu Sha and Ting Feng.

“A hidden guard of the Yin Clan truly lives up to their reputation.” The voice appeared again. Yao Mowan looked over at the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins.’ Although on the surface, the situation seemed the same, she noticed that blood had already pooled into a small puddle below the feets of three of the seven. They had definitely suffered severe injuries. Yin Xue hadn’t lied, she had been able to deal with three of them.

“Yin Xue, take her and leave!” Ye Junqing saw the situation clearly. The only reason Yin Xue had been able to injure the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ was because she had launched a surprise attack while they were off guard. However, that wouldn’t work again now that ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ were aware of her presence. In addition, Yin Xue had already suffered a heavy injury.

“Master?” Yin Xue looked towards Yao Mowan. When Yao Mowan didn’t speak, Yin Xue understood her intention.

“What you want is this crown prince, so let them go!” Feng Yihan’s expression was extremely solemn and his voice was very cold.

“We only acknowledge one master.” Feng Yihan’s request was rejected.

“I’m sorry I got you guys involved!” Feng Yihan looked at Yao Mowan with an apologetic expression as remorse filled his heart. Yao Mowan simply gave a small smile. She knew that this wouldn’t be the end.

“Seventh Demise!” The eerie voice spoke again and the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ suddenly started moving in a circle around Yao Mowan and the others. Their speed rapidly increased to the point it was dizzying to look at that. Following that, there was a burst of sound. Yao Mowan suddenly felt like there were a thousand bees droning next to her ears, causing her a head-splitting headache.

“It’s a spell! Hurry and revolve your inner strength!” Feng Yihan cried out in alarm, then sat down to mediate with both hand cupped in front of his dantian. Following that, Ye Junqing and Yin Xue simultaneously sat down in the lotus position with one hand over their dantians and the other hand pressed against Yao Mowan’s back.

Yao Mowan felt a cool stream of energy flood into her dantian and the clamor by her ears decreased by a lot. However, as time heartlessly elapsed, that sound increased again. Yao Mowan looked worriedly towards Ye Junqing and saw that his forehead was covered with sweat. Yin Xue’s was the same.

Pfff…” The first to fall to the spell, Ting Feng, coughed out a mouthful of blood. Then, he seemed to lose consciousness as he moved like a puppet to pick up the sword next to him and stabbed it into himself.

This was the ‘Seventh Demise.’ Anyone that fell to this spell would view himself as the enemy. As they mutilated themselves, they would feel satisfaction as if they were winning against the enemy.

“Ye Junqing, Yin Xue, let go of me!” bellowed Yao Mowan angrily. She wanted to get up, but it felt like her body was attached to their palms. No matter how she struggled, she couldn’t get free.

“Don’t move! Otherwise we’ll die even faster!” said Ye Junqing grimly. His lips trembled slightly. Meanwhile, blood was already seeping out of Yin Xue’s lips.

Just as everyone seemed to be at their limit, there was the sound of a loud buzz. Right afterwards, the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ that had been circling them fell back and started coughing up mouthfuls of blood.

“It had only been one strike, yet you guys are already in this condition? It seems that the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ really is nothing special!” A gentle, laidback voice appeared in the room. Yan Nansheng was, as usual, dressed in red garments as he expressed his disdain for the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ who were on the ground with lifted brows and a cold smile.

“Mowan almost thought that you were dead!” Yao Mowan glowered at Yan Nansheng as she helped Ye Junqing up. At the same time, Feng Yihan sealed Ting Feng’s acupuncture points so that he would temporarily fall unconscious and stop harming himself. Liu Sha and Yin Xue were in slightly better condition so they were already up and shielding Yao Mowan from both sides.

“Ahem, that’s why I said you were using a cow knife to kill chickens. See? Reality proves my words. In front of me, Yan Nansheng, the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ can’t even stand a blow!” Yan Nansheng stood there smugly with his arms crossed over his chest as he declared his prowess.

“Although the spell of the ‘Seven Phantom Assassins’ is very strong, it causes a backlash when interrupted! When the spell nears its end, they have to use all of their inner strengths, so the backlash is the strongest when they’re interrupted at that time. Ting Feng had already fallen to the spell earlier, so they were probably already using most of the inner strength. At that time, even if Alliance Head had just lightly attacked them, the result would be just the same as now,” said Feng Yihan coldly in analysis as he wiped the blood off the corners of his mouth.

“Oh, Mowan understands now. So this is what you meant by using a cow knife to kill chickens?” Yao Mowan glanced at Yan Nansheng with ridicule in her eyes.

“This alliance head was only choosing the most effective method! Even if they didn’t use the ‘Seventh Demise,’ this alliance head still could’ve taken them without a sweat! All of you, get up! Let’s redo this!” Yan Nansheng’s face flushed slightly as he refuted angrily.

“With them in this condition, even Mowan could deal with them!” Yao Mowan expressed her contempt.

“No matter what, Yihan thanks Alliance Head for lending a hand in aid!” Feng Yihan cupped his fists as he looked towards Yan Nansheng. Just as Yan Nansheng was about to speak, Yao Mowan snatched the opportunity first.

“You don’t have to worry about owing him. Mowan was the one who asked him to come, so Mowan will return this favor. All you have to worry about is what you promised Mowan.” Yao Mowan looked towards Feng Yihan as she said this in a meaningful tone.

“Don’t worry, Consort Yao, Yihan will definitely uphold the promise!” Feng Yihan turned to look towards Yao Mowan. When his gaze inadvertently landed on Ye Junqing who was next to Yao Mowan, he felt inexplicably disappointed.

“As for these seven, we’ll leave it for you, Crown Prince, to handle. Mowan shall leave now.” Yao Mowan turned around and supported Ye Junqing out of Harmony Palace. If it weren’t for the fact that Ye Junqing had poured too much energy into her, he wouldn’t have been so injured as to pass out the moment they got back to Guan Osprey Palace.

Yao Mowan only walked out of the bedroom after she settled Ye Junqing on her bed

“Why are you still here?” asked Yao Mowan with a puzzled tone when she saw that Yan Nansheng was sitting in the main hall.

“I’m waiting for you. Didn’t you say you owed me a favor earlier?” Yan Nansheng looked towards Yao Mowan with a completely serious expression.

“Did I? How come I can’t seem to recall?” Yao Mowan shrugged as she walked to the table.

“Hey, a lot of people heard, you can’t just brush it off! Moreover, if you act like this, who do you expect to help you in the future!?” Yan Nansheng hastily walked to Yao Mowan’s front as he said this anxiously.

“You still have the nerve to come ask me for a favor? If it weren’t for you, would Ye Junqing have gotten so severely injured? Yin Xue has also been heavily injured, and Liu Sha will probably have to spend quite a while recuperating as well. All of this is because of you, so their recovery fees will naturally be charged to you. Next time you come, remember to bring the money!” Yao Mowan angrily walked back to her bedroom with the tea pot.

“Yao Mowan, there should be a limit even to unreasonableness! If it weren’t for me, you guys would already be dead!” Yan Nansheng was extremely speechless. How did he end up meeting such a snobbish and stingy woman? How!?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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