Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Use a Child to Exchange for the Position of Empress

“Suluan! Do you know what you’re saying? How could you bear to do that? That is our child!” Ye Hongyi suddenly cied out as he looked towards Yao Suluan with a solemn expression.

“This consort is terrified, and how could this consort possibly bear to part with this consort’s own blood and flesh? Moreover, he is this consort’s first child! But this consort truly cannot think of a better idea then this. Zhen and this consort will have more children, but if Huan Heng gets the opportunity to make a move, all of great Chu will be in danger. This consort only wishes to aid Your Majesty and great Chu, and asks that Your Majesty allows this consort to do so!” Yao Suluan abruptly knelt down with tears whirling in her eyes. At the same time, a trace of coldness flashed through her heart. Back then, her pregnancy hadn’t even brought as much joy to His Majesty as a cat. For him to show concern now, it seemed rather fake.

Though people had tacit mutual understanding about some things, effort still must be put into the surface acting.

“My dear consort, hurry and stand up! Suluan, zhen had never expected that you would be this virtuous. This matter truly asks a lot of you! Don’t worry, after this matter is resolved, zhen will compensate you!” Ye Hongyi helped Yao Suluan up gently with a soft smiling expression in his emotionless eyes.

“This consort only wishes to help Your Majesty a little and never thought about wanting any rewards.” Yao Suluan bashfully leaned into Ye Hongyi’s arm, enjoying the momentary warmth. In her mind, she could already see herself sitting on the magnificent phoenix throne. She was sure that if she managed to help His Majesty get rid of Huan Heng, she would be named Empress.

Yao Mowan, who was strolling leisurely through the Imperial Garden while carrying Fluffy, walked to a rather concealed spot. When she saw that no one was around, she tried calling out the Elements. Just like Yin Xue, as soon as Yao Mowan called, the four seemed to drop out of the sky and appear in front of her.

“Since ben gong is now your master, you’ll obey ben gong?” Yao Mowan looked at the four with a serious expression.

“Master, please give your instructions.” The four spoke simultaneously.

Ben gong orders you four to immediately head towards Mangyuan. Once you find Ben Lei, help him amass as much wealth as possible and quietly expand the secret department (implies elite military). Tell Ben Lei to be careful in executing this task, no traces can be left at all. It’s especially important to keep the crown prince of Chu, Chu Mobei, from getting hold of this information. That person extremely hard to deal with.” When Yao Mowan recalled the past dealings she had with Chu Mobei, she would feel a headache. That person’s temperament was calm, yet he had deep schemes and queer methods. He was on the top of her list of people she didn’t want to get involved with.

“Understood!” After receiving the instructions, the Elements immediately left. Yao Mowan then called out Yin Xue.

“Has anything happened on Yao Suluan’s side?” Yao Mowan had sent Yin Xue to secretly monitor Yao Suluan ever since Yao Suluan had come back from the Prime Minister Residence. There was a line that put it well: a cornered dog will jump over the wall. Yao Suluan’s current attitude was just like that.

“Replying Master, Yao Suluan wants to frame Huan Caier with the dragon seed in her belly,” reported Yin Xue concisely.

“How sad… but it doesn’t matter, a person like her isn’t suitable to be a mother at all. Do you know how she plans to do it?” Yao Mowan’s expression turned serious as light flashed through her eyes. She didn’t know what to say in regards to Yao Suluan’s dumb actions. Back then, it was because she had been too sharp and capable that Ye Hongyi couldn’t tolerate her anymore. Yao Suluan clearly knew that Ye Hongyi couldn’t tolerate shrewd woman, yet she insisted on trying to snatch the spotlight in all the affairs. If she was content with her own lot and didn’t continuously try in vain to get the throne of the Empress, perhaps she would be able to live a little longer.

“Saffron,” replied Yin Xue steadily.

“What a stupid plan.” Yao Mowan gave a cold laugh, then turned to gaze at the green jade lake in front of her. Wind that carried a hint of moisture swept over the pond, causing faint glimmering ripples that were dazzling to the eye.

Huan Caier appeared in Pure Flowers Palace much sooner than Yao Suluan had expected. A trace of sorrow flashed through Yao Suluan’s eyes when she saw the ginseng silky chicken soup in Zi Shuang’s hands. The reason she was able to bring herself to part with this child was because of Yao Moxin. But the fact that His Majesty was that impatient for her to have an abortion, what did that signify?

“What wind was it that blew Caier meimei to ben gong‘s place?” Yao Suluan retrieved the emotions from her eyes as she walked gracefully to Huan Caier.

Ben gong has never been unreasonable, but also never bothers with any sort of flattery. If it weren’t for the fact that His Majesty exhorted ben gong to come visit Imperial Noble Consort last night, ben gong wouldn’t have chosen to step into this Pure Flower Palace of yours this entire lifetime! Ben gong has not forgotten who it was that told that imbecile to push ben gong into the lake!” Huan Caier looked at Yao Suluan coldly, her voice frosty and distancing.

At the side, Zi Shuang expressionlessly placed the food box on the table before returning to Huan Caier’s side.

“Consort Chen, my master is the Imperial Noble Consort and is a rank higher than you. Moreover, this is Pure Flowers Palace, so Consort Chen, please pay attention to your own status.” Cai Ying looked towards Huan Caier with resentment.

“Who do you think you are? What right do you have to speak!?” Huan Caier looked towards Cai Ying with contempt as she spat back indignantly. Yao Suluan’s lips hooked in a smile as she turned to stop Cai Ying who wanted to refute. Then she walked softly to the table, picked up the ginseng soup in the food box, and drank it all before handing the bowl to Cai Ying.

Ben gong has received Consort Chen’s kind regards. Since Consort Chen is this unwilling, ben gong won’t keep you any longer,” said Yao Suluan mildly as she looked back towards Huan Caier. She knew that Huan Caier’s personality was domineering, and so decided not to bother arguing with her.

“At least you have some tact! Zi Shuan, let’s go!” Although Huan Caier was a bit surprised when Yao Suluan submitted meekly to the earlier insult, she didn’t think deeply into it.

“There’s no way ben gong would want something that has entered Pure Flowers Palace,” scoffed Huan Caier coldly when she saw that Zi Shuan was about collect the porcelain bowl and the food box. Zi Shuan naturally understood what her master meant and placed down the box to follow after Huan Caier.

Niang niang, isn’t this Huan Caier way too tyrannical? Why must you tolerate her? In any case…”

“In any case, the future is long. Once she’s thrown into the Cold Palace, ben gong will be able to torment her at ben gong‘s leisure. At that time, ben gong will show her who exactly is the master of this Inner Palace!” Yao Suluan’s eyes narrowed slightly. When she turned around to head in, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen.

Niang niang! Is it… this servant will help you back into the room!” Upon seeing Yao Suluan’s brows crease tightly from pain, Cai Ying immediately realized that the saffron had started taking effect. She hastily moved to help Yao Suluan back into the bedroom.

Huan Caier walked slowly over the white jade bridge in the Imperial Garden, seeming to be admiring the beautiful scenery of the garden.

Niang niang, for some reason, this servant feels like Imperial Noble Consort was behaving oddly today.” Zi Shuan had felt uneasy ever since leaving Pure Flowers Palace.

“That’s true. She didn’t even refute a word despite how much ben gong insulted her. It couldn’t be that she has become scared of ben gong?” Although Huan Caier was used to being unbridled, she wasn’t a brainless person either. Yao Suluan’s attitude was indeed strange. She had taken the insults so meekly that she hadn’t been able to put into use the words she had prepared beforehand.

“It would be good if she had become scared of niang niang. This servant is just worried that she would try to secretly harm niang niang. As the proverbs say, it’s better to offend a nobleman than a petty person. That Yao Suluan is just a smiling tiger, a petty person from head to toe!” Zi Shuan gave her evaluation firmly.

Just as Huan Caier was about to speak, she suddenly saw Yao Mowan and Ting Yue walking through the willow forest below the bridge.

“It’s truly a case of enemies being on a narrow road. Zi Shuan, come with ben gong to teach that imbecile a lesson!” Huan Caier’s eyes turned cold as she strode towards the willow forest.

The willow forest was filled with lush green and full of life. Countless weeping willow branches swayed softly like braids in the wind. Yao Mowan gently swung the willow branch in her hand with her innocuous eyes opened wide.

“Ting Yue, say, what was that red powder in Second Older Sister’s palace? Is it tasty?” Yao Mowan pouted slightly in an innocent manner.

“No matter what that can’t be eaten! It’s poisonous!” Ting Yue purposefully shouted loudly in alarm.

“Liar! If it’s poisonous, why would Second Older Sister put it in the hidden drawer beneath her bed? It’s definitely something tasty. Second Older Sister definitely wanted to eat it herself, that’s why she hide it so Wan er couldn’t find it!” Yao Mowan noticed that the sound of Huan Caier’s footsteps had abruptly stopped as she carried on with the act.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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