Kuma – Chapter 48

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Fina’s Perspective 5

Mother was in pain when I woke up this morning.

Her suffering was different from usual.

She wasn’t conscious.

There was no response, no matter how much I called her.

I tried to give her medicine, but she didn’t swallow it.

Even so, I did my best to get her to swallow it.

However, her condition didn’t improve.

A lot of sweat was running down Mother’s forehead.

My younger sister, Shuri, was standing next to the bed with a worried expression, calling out “Mother! Mother!”

In this situation, it was no use.

There was nothing we could do.

「Shuri, please look after Mother.」

「Big Sis?」

「I’ll be going to Uncle Gentz’s place, so don’t worry. If it’s Uncle Gentz, he should be able to do something.」

I patted my sister on her head, and then headed to Uncle Gentz’s home.

He shouldn’t have gone to work yet.

I ran.

Few people were out and about this early, so it was easy to run.

When I arrived at Uncle Gentz’s house, I pounded on his door with all my strength.

「Uncle! Uncle Gentz!」

Uncle appeared after I beat on the door.

「What’s the matter, this early in the morning?」

「M-mother is!」

「What’s wrong with Tirumina?!」

「She’s in a lot of pain! It’s different from normal!」

I couldn’t stop my tears any more.

「Even though she drank her medicine, she didn’t get better!」

「Let’s go to your house.」

Uncle Gentz started running to my house.

I also ran as if my life depended on it.

I couldn’t see Uncle Gentz’s figure anywhere when I arrived at the house.

When I entered the house, Uncle Gentz was calling out to Mother in a loud voice.

However, there was no reaction.

「Damn it!」

Uncle Gentz looked at Shuri and me.

「I’m going to go look for medicine. You two look after your Mother.」

As Uncle Gentz flew out of the house, I grasped my Mother’s hand.

Shuri held Mother’s hand together with me.

Please. Somehow, save Mother.

If there is anything I can do, I’ll do it, so-

No matter what, please don’t take Mother away from us.

I beg of you…


「Fina, Shuri……」


Mother regained consciousness!

My wish was heard.

「Fina, Shuri, I’m sorry.」

Why are you apologizing?

Mother hasn’t done anything bad.

Tears welled up in Mother’s eyes.


「It might be useless already. If mother happens to die, you must rely on Gentz. If it’s that person, he will surely help you.」

Mother spoke as if she was in great pain.

Was mother going to die?

I didn’t want to think about it.

「I’m sorry, you two. You had to put up with someone like me.」

She squeezed our hands, which were clasped in hers, with a frail strength.

How long has it been since Uncle Gentz went out?

He hasn’t come back.

It might have only been three minutes or so, but I felt like hours had already passed.

Hurry and come back soon!


Mother’s suffering began again.

Someone, anyone, please help.

Shuri’s small hand squeezed mine strongly.

I cannot give up here!


Shuri’s eyes turned towards me.

They looked anxious.

「Hold on to Mother’s hand, okay?」

「Big Sis.」

「It might be useless, but if it’s that person!」

I left Mother to Shuri and rushed towards Big Sis Yuna’s house.

I couldn’t complain that I was tired.

I could see Big Sis Yuna’s house, the Bear House.

I opened the front door without knocking.

「Big Sis Yuna!」

Big Sis Yuna was there when I entered the house.

「What’s wrong?」

「B-Big sis, Yuna, m-my mother has…!」

It was no good. My voice wouldn’t come out.

「Calm down first.」

「My mother was in pain, and…even though she drank medicine…it was no good…I went to see Uncle Gentz, but…he went out to look for medicine and hasn’t come back…I-I, what should I do?」

My tears wouldn’t stop, even as I looked at Big Sis Yuna’s face.

Even though I came here, Big Sis Yuna wasn’t a doctor or a pharmacist.

However, if it was Big Sis Yuna, I was sure she would be able to do something.

Big Sis Yuna gently placed her hand on my head.

「Un, I understand, so can you guide me to your house?」

I guided Big Sis Yuna to my house.

After we arrived and entered, Uncle Gentz was there.

Had he obtained medicine?!

「Fina. Bear missy, you’re also here.」

「Uncle Gentz, what about the medicine?」


He lowered his head.

If it was such an easily obtainable medicine, then Uncle Gentz should have been able to obtain it.

That’s why I couldn’t get angry at Uncle Gentz.

I approached my Mother.

She was suffering so badly that I could barely bear to look at her.

「Gentz…if…something…happens…to me…my daughters…please…」

「What are you doing?! Saying things like that!」

「I…sure gave you…a lot of…trouble…the medicine…and Fina…Thank you…」

「Don’t worry about that! If you sleep, you’ll get better, so don’t talk any more!」

「Shuri, Fina, come here, let me see your faces one last time.」


I couldn’t see Mother’s face because of my tears.

Mother embraced us with her feeble hands.

「I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you anything. And, thank you, Shuri, Fina.」

She separated from us and looked at Uncle Gentz.

「Gentz, please look after the two of them.」

「I get it, so don’t say any more. Looking after these two will be troublesome for me, so you just rest and recover from your illness.」

「Gentz, thank you.」

Mother closed her eyes.

It looked like she wasn’t able to open them anymore.

I tightly grasped Mother’s hand.

Her hand was cold.

At this rate, she won’t ever open her eyes again?

She won’t ever call my name again?

Mother, Mother, Mother!

Pomf pomf.

I heard the strange sound of something being hit behind me.

When I turned around, Big Sis Yuna was clapping her hands.

「For starters, the three of you, please calm down.」

「Big sis?」

「I don’t know if I can do anything, but I’ll take a look, so let me through.」

Big Sis Yuna separated us from the bed.

「Please hold on a little longer.」

Big Sis Yuna placed her Bear Hands on top of Mother’s body.


Mother’s body shone with light.

That brilliance gave a pure and warm feeling, as if a god was there.

Mother’s breathing slowly settled down.

The sound of Mother taking suffocated breaths had just died down.


A different magic was activated next.

Mother’s eyes slowly opened.

Then, as if nothing was wrong, she got up from the bed.

「…There’s no pain.」


I rushed up to her.

「Looks like I succeeded somehow.」

「Miss, what did you do? It was as if you were a priestess from the heavens. No, never mind that, miss, thank you.」

Uncle Gentz expressed his gratitude to Big Sis Yuna.

That’s right. I also need to thank her.

「Big sis Yuna, thank you.」

After that, Uncle Gentz and Mother began to talk about repaying the favor.

That’s right. I had asked Uncle Gentz about this before.

He had said that asking a priest to cure Mother’s disease would require paying a large amount of money.

I recalled that the amount of money was a super high amount.

There was nowhere close to that much money in my house.

However, she was my mother’s savior.

If I could do it, I would repay it, even if it took my whole life.

While I was thinking that, unexpected words came out of Big Sis Yuna.

「I don’t particularly need money or anything. I only wanted to protect Fina’s smile.」

I think I’m going to cry again.

I wondered if it was possible to repay all of Big Sis Yuna’s kindness while I was still alive?

「But, in that case-」

「That’s right, if there’s anything that I can do, please say it!」

「Once I’ve recovered, I’ll do anything!」

That’s right. Even if Big Sis Yuna says that a reward isn’t necessary, it’s not good.

If there was something that I could do, I would do it.

However, the moment Uncle Gentz and Mother said 『anything』, the sides of Big Sis Yuna’s lips rose up.

「In that case, I have a favor for the two of you, one that you cannot decline.」

Big Sis Yuna started to say such things.

The atmosphere in the room became heavy.

I wondered what she would say.

Big Sis Yuna looked over the room, before finally resting her gaze on Shuri and me.

「Fina, please go with your sister to buy some delicious food, as well as something nutritious for your mother to eat.」

Having said so, she handed me money.

Was it something that she didn’t want us to hear?

Big Sis Yuna, what do you plan on saying to Mother and Uncle Gentz?

However, what Big Sis Yuna said was correct, since Mother needs something nutritious.

In the end, it was decided that I would go look for nourishing food, along with Shuri.

I was anxious, but it couldn’t be helped.


Fina 「Big Sis Yuna, thank you for curing my mother.」

Yuna 「You don’t have to worry about it.」

Fina 「As thanks, let me give you something important to me.」

Yuna 「We’re both girls, you know.」

Fina 「I know. However, other than that, I don’t have anything else that I could give you.」

Yuna 「Fina…」

Fina 「I offer my life to you, Big Sis Yuna. Please accept it!」

Yuna 「That’s really important in a different meaningー!!」

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