Kuma – Chapter 49

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Fina’s Perspective 6

When I came back from shopping, Big Sis Yuna was gone.
She seemed to have returned home.
I still have not thanked her enough, and I also haven’t thanked her for this food, which was bought with Big Sis Yuna’s money.
I must not forget to thank her the next time I see her.
Then, for some reason, when I looked at mother and Uncle Gentz, their faces became red.
I wonder what happened?

「Erm, Fina, Shuri. That is…I mean, do you want a new father?」


Uncle Gentz asked us a weird question.
Father died.
What did he mean by a new father?

「I don’t know. I don’t even remember my father, so even if you ask me if I want a father…」

「Don’t know!」

Shuri also tilted her head to the side in confusion.
Uncle Gentz scratched his head and glanced in our direction.

「It’s been decided that your mother and I will get married. Fina, Shuri, will you acknowledge us?」


「I want to become a father to both of you, and I want to protect the three of you. Although I don’t think I can be as dependable as that Bear Missy, won’t you let me protect you girls?」

「Uncle Gentz?」

「Fina, Shuri, is it bad to have Gentz as a father?」

Mother asked us that.
I didn’t know if it was a good thing.

「If it will make mother happy, then…」

Shuri was also nodding.

「Ah, I’ll definitely make her happy. Of course, I’ll make you two happy as well, you’ll see! So, thank you, Fina. Shuri. 」

Uncle Gentz hugged us.
Mother and Uncle Gentz seemed glad.


After that, things were seriously troublesome.
Mother, who had become energetic again, began getting out of bed.
Which is why I had to put my mother, who had woken up and gotten out of bed, back into bed.
Put my mother, who had tried to prepare a meal, back into bed.
Put her, who had tried to clean, back into bed.
And, put my mother, who had tried to go out, back into bed.
I had been told by Big Sis Yuna to let her quietly rest in bed for a while.
I won’t let mother suffer like that again.
I had Shuri stand watch over mother.
Shuri also seemed happy to spend time with mother.

In addition, Dad seemed to have gone looking for a house where the four of us could live together.
To that end, I should prepare for the move, bit by bit.


A few days after mother’s disease was cured, a new house was found, and it was decided that we would be moving there.
We also received approval to let Mother move around from Big Sis Yuna.
On the day of the move, Big Sis Yuna also decided to lend a hand.
In reality, moving was something that would take a lot of time and money.
Carrying luggage, borrowing a push or pull-cart, and making round trips over and over again.
However, Big Sis Yuna’s item bag was able to accept anything, no matter how large or numerous.
Before, when I went on the tiger wolf subjugation, her ability to take out and put away an entire house surprised me.
That Big Sis Yuna steadily put more and more luggage in her bear paw’s mouth.
Thanks to her, all the luggage in the house, which had been prepared in advance, was was all gone before noon.

Next, we headed to Father’s house.
It was terrible.
There was filth everywhere.
It was completely messy.
Mother was awfully angry.
Mother asked Big Sis Yuna, Shuri, and me to go to the new house first and to tidy it up.
We headed to the new house.
After we arrived, I asked Shuri to clean.
I had Big Sis Yuna take out the furniture and the beds.
Honestly, the beds, which would have required being moved by hand from the first floor to the second floor, were easily placed, thanks to taking them out of Big Sis Yuna’s bears.
When Big Sis Yuna had finished taking out the luggage, she headed to Father’s house.
Shuri and I did our best to clean up with just the two of us.

When the sun began to set, the three of them, including Mother, finally came over.
Then they began to talk about meal preparations.
However, the interior of the house had yet to be put in order, so it wasn’t in a condition where we could cook food.
Then, when Father said we should go out to eat, he was scolded for being wasteful with money by Mother.
In the end, it was decided that we would be taken care of at Big Sis Yuna’s house.
I wonder, why is Bis Sis Yuna this kind?

After the meal was finished, we decided to stay the night at Big Sis Yuna’s house.
She was going to let us sleep over and take a bath, since the move had gotten us dirty.
The bath in Big Sis Yuna’s house was so big that it was perfectly fine for even four people to enter!
Also, hot water came out from a bear’s mouth.
The four of us girls, after excluding father, entered to take a bath together.
Big Sis Yuna’s body was slender, so thin and beautiful.
Her raven-black hair extended past her waist and was especially fascinating.
If I also grew mine that long, would I become as pretty?
When I entered the bathtub, the conversation turned towards chests.
Big Sis Yuna said that she would eventually become like boom, kyuu, boom!
What was “boom, kyuu, boom” supposed to mean, I wonder?
I think that if my breasts grow to be around Big Sis Yuna’s size, it would be good.
When I see the large breasts of an adult, I often wonder if they aren’t obstructive.
I asked mother while looking at my own chest.

「Will mine grow bigger?」

For some reason, Big Sis Yuna glanced between mother’s breasts and mine.

「You’re free to continue dreaming.」

Such a thing was said.

「Somehow, it feels like a really cruel thing was said.」

Mother got a little angry at Big Sis Yuna’s words.
Then, Mother looked in my direction.

「It’s alright, so don’t worry about it. Fina’s breasts will surely grow big.」

「I think around Big Sis Yuna’s size is good.」

The moment I said that, I was hugged by Big Sis Yuna.
For some reason, she was deeply moved.
I really don’t understand it.

We got out of the bath, and father went to take a bath next.
In the meantime, we dried our hair.
Big Sis Yuna’s hair is long, so drying it seems like it would be a major chore.
While I was drying my hair with a towel, Big Sis Yuna brought over a weird-looking, cylindrical tool.
Big Sis Yuna told me to turn around, so I obediently listened to her.
When I did so, I felt a warm wind blowing on me from behind.
I was so surprised that I uttered a strange cry.
Big Sis Yuna explained that it was a tool that would blow warm air, and it seemed to be used to dry hair.
The wind was warm and comfortable, and in no time at all, my hair had been dried.
My younger sister, Shuri, was next, then my mother, and finally, Big Sis Yuna dried her own hair.
To have such a convenient tool, Big Sis Yuna sure is great.

Around when everyone’s hair had been dried, Father also came out of the bath, and everyone decided to go to sleep, thanks to the fatigue from the move.

Father was by himself, while my mother, younger sister, and I would sleep together.
At that time, Big Sis Yuna said something that I didn’t understand.
If mother and father slept together, the futon would get dirty, so they weren’t allowed to sleep together. Did it not get dirty if they slept separately?
I will try asking mother next time.

The next day, I woke up before everyone else.
Shuri and mother were still sleeping
In order not to wake the two of them, I left the room and went down to the first floor.
While I was cooking breakfast, father came downstairs.
He ate breakfast by himself and headed to work.
Work at the guild sure starts early.
After father left for work, Big Sis Yuna came down and replaced him, as if they were passing each other.
Breakfast preparations were also complete, so I went to wake up the two people who were still sleeping.
As the four of us were eating breakfast, Big Sis Yuna asked a weird question.

「Where do they sell eggs?」

By eggs, did she mean the eggs laid by birds?
Such a high-class item wouldn’t be sold in a normal shop.
When I told her that, she made a disappointed expression.
Did she want to eat an egg that much?
After breakfast ended, we went back to the new house in order to finish tidying up after the move.

We arrived at the new house and divided the cleaning work between three people.
Shuri diligently cleaned up the smaller items.
Mother and I handled cleaning and organizing the bigger items.
Father had work, so it could not be helped.
The things we brought from our house were settled immediately, but the things brought from father’s house were placed in the boxes haphazardly, so organizing those was a huge problem.
However, with the cooperation of my family, the move was finally finished.
This, too, was all thanks to Big Sis Yuna.
I met Big Sis Yuna by chance, and everything changed.
I can eat delicious meals.
Mother is healthy.
I have a new father.
Everything is thanks to Big Sis Yuna.

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