Kuma – Chapter 47

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Bear-san Announces the Trip to the Royal Capital

Maybe because it was early afternoon, there weren’t many people in the Commerce Guild.
When I went to the reception desk, Mylene-san, who seemed available, was there.

「Yuna-san, what is the matter?」

「I’ll be going to the royal capital for a while, so I came to report it. So, I’ll be counting on Tirumina-san for the matter regarding the eggs, okay?」

Though I said that, almost all of the matters regarding the eggs had already been left to Tirumina-san.
I was only consulted about the price every once in awhile.

「You plan on going to the Royal Capital?」

「It’s a little bit of escort work.」

「How long do you plan on staying at the Royal Capital?」

「I also want to see the King’s birthday commemoration that will be going on, so I was thinking of staying until it is finished.」

「Is that so? In that case, since you’re going to the Royal Capital, I’ll be looking forward to some souvenirs, okay?」

「That’s fine, but is there something you want?」

「I’ll leave it to you to decide.」

「That’s the most troublesome answer, you know? Ahh, that’s right. It’s not a souvenir, but I’ll give this to you.」

I took a pudding out of the Bear Box.

「What is this?」

「It’s a delicacy called pudding, made from Clucker eggs. Make sure you put it in a refrigerator, then you can eat it during your break. Also, please tell me your impression when I return, okay?」

「Thank you very much. I’ll take up your offer and eat it later. It’s not to thank you or anything, but please take this.」

Mylene-san wrote something on a piece of paper, sealed it in an envelope, and handed it to me.

「What’s this?」

「My letter of introduction. If you run into some trouble at the Commerce Guild in the Royal Capital, please hand this over to the [Commerce Guild] there. I think they’ll be a bit more accommodating after that.」

「Thank you.」

I gratefully accepted her letter of introduction.
I did have plans to go to the Commerce Guild there.

「Please don’t forget about the pudding, and eat it while it’s still cold, okay?」

I warned her about how to eat the pudding and exited the Commerce Guild.
The three places I needed to go to after this were Fina’s house, the Adventurer’s Guild, and the orphanage.
I decided to go to the Adventurer’s Guild first.
The adventurers who had finished their requests were returning, but it looked like I had arrived just before it got crowded.

「Ah, Yuna-san.」

「I would like you to take care of this, if possible.」

I handed over the letter Cliff had entrusted to me.
Helen scanned over the letter she had received.

「This is a designated request from Cliff Foschurose-sama, I see. To escort someone to the Royal Capital, is it? I’ll handle the necessary processing, so if I could see your guild card, please.」

I handed over my guild card.

「Yuna-san will be away from this town for some time because of this, right?」

「I’m not really sure for how long though.」

「Hey Yuna, are you planning on going somewhere?」

The guild master appeared from out of nowhere.

「Due to Cliff-sama’s request, Yuna-san will be going to the Royal Capital.」

「That fellow’s request, huh. Ah, is it about the King’s birthday commemoration?」

「Because Cliff can’t go to the Royal Capital for a while, it’s been decided that I’ll be escorting just his daughter, Noa, there.」

「The Royal Capital, huh…」

The guild master looked me over slowly and carefully.

「Yuna, wait just a sec.」

The guild master returned after a short while.

「Here, take this.」

Yet again, another letter was handed to me.

「What’s this?」

「It’s for the sake of keeping you from rampaging at the Adventurer’s Guild in the Royal Capital.」

「What is that supposed to mean?!」

「Hey, did you forget what happened the first time you came here? In any case, you’re planning on going to the Royal Capital in that getup, right?」

The bear suit had been accepted in this town.
There was already no one left who would try to fight me when I enter the guild.
The strange looks I received when walking through the town had also decreased.
On the contrary, children often gathered near me instead.
I felt like I had turned into an official local mascot character…

「If you hand over this letter, the guild should more or less look after you.」

I appreciated it.
Knocking out idiots one by one was annoying.

「Thank you, I’m sure it will be handy.」

I expressed my thanks and accepted it.
After leaving the Adventurer’s Guild, I headed over to Fina’s house.
Gentz-san wasn’t there, but the three girls were.

「Oh? Welcome Yuna-chan. What’s up, coming here at this time of the day?」

「Big sis Yuna, you came!」

Fina came down from the second floor.
Shuri followed close behind her.

「I’ve decided to go to the Royal Capital for a while, starting from tomorrow, so I came to inform you.」

「Big sis Yuna, you’re going to the Royal Capital?」

「It’s a bodyguard request, you see. I thought Tirumina-san would be fine, so I’m leaving matters regarding the orphanage to you.」

「Okay. Well, it’s not something that would become troublesome, so it’s fine for Yuna-chan to leisurely go sightseeing at the Royal Capital. It’ll be your first time there, right?」

「That’s nice, the Royal Capital…」

「Fina has never been there before?」

「Never desu.」

「Well, that’s because of me. After my husband died, I fell sick, and I gave this child a lot of trouble.」

「Then, do you want to go together?」

「Eh, is that okay?」

「Well, even if the targets I have to guard increases from one person to two, it’s not really a problem, you know.」

「Is that okay, Yuna-chan? You have your job too…」

「In that case, tomorrow, I’ll ask the person I’m guarding if she objects. If she approves, you can go. If not, you’ll have to stay home.」

「Isn’t that great, big sis?」

「Shuri can’t go. Stay home together with mother.」


「Is it unpleasant being with your mother, just the two of us?」

Shuri shook her head from side to side in denial.

「It’s not unpleasant!」

Tirumina-san embraced her daughter, Shuri.

「In that case, I’ll come by tomorrow morning to pick you up. Although you won’t need to make travelling preparations, be sure to prepare any items you want to bring with you, so I can place them in my item bag.」

Finally, I went to the orphanage and told the director-sensei and the children that I wouldn’t be coming for a while, and I left behind a large quantity of wolf meat.

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