MMS – Volume 2 Prologue

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Volume 2 Prologue

Deep into the night, Lu Yun’s office lights were still lit. He was still tirelessly flipping through a report in his hands —— It was a report of the battle done by Ouyang Tao.

The report was very detailed, and there were points that were worth researching. Lu Yun’s eyes never left the report in his hand as his other hand habitually lifted the cup of coffee to his mouth; “Eh, I’ve finished it?”

Looking at the time, it was already 3a.m. Ever since he had become a professor, Lu Yun had never pulled such a late nighter in a long time.

The school’s council were very cautious about the matter regarding the inverted cross army. However, this matter already was beyond the school’s area of jurisdiction. Therefore, the school council commanded Lu Yun to stop pursuing this matter and concentrate on his research on the Lucifer’s Crown replica.

Lu Yun was unsatisfied at this decision. The inverted cross army was a publicly recognised terrorist group, and Augustus Academy was a military school. Concerning such groups, the academy should have the special authority to take some form of action. Therefore, how could he just forget about this matter.

Furthermore, to Lu Yun, research was his actual speciality of work. Ouyang Tao’s battle report further piqued his interest.

The report not only talked about how the battle went, it also included the modifications Ouyang Tao made to his weapons, how he used them and ideas for further improvements.

Obviously, Ouyang Tao gained a lot of inspiration from this battle. One of his ideas was that they should not build the machine and the weapon separately and instead just use the weapon by itself.

Other than that, he also suggested to specialise the controls of machines and to adopt an army style of battle. This was completely opposite of the current way people use Mechanical Engineering Magic.

Currently, people focus on making it easy for general use and further modifications. It was acceptable as long as each weapon was capable of practical use. Each weapon would also be classified based on its abilities and power.

However, Ouyang Tao felt that it shouldn’t be the case. He felt that the weapons should be separated based on their functions and uses. Each weapon and machine should focus solely on one function, and different weapons should be mixed around and used in battle.

To other professors, such a train of thought might be too advanced and some might even treat it as being rebellious. Lu Yun however did not see it this way as twenty years ago, he had already seen something similar.

As he thought about it, he decided to confirm his speculations.

Lu Yun stood up and opened a safe. From inside he removed a small metal box. Opening the box, what laid inside were documents that have already turned yellow with age —— These were all left behind by Lu Yun’s teacher. The remaining few works of Professor Lin Shixiong that had not yet been destroyed.

However, Lin Shixiong had not disclosed all this to the public. That was due to the fact that the foundation of all this laid in the powerful lost technologies. Therefore, before research in the lost technologies was advanced enough, all of this would not be brought to its full potential.

Regarding the related technology, Lin Shixiong did not wish to continue its research —— The further he went into its research, the more he realised that such technology was too powerful and that once it was successfully recovered, it would no doubt be used for war and destruction.

Of course, if someone found out that Lu Yun hid such documents, he would no doubt be interrogated.

Even though he knew that each professor’s desk was planted with cameras and listening devices, Lu Yun still took out the documents to compare with Ouyang Tao’s battle report.

All of Lin Shixiong’s works were written in code and riddles. The one Lu Yun held in his hand was filled with weird symbols. There were not words on it. Other than Lu Yun, no one else could understand it.

After diligently comparing the two, Lu Yun found that the two documents were similar, extremely similar. The core theories and viewpoint could even be said to be exactly the same.

Was this a coincidence?

Lu Yun started to become more and more interested in Ouyang Tao.

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