MMS – Volume 1 Epilogue

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Volume 1 Epilogue

To Ouyang Tao, the assault incident had already come to a close but to his instructor, Lu Yun, everything had only just begun.

Due to the fact that the culprit was successfully caught in the end, Augustus Academy granted Lu Yun a position as one of the members of the council but he rejected it. His reason was that he did not do much in the capture of the culprit this time and would be ashamed to accept the position.

Lu Yun knew that the council was not a suitable place for a researcher like him. The power struggle was complicated and would make him lose focus. Furthermore status of a council member would bind him tightly, and not allow him to concentrate on what was important.

However, as replacement, he applied to form a dedicated research team that was focused on researching the fake Lucifer’s Crown. Also he wanted to lead the team.

This request was quickly accepted by the council and they even paid a lot of attention to it. The council granted Lu Yun full authority over the matter under the condition that he kept the matter in full secrecy. He could recruit anyone in the Academy that he found useful —— recreating divine relics was also a part of the lost technologies.

After Lu Yun teacher’s Lin Shixiong left the school, research regarding the lost technologies had come to a halt. Now a slightly more successful product appeared. If he researched it, he might be able to make some breakthroughs.

However, rather than say they paid attention to him, it would be more accurate to say that the Academy was under heavy pressure from the Archduke’s side.

Since someone was able to create a finished product, it meant that the someone had exceeded the progress of the Principality of Ryan. If there was a first, there would be a second or third product……

Furthermore, if one could recreate Lucifer’s Crown, the remaining relics: Baraqiel’s armour, Beelzebub’s shield, Asmodeus’s spear, Leviathan’s staff, Samael’s boots and Mammon’s gloves would also be able to be recreated.

Furthermore, if these imitations were mass produced, and even used as equipment for an army, the power of the army would be terrifying and in this world, no one would be able to stop such a force.

Therefore, research regarding the lost technology was an imminent emergency that needed to be broken through immediately.

The shards of Lucifer’s Crown had all been sent to Augustus Academy’s underground research facility and were delivered to various departments for treatment and analysis.

Lu Yun examined a shard under a microscope inside a sealed transparent box.

“This……” Although this was only a routine check, Lu Yun made a shocking discovery. There was a special engraving on the inner rim of the crown —— An inverted cross. “Could it be…… The rebellious Inverted Cross Army?!”

The organisation that used to be called the Sacred Cross Army were the main attacking force who fought against the deities. They possessed strong sacred light magic and secret techniques. They were the elites of human beings.

However, after the great battle, the hot blooded soldiers lost their direction in life, or we could say, they lost their purpose of existence……

Many people felt that they had been drowned in the long river of history. Until one day, they returned with the stance of demons……

Lu Yun understood that this was no trivial matter and immediately dropped all his work: “Inform the council, I have an urgent matter to report!”

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