MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 Surviving after a difficult experience

Ouyang Tao who was now in a difficult situation in the midst of his rage continued to struggle with all his strength. He did not think about anything else and just relied on the magic he had absorbed to draw strength as he continued to move his body with difficulty to prevent Liu Xinya from being able to concentrate on doing another thing.

On the other hand, Liu Xinya’s magic was continuously being absorbed all this time. Although due to this being a different method of absorption, the rate of loss of magic was not as quick as before. However, this would accumulate over time and hence it couldn’t be allowed to go on. Seeing that Ouyang Tao’s retaliation was becoming more and more vicious, she couldn’t afford to let go of one of her hands to handle Ouyang Tao’s troublesome left hand.

Liu Xinya had no choice but to change tactics.

“Hmph, you’re powerful indeed…… Huff…… Huff……” Liu Xinya released her hold, before agilely jumping to one side purposely showing a face of exhaustion and heaved. Her eyes however sharply followed Ouyang Tao’s actions.

The first thing that Ouyang Tao, who was still enraged because his sister might be threatened, did after regaining freedom wasn’t escaping but instead retaliating with full strength —— And someone who was impulsive was the easiest to make a mistake.

The enraged Ouyang Tao forgot a very important fact, in terms of battle experience, he was not Liu Xinya’s match. The most appropriate measure now was to actually obtain his weapons from within the dimensional scrolls before attacking Liu Xinya.

Currently, Ouyang Tao was too impulsive and couldnt care about much. He only relied on brute strength and wanted to teach the bitch, who dared threaten him using his sister, a lesson using the most primitive method, his fists.

However, by doing this, he had walked directly into Liu Xinya’s trap.

Just as Ouyang Tao’s fist was about to hit her, she rapidly dodged and at the same time, used her Leviathan’s staff as a weapon and swept across, striking onto the back of Ouyang Tao’s knee, knocking him down. Taking the opportunity while he was off balance, the light blade in front of the staff swiped violently towards Ouyang Tao’s left hand.

However, the blade stopped a few centimetres before reaching Ouyang Tao’s left hand. An invisible force strongly halted it not allowing Liu Xinya to advance or retreat and following which, her magic powers started to be absorbed again.

Just what is this glove! Liu Xinya was stunned as Ouyang Tao already started to get up and swung his right fist towards Liu Xinya’s face. If it were not for her fast reaction time, she would have likely been hit.

“It’s not gentlemanly to hit a girl.” Liu Xinya acted composed and although the situation was slipping out of favour, she still did not give up.

“I’m not some gentleman anyway!” Ouyang Tao roared in rage, raising his fist and attacked again.

He now knew that he definitely cannot let go of this person. Otherwise, his sister would definitely be in danger. Therefore, he must defeat her here.

Facing the overbearing Ouyang Tao, Liu Xinya did not use a defend and retaliate strategy but chose to avoid instead.

The fist that missed swung against the wall and due to being magically enhanced, even an amateur like Ouyang Tao could cause a huge impact. If it weren’t for the Spatial Barrier of the room, the wall would have already been smashed.

Liu Xinya who had already avoided to a side laughed and taunted: “You’re quite strong. Too bad it’s too slow.”

Not only was she taunting in speech, she opened her arms wide and acted as though she doesn’t need to defend in order to try and anger Ouyang Tao further.

“Bitch! Watch it!” The fist that was swung in anger missed yet again —— There was no doubt he would miss. Liu Xinya had undergone training with a professional and Ouyang Tao’s actions were slow as a snail. It was to the extent where even before he swung, his actions had already been predicted.

After a few moves had been avoided, Ouyang Tao’s physical abilities started to suffer —— Although magic was able to strengthen one’s physical body, using it aimlessly for too long would lead to huge backlashes on the body. Once again, Liu Xinya saw an opportunity. When Ouyang Tao attacked her again, she dodged to the side and at that instant kicked her knee towards Ouyang Tao’s stomach.

This was a very heavy blow and caused Ouyang Tao to fall back a few metres. This also allowed Liu Xinya to find the trick to handling the situation: “Hmph, so it’s like that. As long as I don’t use magic, your troublesome left hand won’t be a problem.”

“I…… I don’t know what you’re talking about…… Ughh…… Blerghh……” Ouyang Tao was struggling to stand up but just as he stood up, he started to vomit —— Liu Xinya’s previous blow was accurate and vicious, just that one blow was enough to make him suffer.

“Only one move and you can’t even stand steadily? What a weak man! Heh!” After realising the trick to it, Liu Xinya started to attack again, a string of combination punches that were near unblockable landed on Ouyang Tao’s stomach and chest like raindrops, hitting till he did not have strength to retaliate.

Then, Liu Xinya’s elbows struck Ouyang Tao’s head continuously, before she gripped his head and used her knee to strike his head numerous times. Lastly, she kicked straight at Ouyang Tao’s chin.

“Ughhh…… Pshhhh…… Gaaaa……” How could an ordinary man like Ouyang Tao withstand such violent attacks. He laid on the ground, with his mouth filled with blood as he moaned in pain. His breathing was messed up and yet, his face was still full of anger.

“Yup~ That’s the expression that I like.” Liu Xinya walked towards Ouyang Tao and stepped onto his body, slapping his face. She looked down at him as he struggled to survive but was powerless. He was angry and filled with hatred and also filled with discontent. Seeing that made her satisfied as she felt that she had taken revenge, “I didn’t have a choice. Actually I don’t like to be violent but why were you so disobedient.”

“You……Ugh……” Ouyang Tao had just recovered and was just about to speak……

“What did you just say? I couldn’t hear you~” As she spoke, Liu Xinya had violently stamped on his stomach, before retrieving a folded scimitar from her boots, “Sorry, your hand is to interesting. Can I have it as a souvenir?”

The blade revealed a sharp glint and Ouyang Tao was still immobilized……

Liu Xinya laughed coldly as she raised the blade swinging it down. However, she only heard a “dang” sound……

“What?!?!” Liu Xinya blade landed accurately on Ouyang Tao’s forearm, but there came the sound of a metal hitting another metal —— Ouyang Tao’s entire arm had already turned metallic silver.

This was something Ouyang Tao had learnt from Edward —— Edward was able to use his fire element in him to draw a red light that could strike anywhere or even form into a weapon to attack. Ouyang Tao was able to learn this from Edward and draw on the metallic element from within in order to strengthen his defence.

At this time, it was finally his real chance to retaliate, Ouyang Tao right hand grabbed strongly onto one of Liu Xinya’s feet and pulled her onto the ground and his left hand that had fully turned into metal raised high up.

“Hmph! I’ve caught you! Haaaaaaaaaa —— !”

“Drats!” Liu Xinya wanted to defend but the strong metal punch of the raging youth could not be blocked. She determined that she would most likely be unable to withstand this blow.

With a boom sound, the sealed world started to tremble.

“Huff…… That was close……” Liu Xinya was now half a metre away from where the punch landed and was panting due to panic. In the time of danger, she managed to rely on time space distortion magic to escape danger —— However, this type of emergency magic consumed another large part of her magic powers.

Looking at Ouyang Tao who was now fully metallic —— This was not something flesh and blood could handle. Liu Xinya knew that her chance was gone.

More importantly, just before this, she saw something that caused her to fear —— She saw that behind Ouyang Tao, there seemed to be a gigantic figure that was in the shape of a devil.

“Hmph, remember this!” Even if Liu Xinya was extremely unsatisfied, she could no longer stay now. As she spoke some threatening words, she threw out an object.

“Don’t try to escape!” Just as Ouyang Tao was trying to pursue, a bright light caught his eye causing him to feel dizzy and lose his sense of sight at the same time. When he finally recovered, the spatial barrier around the room was removed and Liu Xinya was now missing.

After this vicious battle, at least Ouyang Tao managed to survive.

However, he did not even dared to breathe another breath because even if he was temporarily safe, the situation has still not concluded yet. He immediately grabbed his communication crystal: “Zhao Yuecheng, immediately bring my sister and everyone back!”

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