MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 18.5

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Interval 6

A few hours before Ouyang Tao was confronting Liu Xinya in the hotel room, Monica and Chen Feng had finished their missions and returned to school. On the way back, they met Lu Yun.

“Yo, Professor Lu, Good evening.” Monica went forward and greeted Lu Yun. Chen Feng who was beside Monica also nodded in acknowledgement.

“Ahh, you guys are back. Just nice, we can skip the mission report. Just tell me the results.” Professor Lu was a man who seeked efficiency and would not bother with the formalities. He always minimised such things whenever possible. “Are there any abnormalities with the Lula Mining area near the border?”

“No, no problem at all. The mining area was only recently opened and the mining veins have not even been found yet.”

“Ohh… Thanks for the trouble.” Lu Yun said and took out two blue coloured metal five pointed stars and gave them to Monica and Chen Feng respectively: “This are your school points.”

Monica weighed the five pointed star in her hand a couple of times and laughed bitterly: “Professor Lu, you’re too kind. I really don’t think that this small mission is a B ranked mission.”

“This mission was graded based on the initial danger assessment, it doesn’t really matter.” Within Augustus Academy, the school points are represented by different coloured metallic five pointed stars, the darker the colour, the more dangerous the mission and the higher the points.

When the mission was accomplished, students would obtain the metallic five pointed star. This not only gave them their School points, it was also their proof when they went to claim their respective rewards.

“Since Professor Lu is so kind, I shall accept it.” Monica said, putting the metallic star into her pocket and asked conveniently: “Oh yeah, how is my little junior doing?”

“I had sent him on a simple mission.”

“What!? Professor Lu, aren’t you perhaps too anxious. If I did not recall wrongly, that kid does not even have a battle group.”

After all, the deadline for the submission of the namelist for the battle group was mid term. Only after that would the battle group function as a unit and start to do missions and be graded. Now, the problem of the formation of the group had only barely started and Lu Yun had actually already sent Ouyang Tao on a mission.

Lu Yun did not evade this matter but instead honestly explained: “No, a few days after you two left, he had already formed a most basic battle group. I felt that he lacked experience compared to other Mechanical Engineering students and therefore the clumsy birds must start flying earlier.”

“Ha, I don’t think that kid is a ‘clumsy bird’, but forget it, you’re his teacher, it’s what you says that counts.” Monica laughed, “So, who is in that kids group?”

“Hehe, even I found the members unbelievable. Spirit Department’s Zhao Yuehan and her twin brother from the Nature department Zhao Yuecheng are among them.” These two were completely beyond Lu Yun’s expectation. Especially Zhao Yuehan who, in order to join Ouyang Tao’s team, had specially requested to transfer to become a first year.

“Oh, then the battle prowess is assured.” Although Monica was surprised, her confidence for the team rose immediately and Chen Feng also nodded in agreement.

“Also, I had let Tia be the mentor for the group. You should be assured by that right?”

“Surely. If that missy is indeed the mentor…”

Hearing this, Monica was assured, this composition of this team could be considered an elite force.

“Furthermore, Rem is also involved in this mission, providing external assistance.”

“Eh?” Hearing this, Monica frowned and Chen Feng who was to her side had a similarly ominous expression, “Which Rem? It can’t be a person with the same name and surname right?”

Seeing Monica’s reaction, Lu Yun was confused: “No, it’s the one from the Magician’s Army. What’s wrong?”

“IMPOSSIBLE!” Monica firmly rejected the view: “That Rem had already died in battle three months ago!”

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      • Random Light Novel Reader says:

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        Question is, is he;
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