MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 15.5

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Interval 5

If we say that Zhao Yuehan’s most unique feature was her emotionless poker face and her lack of words, her twin brother Zhao Yuecheng would be a contrary existence.

Zhao Yuecheng always kept an obvious smile on his face and compared to Zhao Yuehan who had never spoke a single long sentence, Zhao Yuecheng speaks like a normal human being and his conversation skills are unique and it seems like he is a lively kid that loves to joke.

However what was really creepy was the fact that Zhao Yuecheng’s smile never changes. No matter what he said or did, he maintained the same smile. In fact, in some ways, he was not fundamentally different from his sister and was actually even scarier.

“Okay…… Okay…… I’ve got it. I will convey properly.” Zhao Yuehan whispered into her brother’s ears and Zhao Yuecheng nodded continuously before turning to Ouyang Tao and said: “Sis said that these six scrolls are all made by the same person.”

“The same person?” This was more shocking than when he found out that Annie’s scrolls were destroyed and unusable. Then does this mean that all six scrolls were made by Annie? “Are you sure?”

To this, Zhao Yuecheng replied extremely confidently: “Of course, the Grade C records in the library contain the Pharmaceutical Formulations, Medicines, and Scroll Samples of each Pharmacist. It can be said that Sis well aware of each students’ craftsmanship within the Medicine Department.”

“Ohhh……” Ouyang Tao is gaining more and more admiration of Zhao Yuehan. Not only is she pretty, she’s strong, good at cooking and a living knowledge bank. If her personality was a little softer, she would definitely become the idol everyone chases —— Alright, now is not the time for all this.

Zhao Yuecheng continued saying: “Scrolls are a very delicate craftwork but it’s not like any damage to it is fatal. To remodel scrolls require a certain set of knowledge and skills. Sis thinks that only a student who majors in Medicine is able to do it.”

A student who majors medicine, one who was well-versed with scrolls, and was on good terms with Annie —— In Ouyang Tao’s mind only one person satisfies all these conditions but he felt that it was not to possible.

To be cautious, Ouyang Tao asked: “Right, then how are the three modified scrolls different from normal ones?”

“Once opened and stored, it requires magic from the modifier to open it again.” Zhao Yuehan answered.

Which means to say, to open the scroll the second time, using Ouyang Tao’s magic would not work. Was this the modification of Magic Conservation?

“Then what is the danger?”

“Magic Input rejected, unable to open.”

Ouyang Tao finally understood this means to say that without the agreement of the one who modified it, the modified Dimensional Scrolls could not be opened!

Then wasn’t this a huge trap! However, Ouyang Tao still could not believe that the Dignified and Elegant young lady would do such a thing.

“Senior, then, I want to ask you, do you know Liu Xinya from the Medicines Department well?”

“Ha, Sis already knew you would ask this question.” Zhao Yuecheng took out a photocopy of an archive and passed it to Ouyang Tao.

The contents of the archive were normal and uninteresting. However, as he read on, Ouyang Tao suddenly discovered an interesting line: “What? Suspected of Plagiarism? Suspended for a year?”

“Yes, and what she plagiarised was her good friend, Annie’s Pharmaceutical Formulations. If not for Annie defending her with all her might, she would have been expelled. “Zhao Yuecheng folded his arms and asked Ouyang Tao while maintaining the same smile: “Bro, what do you think?”

What Ouyang Tao thought was undoubtedly a proverb —— Never judge a book by its cover.

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