MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 I tried my best but there really is no other way

It had all already seemed unsalvageable. Ouyang Tao was fully under Liu Xinya’s control, unable to fight back and completely under her command.

He obediently climbed slowly towards Liu Xinya, as though he had really turned from a human to a pet.

Just when he was less than half a metre away from Liu Xinya, Ouyang Tao suddenly pounced ferociously at her. Liu Xinya could not react in time, She was certain that Ouyang Tao had already been under her complete control and never expected that he could retaliate at such a time. Liu Xinya was forced to the ground by him in an instant.

Without waiting for her reaction, Ouyang Tao pressed his left elbow, the hand which was wearing his Silver Coloured Metal Gloves, against her throat and at the same time, his right hand was suddenly equipped with a large caliber pistol. He pointed it towards Liu Xinya’s forehead and pressed his right knee on her stomach, constricting her.

“Don’t move!” Ouyang Tao raised his voice.

“You! Why……” Shocked and enraged, Liu Xinya stared widely but quickly, her gaze slowly turned gentle “Heh, looks like I belittled you. You’re the first man that is able to take the initiative and push me to the ground.”

Liu Xinya looked like she had no sense of nervousness or fear, causing Ouyang Tao to feel puzzled and raised his cautiousness, he asked in a stern voice: “Tell me! Who exactly are you! What is your motive!”

“Is that important?” However, Liu Xinya did not look like she had any intention of answering: “At this time, this moment, at this place, this scene, don’t you think, between the two of use, we can do something more interesting?”

Just as Liu Xinya had said, speaking only in terms of their postures, it simply looked as though Ouyang Tao was prepared to “attack” Liu Xinya. If some outsiders were to see this, it would definitely be worrisome —— However, now was not the time to worry about such things.

“Stop your tricks! You petty techniques won’t work against me!” Although Ouyang Tao said that, he knew fully well that the situation previously was a narrow escape. He was almost completely controlled by Liu Xinya. However, in the times of crisis, a mysterious energy allowed him to regain consciousness.

“Ehhh…… I had originally wanted to give you a small reward. Such an unromantic gentleman.” When she finished, a cold sharp gaze suddenly flashed past her.

After which, Liu Xinya raised her right leg and kicked the back of Ouyang Tao’s head, the strong collision from the sudden retaliation caused the inexperienced Ouyang Tao to expose a weakness. Then, a headbutt followed which nearly knocked him unconscious.

Before waiting for Ouyang Tao to recover, he received another kick which violently knocked him away and knocked the pistol from his hands.

“Next time, remember to point the ‘gun’ at me.” Liu Xinya picked up the dropped pistol and turned it into scrap metal using her bare hands.

“Damn……” This was not an opponent he could handle. After recovering from the blows, Ouyang Tao’s first instinct was to escape. However, the door could not be opened “What happened?!”

Then, Liu Xinya started laughing: “Hahaha…… From the moment you closed the door, the room has already been sealed by my Spatial Barrier.”


“Simply put, the time in here compared to the outside is stopped. Even if you requested for extra support, there is no chance anyone can help you because within this space there’s only you and me.”

As she spoke, Liu Xinya’s entire body was shrouded in a dark purplish light before it formed a weird leather armour on her body. At the same time, a snake-shaped long handled staff appeared in her hand and the head of the staff was the shape of a snake’s head. Within the mouth of the snake was a magical orb that was shining in a similar purple light.

Liu Xinya slowly walked forward towards Ouyang Tao: “Come, don’t be afraid, come pounce towards me. Let’s see whether you can push me down again.”

“Finally revealed your true colours eh……” Ouyang Tao could feel the major difference between their magical powers. Furthermore, he did not have any materials in his hand, therefore was unable to put up any retaliation.

Every step Liu Xinya took forward, Ouyang Tao took two back. Very quickly, he was forced to the corner. In such dire straits, he could not think of any way where he would be able to reverse the situation.

However, Liu Xinya stopped walking and did not proceed any further: “Truthfully speaking, you’re the first guy that is able to resist my charm to such an extent. Therefore, I can give you a reasonable condition.”

“What do you want?” Ouyang Tao regretted, if he had known, he would have prepared some materials to prepare for this crisis. It was clear that his experience was lacking.

Now, the bag containing the Dimensional Scroll was only five to six metres away. However…..

Liu Xinya accurately found out Ouyang Tao’s intention as she pointed her staff forward, lightly jabbing Ouyang Tao’s chest: “You’re already in such dire straits and yet you still won’t give up? So disobedient. However, you’ve made me even more interested in you.”

Damn, why can’t I use other types of magic! This was the first time Ouyang Tao was troubled with this problem. Without materials, there was nothing he could do. He was no different from a normal person.

However, he could not just do nothing and await his death. He forcefully tried to rush towards his backpack but just as his leg started to move, his body was immediately restrained by a magical force, immobilizing him onto the wall.

“Hehe, don’t look down on the staff in my hands and compare it with the poor quality replica of Lucifer’s Crown that you previously encountered. The likeness of this Leviathan’s staff is almost sixty percent of the original.”

Leviathan, the sole female among the demon kings of the seven original sins. She holds the power of the original sin of jealousy —— Thinking back, since the first time Ouyang Tao interacted with Liu Xinya, Zhao Yuehan has already warned him.

Looking at how Liu Xinya acted, she was highly proficient in controlling the Leviathan’s staff she held in her hands. She did not have any of the side effects that Edward had, and the magic power emitted from the staff was much stronger than the from the fake Lucifer’s Crown that he previously encountered.

“Leviathan’s staff…… Could you be…… Ugh……” Not only was Ouyang Tao immobilised, he also seemed to be choked by an invisible hand. He seemed to have difficulty in speaking and breathing.

“I had originally wanted you siblings to enjoy some time with each other before turning you two into my chess pieces in Augustus. However…… Honestly speaking, do you really not have any lust for your sister whom you share no blood relationship with?”

“Shut up! You…… Ugh……” This fellow! Ouyang Tao’s could not calm his rage but he could not even complete one sentence of what he wanted to say.

“Maintain your gentlemanliness and don’t say anything without class.” Liu Xinya moved her finger gently around Ouyang Tao’s body and at the same time activated her purple magic again, trying to breakdown Ouyang Tao’s will yet again. “I can give you something special as long as you obediently stop resisting. I will improve you from a pet to a servant and give you some benefits. How about it?”

However, this time, Ouyang Tao was completely unaffected by her: “Dream On!”

“Hmph, looks like you want to do it the hard way!” Seeing that her magic was ineffective, Liu Xinya laughed coldly and the decanter on the coffee table flew to her hands: “The time is just right.”

Liu Xinya forcefully opened Ouyang Tao’s mouth and poured all the magical potion in.

Uncertain whether it was the antidote that he consumed earlier or some other reason, the magical potion did not have any effect on him.

“What other tricks do you have?” Ouyang Tao gritted his teeth as he spoke, determinedly revealing an unaffected expression. Just like during his battle with Tia earlier, he did not want to lose in terms of momentum.

“You make me lose a bit of patience.” Liu Xinya frowned and shook her head disappointingly. “Eh, I had originally wanted to keep you alive, but now, it looks like I have no choice but to use some more forceful methods now.”

“You want to…… Ugh……” Within Liu Xinya’s eyes, the dark purplish light shot straight into Ouyang Tao’s. Ouyang Tao only felt that the light was trying to suck his soul away from his body.”

That was indeed what was happening as Liu Xinya was now determined to turn Ouyang Tao into a zombie: “Since you refuse to cooperate with me obediently, I can only suck out your soul. I’m really curious as to how you soul is going to resist my beauty.”

This time, it looks like Ouyang Tao was doomed……

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