Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Side Story 19

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S19 Julius

Hyrinth-san has returned.
It was yesterday that I heard about it.
Although I can’t stand doing nothing, everything have this thing called the order.
It took time for me to be able to meet with Hyrinth-san.
I couldn’t calm down yesterday.

And, finally, the meeting with Hyrinth-san comes true today.
I was waiting impatiently for Hyrinth-san to enter the room where the meeting was held.

「It seems like I kept you waiting」

Hyrinth-san who entered the room.
He looks a little thinner than his tough appearance in my memory.

「Shun, I’m sorry!」

Hyrinth-san put his head on the ground and prostrate suddenly.
A trivial thought comes into my mind for an instant that there’s prostrating in this world.

「The truth is Julius shouldn’t be the one who died. The one who survived should not be me but Julius」
「What do you mean?」

I manage to say it while my mouth almost dries.

「What’s this?」

It was a red feather which became tattered that Hyrinth-san held out.

「That’s the phoenix feather. It’s the item that temporarily gives the user the immortality effect」 (TL note: I thought it was a phoenix down)
「What’s wrong with this?」
「Normally, this was supposed to be held by Julius who’s the Hero. But, he said that I as the shield should hold it and he pushed it to me」
「Ah. I survived thanks to that item. But, it has already lost its effect now. The one who survived shouldn’t be me but Julius」

Hyrinth-san puts his head on the ground as if he’s confessing and he continues to prostrate.

「Hyrinth-san, please raise your head. There’s no need to lower your head」
「No, I…」
「Hyrinth-san, I’m sure that Julius-niisama forcibly gave it to you, right? Saying something like 『It’s all right because I won’t die』」
「Haha. As expected of brothers. It’s correct」

Hyrinth-san raise his head while smiling wryly.

「『I won’t die, but the death probability of Hyrinth is high because you’re the shield, right? Then, Hyrinth should hold it rather than me』. Now matter how many times I try to reject, he will say that and won’t accept it」

My mouth loosens to Hyrinth-san’s mimicry that’s not similar.
I tighten it and ask the thing that I must ask by all means.

「Hyrinth-san, please tell me about Nii-sama’s last moment」
「I understand」

Hyrinth-san stands up.
Hyrinth-san and I sit down facing each other.

「Rather than telling, it’s faster to see it」

Hyrinth-san says so and takes out a crystal-like stone.

「What’s this?」
「This is an item that has the special ability called Past Vision. It’s a valuable item that even skill can’t reproduce at present」

Hyrinth-san puts his hand on the crystal.

「Please put your hand on top of mine」

I put my hand according to what Hyrinth-san said.

「Close your eyes. Let’s go」

At the moment I closed my eyes, an image rises on the back of my eyelids.
Not only image but I can even sense the sound and smell.
It was a battlefield.
The innumerable Demons who seemed to be the figure of the soldiers.
Corpses everywhere.
The front of the image is Julius-niisama’s back figure.
The white girl who steps up slowly.
Julius-niisama has an impatient atmosphere that I have not seen it before.
Julius-niisama who moves forward to protect his comrades.
And, the next moment, Julius-niisama’s body became dust and disappeared.
The image stopped there.

「What’s that?」
「That was Julius’s last moment」

Can such a thing happen?
Julius-niisama is the Humans’ strongest Hero.
And, that Nii-sama became dust instantly without any resistance being permitted.
Even though I think like that, Hyrinth-san says that it’s Julius-niisama’s last moment.

「I also don’t understand what happened. After that, I was surrounded by Demons when I realized it. From there, I manage to withdraw, draw out my memory and I finally realized that Julius had died」
「What’s that?」

That white girl.
That killed Julius-niisama.

「I don’t know. That Demon’s identity is not known. However, if it’s the attack that killed Julius, I can guess it to some extent」
「What is it!?」
「Corrosion Attack」
「Ah. It’s said that some monsters have it. The attribute that controls death. When a person fails in resisting the attack, it’s said that the body will become dust. Julius was also the same. And, only the body becomes dust. The things worn doesn’t change」

Hyrinth-san takes it out.

「This is the thing that Nii-sama always wear」
「Ah. It seems that Julius never told you about it. This is the final present that your mother handed to Julius before dying」

Hyrinth-san hand it over to me.
The pure white muffler.

「Sorry. It was the only thing that I can bring back」
「It’s okay. Thank you」

It was my limit to say until there.
My view is blurred.

I remember the time when I met Nii-sama for the first time.
That’s the time when I was still a baby.
Nii-sama came over to the nursery with the attendants.
Nii-sama looked at Sue and me, and shed tears.
That was the only time that I saw Nii-sama’s tears.

Nii-sama patted our head while saying something and left.
I at that time still don’t understand the language of this world.
Therefore, I don’t understand what Nii-sama said at that time.
I still don’t understand.
But, I think that Nii-sama made up his mind at that time.

Afterwards, I knew the death of our mother on the day before.
To be honest, even if it’s said that this muffler is made by Mother, I can’t react on it.
Because I never met with Mother.
But, Nii-sama is different.
For Nii-sama, Mother might have been an irreplaceable important person.
Losing his beloved mother when he’s young, and he must fight as the Hero.
In that pain, I wonder what kind of determination that Nii-sama made.

「Nice to meet you. I’m your Onii-san, Julius. Even if I look like this, I’m the Hero」

I still remember Nii-sama’s smile when I met him the second time after I was able to understand what happened.
I was surprised that he who looked like a child at the lower grades of elementary school had a calm smile.
I was made to think that it’s impossible for me to smile like that even though I should be more older if I add with my previous life.
It was a smile that has something deep dwelled in it.

「Shurein is smart. You might be a good statesman in the future」
「Sue. It’s not good to be spoiled」
「Shurein also has the Sword Talent. How about coming with me in the future? Ah, Sue, don’t scowl at me so much. I understand. At that time, Sue also come along, okay?」
「Shurein. I heard that you got a girlfriend. Moreover, you are calling each other by nicknames. Can I also call you as Shun from now on?」
「Shun. I know that Sue is cute, but it’s bad to keep spoiling her, you know?」
「Shun, Father is gentle. However, before he’s a father, he’s a king. He is fulfilling his responsibilities as a king who supports this country. Can you understand it?」
「Shun, you can rely on Leston if anything happens. He’s always in the royal castle. And, he’s the most free in our family, so he will help you immediately」
「Brother is really Brother. Although I lose sight of myself now, the feelings to this country are the same as me. Therefore, there’s no need to worry.」
「Hyrinth, I think that you should marry and succeed your house because you are almost reaching a good age. And yet, there’s no such talk at all. I’m getting a little worried, you know? Me? Even if I get married, I can’t give anything to my spouse. Marriage that will only bring sorrow shouldn’t be done」
「Fufu. Because I have the Evasion skill, don’t think that such snow ball can hit me! Wabu! Hey, Sue, that’s cheating! Ouch! Sue! That’s not snow! Because the stone is pain, it’s not good!」
「Hero is the hope of the Humans. That’s why, I can’t lose. Absolutely」

Memories with Julius-niisama overflow.
Nii-sama always smiled.
A smile that has deep gentleness that lets the person feel relieved.

Inside me, the Hero is Nii-sama.
Can I even inherit that Nii-sama?
I don’t have the confidence.
But, I don’t want to let the thing which Nii-sama aimed to end because there’s no confidence in me.

「It’s fine even if it’s a dream. It’s fine even if it’s laughed that it’s a nonsense that can’t be achieved. But, I’m sure that it’s fine to aim at it. A world where everyone can laugh and live peacefully. I will continue to chase that ideal until I die」

I also think that it’s naive.
But, it’s not as much as Nii-sama.
But still, I want to inherit that naive ideal.

「Shun. No, Hero Shurein」

Hyrinth-san talks in a formal voice.

「I was not able to protect Julius. I disqualified as a shield. If such miserable me is fine, please let me work as the shield of the New Hero」
「Let me protect you as much as I was not able to protect Julius」
「Hyrinth-san. I should be one who say it. Please help me from now on」

Hyrinth-san and I shook hands firmly.


[So, does it seems that the action as the Hero is still early to begin?]
[Ah. It will still take time for the church to support the New Saint, so I think that it’s after everything is prepared]
[I see]
[Sue. I know you understand this, but once I start my action as the Hero, we can’t be together like before]
[As expected. I thought that Nii-sama will say so]
[There’s no need to apologize. I’m no longer a child]
[Un. I know that Sue is very strong among the adults. But, I don’t want to take you along after all. I don’t want to get Sue involved in dangerous things]
[I understand it]
[This is my selfishness. Sorry]
[There’s no need to apologize]
[I understand. Sue, you can do anything you like until you graduate. Because you will be safe if you are in the academy.]
[You are right]
[Even if I start acting as the Hero, I will make sure to show my face as much as possible like Julius-niisama]
[Nii-sama, will you avenge Julius-niisama?]
[… I don’t know. I think that it’s unworthy to act as the Hero to move for personal grudge. But, I still can’t forgive it. I also don’t know what I should do]
[It’s all right. There’s no need to worry about it]
[You will understand soon]
[I see. I understand. I won’t try to think about such thing as much as possible for now]
[Then, I will hang up any time now. Good night]
[Yes. Good-bye, Nii-sama]




「Oka-san. It became bad」
「The situation?」
「It’s the worst. Oka-san, I’m sorry to say this because you just returned, but prepare to take Shun out of this country immediately」
「Did something happened?」
「My subordinate betrayed me」
「Our movements leaked out. Sorry. It’s my mistake」
「What’s the prediction of what happens after this?」
「If that’s possible, I won’t have a hard time. But, my unit received an assault. It’s certain that there’s something」
「Let’s hurry」


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