Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 120

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120 Administrator

[I removed the scales!]
Well done.
{I will praise you}
〈Well, passing mark, I guess〉
[Why are you guys such self-important?]

Body-in-charge has finally finished peeling off the scales.
I can finally eat the Fire Dragon.
Now, I wonder how’s the taste of the Fire Dragon.

There’s reaction in my Space Perception.
Distortion of space?
Although it’s my first experience, I understand it somehow.
This is Transfer.
Something is going to teleport towards here.

I can’t interfere it.
In the first place, with my “Space Magic” level, I can never be able to interfere the person’s teleport who can manipulate such advanced space.
The guy who’s trying to teleport himself here is good at handling the “Space Magic” according to the distortion of space that I perceived.
That guy is far higher than me if only in “Space Magic”.

And, the biggest problem is the opponent uses magic.
In other words, it has the wisdom to use magic.

Up until now, there was no monster that used magic.
The Fire Dragon that was defeated is inexperienced even if it has the skill.
After all, the Fire Dragon didn’t activate magic at all.

If you say it’s natural, it’s natural.
There’s a troublesome action to construct the magic in order to use it.
It’s necessary to have the wisdom to do it.
In case of the Fire Dragon, it was much more effective to make a fireball rather than constructing a magic.
Although there might be a species that can use magic in the monsters, there are simple skills that are stronger than magic.

But, the guy who’s trying to teleport now can handle the construction of the complicated magic.
That means that guy has a firm intention and tries to come here.
What for?
There’s only me here.
If that’s the case, I think that the aim must be me.
Such carefree thing like transferring to this place accidentally is unthinkable.

I conclude it like that with “Thought Acceleration”.
I put myself on guard.

The space splits and a man appears.

It’s a black man.
There’s nothing more to express about him, but black.

The slim armor that looks like it combined with the body.
The skin of the face that’s the only skin that can be seen is also dark.
The hair is also black.
However, the eyes are strangely red.

I realize it at the moment I saw the man’s figure.
I can’t win.
It’s a different level.
And, the thing that proves it.

『Impossible to appraise』

Those words.

But, there’s no sense of danger somehow.
On the contrary, a sense of intimacy rises in the man somehow.
And a somewhat irritating strange sense.
This should be the first meeting with the black man.
When such a strange existence appears suddenly, I shouldn’t have such feelings if it’s me.
What are these feelings?


The man says something.
But, it’s a language that I don’t know.
I tilt my head to the side unintentionally.


The man says something again.
No, please speak in Japanese.
Otherwise, I won’t understand.
I can’t speak different world language. (TL note: アイキャントスピークイセカイゴ. Just putting it here)

The man frowns.

For the time being, it seems that this man has no intention to oppose me right now.
But, what should I do?
To be frank, I can’t understand the man’s speech, and even if I can understand it, I can’t talk.
Although it might be possible to communicate in writing, I can only write Japanese.
Either way, mutual understanding is impossible.

I’m troubled.
It seems that the man is also perplexed somehow.

Something fell between the man and me in the atmosphere that’s not possible to say anything.

It was a smartphone.

No no.
I don’t even know why is there a smartphone, but in the first place, how did it appear in front of me?
This appeared suddenly without getting caught by my Detection, you know?

『Hello. This is Administrator D』

A voice was suddenly heard from the smartphone.
Moreover, it’s double.
One is Japanese, and the other one is a language that I never heard before.
Ah, no, is it the language that the man spoke a while ago?


Ah, the man is saying something with the feeling of surprise.
That means, the other language is this world’s language that the one that the man spoke.

『Yes. I’m D. Kumo-san, please wait for a moment』

Ah, yes.
I wait because I was told to wait for a moment.
The voice of the smartphone is speaking to the man in the different world language.

The voice of the smartphone is a woman’s voice.
Although it’s a wonderful sweet voice, I become extremely uneasy when hearing it.
It’s such a voice.
It’s also scary that there’s no feeling in the flat tone at all.
What’s this?

The man’s expression changes whenever the talk advances.
Although it’s not an exaggerated change, the middle of his forehead wrinkled and opens his eyes wide lightly.

And then, the man lets out a grand sigh and turns around suddenly.
And, he teleport himself with “Space Magic” just like that.

Only me and the mysterious smartphone remained.

『I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Because I have talked to him, he won’t get involved with you by himself in the future』

Ah, is that so?
Rather than that, who are you?

『I’m D』

Ah, yes.
Wait a minute!?
Did you read my mind just now!?

『Yes. I read it』

It’s a violation of privacy!

『Because you can’t talk, it’s a temporary measure. Usually, I won’t read until the mind』

Until the mind… That means my actions were observed?

『I don’t prefer calling it as observing. Spectating is more fitting』

It’s all the same.
In short, you are a stalker.

『That’s right. Because I won’t get tired looking at you』

D, I remembered it.
It’s the name that I heard when I acquired “Wisdom”.

『Yes. That’s a reward to you who’s working hard. I’m glad that you are using it effectively』

What is your purpose?

『It’s just an entertainment』


『It’s just an entertainment. There are no any further meaning and purpose』

Are you serious?

『Yes. After all, I’m the world’s worst Evil God』

… This person is not good.
Seriously dangerous.
It was not an imagination that my body trembled just by hearing the talk since a while ago.
This person is a genuine Evil God.
She only feels that my life is an entertainment to be used until the end.

『Although you said it in a terrible way, it’s not wrong』

Was this world made for your entertainment?

『That’s wrong. If I’m seen from the world, I’m an outsider』

What do you mean?

『I won’t tell you any further. If I tell you, it will become uninteresting』

Making me as a toy.

『Yes. Therefore, struggle to the utmost from now on and entertain me. There might be an answer that you are seeking for over there』

Saying such thing as you please.

『See you later

The smartphone disappears.
Without feeling any change of space.


That was the meeting with the Administrator D and the Administrator called Kuro.


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  1. lesstea says:

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