Invincible Saint – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Promotion to Healer apprentice

Translator: Tseirp


As expected of a spell book, the basis of magic has been described in great detail.


To summarize the main points.

Step 1:

In order to use magic one must first sense the magical power within the body. It was emphasized strongly that if you can’t do that, you need to doubt your own magic talent.


Step 2:

Once you succeed in sensing the magical power within your body, you would then be able to mobilize it. In other words, it seems that one needs to learn how to manipulate magical power.

Although initially one can only move the magical power within the body, because some people will wastefully consume the magical power just by doing so, one needs to persevere and work hard. Additionally it’s written that many people stumble during magical power manipulation, so work hard to overcome that barrier.

It’s also written at the back that skilled magicians can expend just a fifth of magical power to cast the same magic as a rookie magician. Therefore it is described that one should continue the foundational training of magic for life.

This was enough to convince me because I believe that I would be able to use more effective magic if the loss of magical power is reduced.


Step 3:

After one memorize how to sense and manipulate the magical power within the body, you can then interfere with the magical power outside your body and this seems to be called 「Magic Control 」.

If you can do this then you would be able to cast magic. But 「Magic Control 」also has levels. If you are not as skillful in 「Magic Control 」compared to your opponent, your opponent would be able to manipulate your magic casting, resulting in catastrophic consequences.


Step 4:

It’s written to try chanting level 1 magic for the magic one has aptitude in.

When you chant, the magical power will escape from your body. If your are successful then skill level will increase.

If you cannot remember the chant despite trying many times, then you should return to the first step and start over.

If you still fail to succeed after doing that then you should give up because you don’t have any talent. The polite descriptions up until now unexpectedly changes into something demeaning.


“What were they thinking to say such a harsh thing to a kid who failed? The most important practice method written is to persevere! But this sentence that tells people to give up is definitely weird!!”

In order to calm the irritation in my heart, I began flipping the pages and found some points necessary for magic.


  • Magic not only involves chanting, but also involves picturing an image of how you intend to use the magical power and offering the magical power to the Galdardia’s Chief God, resulting in the phenomenon called magic.
  • By inserting magical power into a clear image, you can improve the 「Magic Control 」on the interfering magical power outside your body, increasing your understanding of magic and make it more likely that 「Chant shortening」and 「Chant termination」can happen.


“Spell book seems pretty religious. Well I should give it a try for once.”

I concentrate my consciousness by taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling.

“Suu~ Haa~ Okay. 【O Lord I offer my magical power to recover this person, Heal】.”


I imagine the image of the recovering wounds instead of just recovery power as I chant the magic. But nothing happened … No, I have a feeling that something was emitted out of me. However the magic wasn’t cast successfully.

“Well I’m just an ordinary man that is neither a genius nor have cheat abilities.”


I try to confirm my status while I make an excuse for myself because I do not know the effect of the magic casting just now. Executing 「Appraisal」pops up a window that shows ‘Holy magic 0 (5/1000)’.

“Good. It seems like I am on the right track.”


This time I try to chant without the mental image. When I did that my proficiency only increased by 1.

“It seems like there is no doubt that the mental image is important.”


Since the MP displayed on my status screen decreased by 10, the MP consumption for a single「Heal」is 5.

With this I recognize that I can cast「Heal」 10 times so I chant 10「Heal」 while holding a firm mental image.

After casting 10 times my MP recovered by 1. With only 1 MP remaining I experience the feeling of magic depletion. I felt dizzy with a terrible headache and could not stand up for about 10 minutes.


Even after being capable of standing up, I still felt terrible and collapsed on the bed. After a while when my mental state has calmed down, I check my status and realize that my MP recovered to 5.


“It would be bad to continue like this. It takes up too much time … If the spell book is to be trusted, it would be good to improve on my magic manipulation and magic control to reduce the downtime from this unpleasant feeling. In addition, once I become more familiar with that I should consume less MP.


After running a simulation I begin putting it into practice.


“If I increase my magic manipulation and magic control, it seems like the required MP decreases as well so I will do my best.”


And so I strived to sense the magical power while meditating, practiced manipulating the magical power and tried to find ways to quickly recover MP by trial and error.


I wholeheartedly ponder about magic and magical power while feeling lightheaded from the verge of magic depletion. At that moment I heard three knocks.

“Please enter.”

I somehow squeezed out my voice.

“Oh you are having a break? Eh, your face looks pale, are you alright?”

The previous receptionist came over to deliver my meal but she seems worried due to my complexion.


“Yes I’m fine. By the way I am sorry for not introducing myself just now. I am Luciel. Currently I’m experiencing magic depletion so there is no need to worry. Thank you very much for preparing my meal.”


“Fufufu. That’s splendid even though you are still so young. My name is Krull. After you are done with your meal you can just leave the dishes outside the room. Also it is prohibited to do something unreasonable. It would be disastrous if a healer collapsed in the Healer’s Guild.”


“Hahah. I will keep that in mind. However I have a feeling that I am getting a hang of it so I will continue like this for now.”


“Well if you can talk then you should be fine. Do remember to sleep to restore your magical power.”


“Understood. Krull-san”

I tried saluting her. Krull-san chuckled as she left the room.


I continue chanting after finishing my dinner. After achieving magic depletion state for the second time today, I felt terrible and ended today’s magical training to go to sleep.


I have no idea how long I was asleep for. Staring at the unfamiliar ceiling as I woke up, I fell disheartened when I confirm the fact that I really did get reincarnated. But using the adaptable spirit cultivated by working in my previous life, I quickly switched feelings.

“Now I’m living a second life. If I work hard I can increase my standard of living compared to my previous life. Work hard, me.”


By firing myself up this way, I attempt to read the spell book and I realize that the room is bright.


“Come to think of it, is the constant brightness maintained by electricity? Or is it magical power or magic stones? I’ll try to ask them next time.”


While muttering so, I resume my thorough magic training until breakfast arrives.


Breakfast did not arrive even though I have depleted my magical power from chanting.


For some reason, Luciel’s concentration was growing.

When he sense the magical power within this narrow space, somehow he could clearly feel it.

When he used 「Appraisal」earlier he found that various fields have increased.


“It is very rewarding when there is a clear objective. In addition, progress can be seen which gives a sense of achievement.”

I experience growing motivation as my efforts are tied to the results in an environment that reduces the distance towards the goal the harder one works.


Rather than not knowing when it will rise, people will work harder when there is an objective to work towards. It’s just like how it was for work in my previous life.

In addition I made new discoveries. For example when meditation was selected, Meditation → Meditation, Concentration, Magic Recovery options were listed.

Since I am at it I decided to try to increase my proficiency for as many things as possible.

What if I frantically move my body while thinking in parallel? I got a shock when doing so for 1 whole day only increased my proficiency by 1 and decided to give up on this.


I continue to work hard despite the failures.


“I’m an ordinary person. I’m not a great protagonist from a story. Well in this environment where my efforts are rewarded my mind will not break.”


And so by the fourth meal around the time morning of the third day arrived, I could finally cast 「Heal」.

However, I want to maintain this excellent environment so I decide to stay here for a bit longer.


By keeping an eye on my 「Appraisal skill」, I successfully master the 「Meditation」, 「Concentration」 and 「Magic Recovery」 skills. After turtling up in this room for 1 whole week I finally exit.


I walk towards the reception counter but Krull-san wasn’t there.

“Excuse me. I was training Holy magic within that room and am finally capable of using Holy magic.”

I said to the receptionist.

“Congratulations. Then, could you lend me your card?”

I once again passed my card to the receptionist and it was returned to me after the procedure was completed.


Written on the card were「Holy Magic」,「Meditation」, 「Concentration」 and 「Magic Recovery」 skills.


“Congratulations. It must have took considerable effort. The cost is 1 silver.”


Eh? It costs money? I paid while replying “Ah, okay”. Thank goodness I have silver coins on me.


“Excuse me. So from now on what should I do? Should I go look for Lumina-sama?”

“Eh? Oh you were the one who was brought over by Lumina-sama. Pardon me. I will return this silver coin then. I have been told that Lumina-sama booked the training room for 10 days so I won’t charge you.”

Ah. Lumina-san really is amazing after all. And my 「Great luck」is doing work for me properly this time as well.

Thank you Great luck-sensei.


“If that’s the case could I continue using that room for the remaining 3 days?”


“Yes. If that is what you wish. If it is for you who have been training earnestly, the guild doesn’t have any problem lending the room.”


The receptionist answers with a smile.


I decide to ask all the questions I had on my mind until now.


“Thank you very much. By the way I forgot to ask when I was registering. What exactly does the Healer’s Guild do?”


“Eh? Ah, yes. The Healer’s Guild is an organization founded to treat the people. There are 10 ranks from G, F, E, D, C, B, A, AA, AAA to S which gradually rises according to Holy magic capabilities. Typically healers polish their skills in the city’s clinics before working as independent healers. Once in a while a request is received for a healer and it is up to the commissioned healer to accept or decline the request. Also, if you are unable to find a job in any of the clinics the Healer’s Guild will recruit you so please rest easy.


I see. It seems like I am assured a place to work. Ah, I guess I will inquire about that as well.

“By the way, would I be able to register for the Adventurer’s Guild as well?”


“Yes it is possible but I don’t really recommend it. Not only is it difficult for healers to acquire combat skills, even if you aim to promote to a new profession the profession will not level up if you do not acquire the relevant experience. Your profession level needs to reach VI or above. The healer profession that relies on healing to level up is said to be one of the hardest job to level. (TL: From what I understand, healers need to reach profession level 6 and above to promote to the next profession and they can only gain experience via healing and not regular adventuring.)


The receptionist explains to me politely. By the way, it seems that character level does not rise if the monster is not defeated.


The main source of income for a healer is their 「Heal」and the going market rate for a 「Heal」seems to be one silver.


For healers affiliated to the Healer’s Guild, a tax is levied depending on the rank in the name of donation. For a G rank healer like myself, I would have to pay 12 silver a year to maintain my rank.


The cost increases by 12 silver for each increase in rank.


A healer who cannot earn his keep will become something similar to a slave to a corporation so caution should be exercised.


However by increasing in rank, one can purchase spell books with advance healing magic chants cheaply so there are merits as well.

If one can memorize higher rank healing magic, a single cast can earn enough to pay for an annual tax levy.

It is unlikely that there is such a sweet deal so I listen to the explanation with a pinch of salt.


A slight change of topic. There are some people who charge exorbitant prices. Also, an inquiry committee may revoke the Healer’s Guild Certificate of clinics which have a lot of disputes. When that happens the clinic would not be able to operate and it becomes a matter of life and death.


“But we are just getting by with all the issues going on right now so please do not cause any trouble for the guild.”


“By the way there are some healers who illegally conduct treatment without qualifications. If somebody raises a complaint and it is found that you are not hired by any clinic, you will be sent to prison. Please keep that in mind when conducting business.” Added the receptionist.


I thank the receptionist for all the things that were told to me. I pay 1 silver for this month’s donation and leave the Healer’s Guild.


By the way, the receptionist was called Monica-san. She was a light blue haired beauty with glasses that suits her and gave off an atmosphere of intelligence.


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