Invincible Saint – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Adventurer’s Guild

Translator: Tseirp


I have obtained the qualifications from the Healer’s Guild. Typically healers would apply for apprenticeship in a clinic but I decided to go against the flow.


Then where were I headed towards? Yes. It wasn’t a clinic. It was the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Still, this is way too different from the Healer’s Guild. What is with this dangerous atmosphere?”

I murmured in the unforgiving atmosphere. I proceeded to not think about anything and aimed for the reception counter.


“Excuse me, I would like to register as an adventurer.”

The person I casually spoke to was the first beastman race (in fact a beastwoman) I’ve seen in this world.


I felt excited.

However I suppressed my excitement and decided to converse plainly using my work mode.


If I changed my attitude due to feeling impressed here, I will definitely be attacked by some template-like situation.


Once that happens, I can only imagine my death.

The current me have no room to spare for such an encounter even if you present it to me slowly.


“Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild. Please fill in your name, race and age here.”


Beast-san passed a parchment to me with a beautiful smile. The fields on the registration form were basically the same as the one from the Healer’s Guild with the exception that this form didn’t have a ‘birthplace’ requirement.

Is this because there are many rowdy individuals around? Presently I am unable to even ask such a thing.


“Please either infuse blood or magical power into this card.”


I immediately channeled my magical power into the card and returned it to the receptionist.


“Okay. Everything is in order. Because you already have the 「Taijutsu 」 skill so the adventurer’s registration is complete.

Thus I received my adventurer’s card and am now an adventurer.


Following that, the receptionist with cute bunny ears frantically gave me a description of the Adventurer’s guild.


I did not have much room to spare in my memory so I didn’t listen properly.

Various information such as one cannot register for the Adventurer’s Guild without possessing an attack skill were redundant as I have already completed my registration.

By the way I passed my registration because I possess the 「Taijutsu 」 skill.


She went on to explain the Adventurer Guild’s ranking system but I didn’t have much interest in it so I didn’t pay any attention to her.


The important point was that upon successfully completing a request, 10% of the reward would be deducted as a management fee for the guild.

That’s about it.


Of course, I start from the lowest adventurer rank of H.

I have no complaints.


“Please take note that there would be a penalty if you fail a request.”

Those words remained in my ear.


I input only the important points into my head while I move on to the main reason I came to the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Can adventurers put up requests as well?”

“Yes, you can.”

Her ears bobbed up and down as she nodded.

Yup. It is cute but I don’t have the time for it right now.


“You mentioned that there is a training ground downstairs? Are there anybody who can guide me to increase my 「Taijutsu 」 skill?”


“Yes, of course there are. There are staffs who are adventurers as well. However although it is training, a certain fee is charged depending on the duration of guidance. Are you okay with that?”


Well as expected. Indeed it was too much to expect of 「Extravagant luck」to generate volunteers to guide me.


“How much would it cost for guidance from a polite person who gives easy to understand instructions?”

It seems likely that I would be beaten to death if I make a mistake when learning from a rough person.


“Hmm. Well~ It is up to negotiations but 1 hour would cost roughly 1 silver.”

That’s quite a bit more costly than expected.


“Ah, erm, are there any requests for healers? Could I get a discount or offset the price by providing healing services?”

“… We don’t have such a thing … Could you please wait a moment?”

“Of course.”


Bunny ears-san disappeared underground after listening to my reply.


Following that I felt a really sharp stare from behind my back. Maybe it was a right choice to continue standing in place as I somehow didn’t get tangled up in a situation.


After I withstood the pressure for a few minutes, the receptionist who finally returned summons me towards a rugged looking uncle.


“Are you the fledgling that can use healing magic?”

He had a tart voice and scars all over his body including his face reminiscent of military sergeants found in mangas. However, in my previous life I met plenty of tough-looking directors that were surprisingly kind, so I persuaded to myself that prejudice is useless and answered.


“Yes. I was allowed to register as an adventurer just now. My name is Luciel. I wish to improve both martial arts and healing magic. I consulted the receptionist for any requests to earn some money as well.


“Hou. How rare in spite being a healer. My name is Broad. It seems like you already have the 「Taijutsu 」 skill? Why would a healer want more fighting capabilities?

He detected my skill just by the power of observation.


“Because I am useless in actual combat. I have not mentally prepared myself and if I get attacked by a common weak monster during my travels I will likely die. I strive to prevent that from happening and I wish to at least improve until the stage where I am capable of defending myself.


Broad-san agreed with a 『Fumu』. He rubbed his chin and thought for a while before he opened mouth.


“That is fine. Because you are H rank, we will hire you as a healing personnel for the arena. The pay is 1 silver for 1 hour. The working hours and employment period is up to you. When would you like to start training?”


Ah, this person might be a nice person after all.

“If that is the case then I will start three days later.”


“Understood. Nanaera, I leave the arrangements to you.”


“Yes, Broad-san. Ah, I am Nanaera. I look forward to working with you.”


“Nanaera-san right. I will be in your care.”

As I exchanged greetings with Nanaera-san, I feel the stare from before become stronger.

But Broad-san was no longer in my line of sight.

This person is my mentor.

I left the Adventurer’s Guild feeling impressed and head back to the Healer’s Guild.


“You are perspiring a lot. Are you okay?”

I assured Monica-san that I am fine and escaped to my own room.


“If I can’t cast healing magic despite being a healer, I have a feeling Broad-san will give up on me.”


I piled on practice as I imagined a future that I do not want to happen.

However, because the required skill proficiency doubled, I tried to concentrate and memorize holy magic but my skill proficiency did not rise well.


I solidified the image in my mind, concentrated on my blood vessels, muscles and bone. But each 「Heal」I used did not raise my skill proficiency as much as before. One 「Heal」only raised proficiency by a maximum of 4.

I trained while pondering but three days passed in the blink of an eye.


I left my room and proceeded to the first floor.

“Thank you very much, Krull-san.”

This time Krull-san was the receptionist.


“Yup. Please work hard. Also if you see Lumina-sama be sure to thank her.”

“Yup. Of course I will.”

After saying so, I began moving towards the Adventurer’s Guild.


As usual a dangerous atmosphere drifted about within the Adventurer’s Guild. I reached the reception counter after tensely walking at a quick pace to avoid attention.


“Welcome. Are you here to accept, report or post a request?”


The receptionist today is a human race woman roughly about 20 years old. I tell her my purpose for coming here.


“I am Luciel who made a request for Broad-san and received a request from Broad-san.”

“Could you please lend me your adventurer’s card? Luciel-sama it is. Broad-san is waiting for you underground. Thank you.”


The conversation proceeded smoothly.


“Likewise, thank you.”


I descended down the stairs as instructed and I saw something that looks just like an arena? It was a building that momentarily makes people mistake it for something else.

The training field was an enormous 100m square field.


“Sure is wide.”

I murmured.


“It sure is. Fledgling? Let us begin immediately. I will begin from the basics so don’t run away okay.”

I turned back to look because I suddenly heard his voice.

So Broad-san was there. Since when? As I was thinking, I suddenly felt a pressure that I have never felt before and prepared a stance. And I wondered if it was a mistake to issue a request to Broad-san as he sent oppressive pressure towards me.

I think that there is no way I can ask my past self that.

And so my training started.


“Hey hey hey, run properly. You would be goblin bait if you have no spirit.”

I ran at full speed around the perimeter while being bathed in jeers.


“Hey your body is too stiff. If you do that you will get injured.”

I was gradually squeezed to my limit as he pointed out my flaws.


“Use your hands. Extend your feet. You are too slow.”

While receiving strong comments I fainted again and again, just to have water poured on me each time.


I was thinking to myself.

Certainly he is teaching me necessary pointers for 「Taijutsu 」. But where was the polite guidance that I requested for?

While under constant supervision, I trained in accordance to Broad-san’s training method. Training was very hard but at least it wasn’t painful.

Although I vowed to concentrate and make an effort, I was puzzled as to why there wasn’t much difficult contents.

Rather than running away I wonder if it’s really okay like this? I repeatedly asked and answered myself as I followed his voice.


Broad established only one single rule on me.


That I cannot use healing magic on myself.


He explained that instead of using healing magic, relying on natural recovery to occur allows one to learn skills related to increasing the recovery amount of stamina.


I obediently obeyed after hearing that reasoning.

And so until I master the stamina recovery skill I decided to endure from using healing magic.


Instead of healing myself, I healed the wounds of other adventurers. I continued to use the healing magic「Heal」 , once I reach the magic depletion state I would resume my 「Taijutsu 」 training to improve my stamina.


I meditate whenever I could no longer move my body, promoting the recovery of my magical power and stamina, and then resumed the training to strengthen my 「Taijutsu 」.


At last such a long day was finally over.


“Kid. You have guts. Alright. From today onwards stay in the guild. We will provide for your three meals. It doesn’t seem like you have any change of clothes so we’ll provide you with some old clothes as well. Don’t worry they have been washed. However, don’t run away halfway okay?”


Instructor Broad said to me. Ooo! Bed and even three meals are provided free of charge. Extravagant luck-sensei really shines.


“Hahaha. Yes. Thank you very much.”


After saying my thanks, I washed my body at the well behind the guild and was treated to a meal in the dining hall. Then I was guided to the sleeping chambers and lie on the bed as if I was made of mud … but I didn’t sleep.

No, I couldn’t sleep.


“I am tired but how could modern people sleep at 19:00?”

In this manner after alternating between training healing magic and meditation for three hours, I eventually decided to sleep.


The next day I was deep in thought while staring at the ceiling reflected in my field of vision.

“It’s got to be the bad influence of novels for me to stare at the ceiling.”

I murmured as I welcome the morning.


As I exited the sleeping chambers, the guild staffs were surprised that I woke up so early.


“Among the healers usually most of them are sloppy with time?”

As I conversed with the staff, I thought to myself [Do all healers oversleep?].


Just as instructed by Instructor Broad, I began running around the training field after doing my stretches.


Then, as I was making an effort to use magic while running, Broad-san invited me over for breakfast at the dining hall.

“Kid, it’s breakfast. Come.”


I came here yesterday and I suppose I’ll be having my meals here in the future as well.


“Grulga. This is Luciel who I was talking about yesterday. Take care of his three meals a day from now on.

A dog beastman the size of a bear emerged.


“Understood. I’m Grulga. I’ve received payment from Broad so eat whatever you fancy. But apart from that, you must drink this disgusting drink that is good for your body after meals.”


An issued drink? Wa, it has a strangely poisonous color.


“Th .. this is?”

I stare at the ominous object X.


“Simply put it is something that has the effect of helping your growth. It will raise your muscle strength, endurance and response speed (Or so I’m told).”


Is it a protein supplement? I tsukkomi-ed in my mind as I posed a question to bear-san in front of me.


“I have not heard of this substance before but what are the effective duration and demerits?”


“It is effective for 6 hours and the only demerit is that it taste really damn bad so be at ease.”

He grinned with a savage face.


I’ve finished my meal and after preparing myself, I declared while holding a cup.

“Then, I’ll drink.”


All in one mouthful. The moment it enters your mouth, it gives you a feeling that you should not drink such a thing.


As expected of object X for the taste and smell to almost make me lose consciousness but I was too afraid of the bear to spit it out.


The taste of bitterness like mud, bad odor, egg, spiciness and sourness moved about back and forth in my mouth. Somehow I managed to endure and swallowed it in one breath.


I felt a weird queasy feeling pervade my body.


“Ooo. Just like Broad described, you’re a sturdy person to be able to drink that.”

” ??? ”


Bear-san murmured something that I couldn’t catch.


“It’s nothing. Come lets work hard to train 「Taijutsu 」today as well.”

I was sent out after I was told so.


“So that was Luciel? To be able to drink this completely. Man he seriously has guts.”


Grulga murmured in a low voice unheard by Luciel.


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