Invincible Saint – Chapter 18

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Chapter 018: Conclusion to the boss battle and negotiations with the Pope

Translator: Tseirp

I plunged my hand into the magic bag worn like a shoulder bag under my church robe and took out the holy silver bow and quiver.

“Prepare to meet your doom” I drew the bow.

『Buoooo』 Releasing what sounded like a cry, I stopped the menacing Wight by drawing the bow.

I shot an arrow towards the Wight who began to chant magic as if trying to escape from its numbed state.

Immediately I drew the next arrow and paused.

『Gyoguguooo』 The Wight screamed in anger.

Maybe it was infuriated because I interfered with its magic, or by the arrow that hit it’s robe, or maybe both but I felt it’s thirst for blood swell up.


“Just hurry up and chant your next magic.”
While spewing provocations, I recovered my magic power and stamina.

It was good that I endured Instructor Broad’s style of teaching. I’m really thankful so after I get my salary I’ll send him something.

I shot the second arrow while thinking about such a thing.


While remaining in a state of tension, after releasing the 13th arrow I decided to act on the intuition that I should begin moving at full force soon.

Katria-san said that magic cannot be used together with weapons because it is necessary to concentrate on an image when casting magic.

I was unclear whether the same phenomenon occurred in the undead but I am truly glad that it gave me a hint.


I believe that the Wight had reached its limit in hostility towards me and exuded a tremendous thirst for blood.

If it was a normal old man, I would not be surprising if it’s blood vessels burst. It was expressing a look of hatred of such an extent.

“To have visible blood vessels popping out of your forehead, you must be dreadfully angry. However when somebody has been angry for more than 15 minutes, without any new stimulant to spur the rage, he would be too tired to continue feeling angry. Ah~ah. I forgot you are a monster.”

Just like that I repeatedly provoked it while taking deep breaths, looking for a chance.


After running the simulation in my brain multiple times, I ran towards the Wight at full speed after I released the 17th arrow.

The Wight tried to avoid the arrow as if it would hate to dirty it’s robe, but I had closed in on it so it began to gather magic power instead using the cane in an attempt to cast magic. Without overlooking that, I shot the remaining 3 arrows towards the Wight, causing the accumulated magic power gathered in the cane to explode.

I extracted the sword I received from Instructor Broad from within the magic bag, poured every available magic power I had left into the sword, advanced the last remaining step between us and, slashed.


I slashed the Wight. It was a clean cut from the left shoulder to the right flank.(TL: If you watched any samurai period shows or know kendo then you can imagine how he slashed him and then continued on with the momentum to end up him facing his back to the Wight.)

However, a Wight is a high-ranking undead. It would shoot magic and steal the lives of naive people who turn their backs to it … or not.

“I definitely felt feedback from the cut. But the guy who made this place is a devil. Of course I know that at the very least it is not dead yet.”

I turned around, picked up the short spear and channelled magic power into it before running towards the Wight and throwing the spear with full force.

As I further pushed the short spear that penetrated it’s body, I rotated my body around and held the sword in my left hand with both hands and sent its head flying.

『Gugyaaaaa』 The flying head cried out and vanished like smoke.


What remained was a set of robes, cane and necklace, as well as a magic stone several times larger and denser compared to those left behind by undead until now.


“Alright~. Ouch that hurts. 【O Lord I offer my magical power to recover this person, Heal】”

With the boss now absent, I was wrapped by a pale light as usual when I chanted heal.

“Both games and the illusionary labyrinth in this other world work the same way huh.”

I cleaned my body using purification magic and also casted 「Recover」 just in case.

“With this I should be fine from curses and abnormal statuses. Well then …”

I used 「Middle Heal」 to treat my wounds and left my inflamed muscles and fatigue to naturally recover.

“It would be too pitiful if I showed how weak I am the next time I see Instructor Broad.”

I whipped my sluggish body to recover the magic stones scattered throughout the room, and purified the remaining robes, necklace and cane with purification magic just in case.


After I completely picked up everything, 『Gogogooooo』 Suddenly the earth tremored and a descending path appeared.

“EH?! There’s more? But I’ve had my fill already.” I stared at the stairs leading down towards the lower floor for a while.


“I’ll be back.” I ran towards the door and prayed. 『Gyiiii』 The door opened safely.

“I really panicked for a moment there because I do not have any magic tool to return nor did I memorise any magic to do so.”


“Well then what shall I do now. Four barrels of Object X, the sword I received from Broad-san, the bento box from oba-chan … there’s no way I’m going to leave these behind. That’s for sure. First, I’ll definitely take the three items I obtained from clearing the stage …”

The holy silver sword, spear, bow and quiver, I could fit everything into the magic bag except for one item.

“Wait, there’s no problem if I just wear the sword? Now that I have my peace of mind my stomach is empty so let’s have lunch.”

As usual I used 「Aura Coat」 and 「Purification」 on the bento and attacked it with gusto and also drank Object X. “Ah, I forgot to drink Object X before entering.”

Today was truly tiring. I went up the stairs and escaped from the Undead Labyrinth.


Upon exiting the labyrinth Katria-san was at the counter.

“Ah Katria-san good afternoon.”

“Ara, it is rare that you return at this time.”

“Yeah. Today I received some damages.”

“There are some days when you are not accustomed eh.”

“No~ it’s more of a feeling that my complacency was doused.”

“If that’s the case then might today’s yield be low?”

“No instead it might be greater than usual. Moreover today I would like to see the point conversion up until the end?”

“I see that you are curious. Well then place your rucksack here.”

『Don』 The Wight magic stone was situated right at the top of the rucksack.

“Wha … What is this?”

“Ah. There is the boss room at the tenth floor right? There were hordes of undead and furthermore magic could not be used. I was panicking like crazy. I somehow defeated them but then a Wight wearing a crown appeared, flew into the air and released magic towards me. I thought that I was going to die (game over).”

Incidentally, I thought of getting the cane and necklace appraised at the Adventurer’s Guild but I had no idea who the items belonged to in the first place so I decided to ask Katria-san.

” … Why did you do something so reckless?” Eh the usual warm fuzzy aura had disappeared?

“I didn’t intend to be reckless. I had no idea that thing was there, let alone that magic could not be used there. Nobody told me that.”

” … You didn’t receive any prior explanation?”

“Yeah. It is only the 11th day since I’ve been assigned here and it is the job of an exorcist to dive into the labyrinth.”

“That is … right. Erm do you have time after this?”

“Yeah. I’m feeling tired today so I planned to go back anyway.”

“If that’s the case I have somewhere I would like to go together with you. Do you mind accompanying me?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

“Well for the today’s points, it is 108,914P.” Eh?

“Erm, I feel that the digits are wrong?”

“Nope, it is correct.”

“Is that so.” So that was a bonus character after all.

“Oh yeah you said you had something you wanted to show me?”

“Yeah. I could not appraise it at that moment so I used purification on the equipment left behind by the Wight after it disappeared after I defeated it.”

As I spoke while taking back my card, immediately Katria-san’s face was right in front of me.

“Show it to me!!” I found that it was really scary to be face-to-face with a beauty.

“Th … then firstly it is this robe. Next is this necklace and lastly this cane.”

I slowly and carefully handed the items one by one to the counter.

” … Put those back into your bag and come with me immediately.”

The next instant, the usually inactive Katria jumped over the counter and flew towards the elevator.



I had not digested the situation and just chased after Katria-san.


“Oh, isn’t it Katria-san and Luciel-dono. Where are you two going in such a hurry?” Although Jordo-san directed a question towards us “Jordo-san we are currently busy. Excuse us.” A slightly blue-faced Jordo-san gave way to us.

“I’m sorry. I do not understand the current situation as well.” I only told him that and continued to chase after Katria-san.


I was seized with uneasiness as I walked. That’s because a little while ago I entered an elevator I thought to be forever unrelated to me which was off-limits to all except for related personal.

Passing by the area for priest knights and paladin, the elevator rose beyond the area for priests and for bishops above them and for cardinals above them. (TL: For now the church hierarchy is Cleric Priest Bishop Cardinal Archbishop Pope. Don’t know if priest knights and paladins are within the same hierarchy.)

This was absolutely something that I would not ride usually and definitely something that I should not ride.

During this time Katria-san didn’t say a single word. She just kept walking towards her destination, we once again rode down an elevator to stop in front of a room designated for the Pope which was above the Archbishop in rank.

Katria-san knocked “Your holiness, this is Katria. I wish for you to examine a matter of great urgency.”

“Permission granted. Enter.”


Although there were many maids present, they did not look at her, instead they directed puzzled and dull gazes at me.

Just like those that often appear in stories, something separated the audience, making it such that the Pope’s face was not visible from where I stood.


“Welcome Katria. I do not know the other person, what did you come for?” The owner of the voice sounded young, and was surprisingly a woman’s voice which sounded mysterious.

“Yes. This person is the new exorcist who inherited the responsibility of the exorcist the other day. He entered the labyrinth as per his responsibility and has defeated a tremendous number of undead.”

“Hoh. But I doubt that is all?”

“Yes. Today he fought with a Wight in the main room at the tenth floor. He was caught unaware and even had his magic sealed. And he splendidly brought back the equipment that the Wight had. Upon appraisal, I came here to make sure that it was not a false report.” This didn’t seemed like the usual Katria-san.


“Ok. I permit a direct answer. What is your name?”

“I am Luciel.”

“Well then Luciel. Take out the equipment you brought back.”

“Yes. However, since there was a possibility that there is a curse, I had activated purification magic. Please be understanding regarding that.”



I passed the three items to the maid that came to my side.

” … I thought it was impossible, but it really is. Isn’t this very robe Ozanario’s Robe that had went missing 12 years ago. And the Necklace of Spirits and Cane of Magic Disruption. You’ve done well to bring them back.”

Somehow aren’t they all great rare items?


“The Necklace of Spirits has the effect of halving all magical power consumed when using magic, the Cane of Magic Disruption not only spreads your own magic power and disturbs others from using magic as long as it is in a narrow space, it is a powerful cane that can trigger powerful magic by gathering the diffused magical power.”

What’s with that cheat weapon.

“I would like to have these items.”

It was probably absolutely impossible to refuse this. That’s because the person beside me won’t refuse. 『Bin Bin』 She was emanating such an aura. Okay then. From here on I’ll fire up my acting skills cultivated from business.

“I imagine you feel fond of the items. They even have such amazing capabilities. It is even to the extent of no matter how much it would cost to get them. I understand. I will yield.”

“Ok. Thanks for the trouble.”

“It is for you the Pope. However, I have an impolite wish. The truth is I am troubled by the small capacity of my magic bag during my explorations. Because of that, could I request for one that can hold many items?”

“Oh, do not fret about such a thing. Instead of a magic bag, I’ll give you a magic bag (backpack). The insides of the bag is a different space so it stops the progression of time. In addition you will know whatever is within the bag, and the capacity is about the size of this room. (TL: Basically I think his current magic bag is the type of sling bag you see all around, and the Pope is offering him a travelling backpack size bag. I will continue to use magic bag to refer to it.)

“Is it okay for me to have such a thing?” I mean this room is up to thirty tatami mat sized. … I understand. It was the Pope who made that bag. If not such a thing would not normally be given.

“It is fine. In fact this helps me even more. Also, if you encounter anything else when you dive into the labyrinth come here along with Katria. Take the reward. Katria will pass you the magic bag tomorrow. Take it. I am indebted to you. Well then that is all.”

Katria-san and I exited with our heads lowered.


“Luciel-kun you have guts.”

“Eh? Is that so? But I was considerably tense?”

“Really? Normally you wouldn’t be able to appear modest while requesting for compensation in front of the Pope.”

” … Was I too impudent?”

“Fufufu. I think you were fine. Because you were able to appropriately discern the situation that she was so satisfied that she even gave you the magic bag. Be at ease.” She told me so but I could not have a peace of mind.

We returned together to a place which I was familiar with and we bid farewell.

Thus at my very first boss fight I obtained a cheat item.


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