Invincible Saint – Chapter 17

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Chapter 017: Complacency and the threat of the boss room

Translator: Tseirp


“Body condition…good. Magic power…good. Equipment…good.”

As usual after magic training and after I had my breakfast and that, I fired myself up.


I nicknamed the Undead Labyrinth, Smelly.

Thinking back to then, I wonder if it is rare that there is someone like me who could endure the smell and explore as an exorcist.

If this was a job that all newcomers had to complete, then I wonder if I completely cleared the labyrinth in the shortest time wouldn’t there be something like a luxurious reward.

Because of that thought, I felt excited with desire and ended up waking up earlier than usual.


Yesterday, I thought that it would be better to have more options during battle so from the accumulated 10 days worth of around 90,000P, I spent 50,000P to buy a holy silver bow with 20 silver arrows, even though I’m not accustomed with using them, and stuffed them into my magic bag.

Currently within my magic bag, I had the sword I received from Instructor Broad which magic could be easily channelled into (Luciel had not noticed that it’s a mithril sword), a holy silver one-handed sword, a holy silver short spear, 4 barrels of Object X, a holy silver bow and a quiver holding the silver arrows.

“After I stuff this bento into the magic bag, it will be full. Once I get my salary I’ll try to get a new one with greater capacity, although I don’t know how much it would cost. Well then let’s go.”

I set foot into the Undead Labyrinth.


I spent about 10-20 minutes exploring each floor before taking a break in front of the boss room at the tenth floor.

“Jordo-san said that they would group up. It also depends on the number of enemies but I will start with releasing purification magic and use the sword and spear to defeat the remaining enemies. If it becomes dangerous I’ll use purification magic again. Yeah, it’s simple but because I’m running solo this is fine.”

Either way this is just an illusion, this Undead Labyrinth is just a training ground for newcomers.


In such a manner I underestimated the boss room, before rushing in I placed my ear against the boss room. However I didn’t hear any sound coming from it.

“I wonder what kind of monster will appear here? Ah, to give myself a boost, I’ll enter after drinking.”

I took out a barrel and drank Object X to spur myself.


“But seriously Object X is amazing to be able to repel monsters and undead. And the person who made the magic item that causes people to experience this illusionary odour is not bad as well. Well then, let’s move on.”

Within the tenth floor, I who opened the door of the boss room experienced the true horror of monsters.


『Gyiiiiiiiii』 The rusted iron doors echoed as I opened it. I ignored the sounds and looked, realising that the inside of the room was dark.

“I don’t need such a movie set production atmosphere though.”


I proceeded with my weapons poised. 『BAAN』 Suddenly, the doors slammed shut with immense force.

However, I expected this development and did not shift my line of sight facing ahead.


At the same time the door slammed shut, the dimly lit room became as bright as the labyrinth and the monsters all appeared at once.

“Oi oi, this number is way beyond my expectations.”

There was a horde of monsters as far as the eyes could see.


The boss room was roughly 30 meters squared, within the room there were zombie and skeleton knights and archers, ghosts and Will O Wisps, basically all the enemies that I had fought until now appeared.

Although, it would not be a serious problem if it was only that.


It’s just that, although I didn’t intend to drop my guard and didn’t feel any signs, with my back against the door, in front of me from left to right all 180°, the air was flooded with ghosts and balls of fire and I was totally surrounded.

[Although this is nerve-wrecking, it is not a big deal. Up to this point I’ve been anxious but somehow it is going to be fine.] (TL: Luciel is in a state of denial XD)


I immediately braced myself and began chanting purification magic.

【By the hand of holy healing, by the breath of Mother Earth, I wish for no harm onto my body and myself, return the unclean existence to its original path. Purification.】

But, nothing happened.

On the contrary, “I can’t evoke magic power?”. This spurred my confusion.

None of the undead monsters missed my dilemma and they all started an all out attack towards me.

Since coming to this world, I encountered my first desperate predicament.


I brandished the sword and spear held in my hands while channelling magic power through them. Without any form or stance.

Consider this. Up until now I used my weapons to defeat small numbers and used purification magic to battle large groups.

Instead, now monsters are rushing towards me from all around and even from above and I can’t even use magic. Indeed even though this is an illusion it is terrifying.


“Shit shit shit, stay away.”

While whining like a kid, I desperately brandished my sword and spear.

“Don’t tell me this is a magic sealing room. Damn it~ Do they really not want to hand over the luxurious prize so much. But this is all due to my complacency. I am neither the protagonist of a story nor am I a genius. I didn’t gather enough information. This is all my own fault. You are a weakling. What’s with the smug behaviour. Damn it.”


While feeling disgusted with my own carelessness, I frantically defeated monsters with the weapons in both hands.

“Chii, it hurts even though it’s an illusion. Is this the other world’s version of illusionary pain? It hurts, who was it!! The one who scratched me … It hurts, I’m telling you it hurts. Don’t bite me. Ugh I’m getting angry.”


I began running while pouring magic power into the sword and spear and brandishing them.


I failed my goal of winning without any injuries. However, Instructor Broad’s training was more painful and far scarier.

I swung my sword “Sei” , received attacks with my spear “Too naive”, and slowly reduced the number of enemies.

[So this is a boss stage. If this was reality, my knees would buckle and it would be checkmate.]


Without thinking that this is reality, so as to not game over, I aimed to clear the boss room and get the luxurious prize. Converting that desire into power, I concentrated on the enemy in front of me and brandished the weapons in both hands.


I had no idea how much time passed by. Thanks to the excellent armour, all the attacks I received resulted in wounds here and there but they were all minor wounds.

Even though I defeated and defeated monsters, like a spring more sprung up in their place, the numbers did not reduce at all. But I desperately ran to not get surrounded and defeated monsters to create space.

Would it be endlessly like this? Just as I thought so, I had defeated all the undead and the floor was covered with magic stones.



I was so exhausted that it was tough to even remain standing.

My stamina and magical power was close to my limit. I was in such a state that if Instructor Broad commanded me to “Run!”, I would still run but would without a doubt fall flat on my face after running for a little.

“Even so, I’m grateful to had studied under Instructor Broad. Well then, although it’s tedious I’ll pick up the magic stones and apply recovery magic after leaving this place…?!”

I had a bad feeling and dived forward before rotating around. As I did so, 『DoooooNN』 something tremendous fell on to the place I was standing before.


From the ceiling, I felt a tremendous blood thirst that I had never felt until now directed towards me. I looked up at the ceiling.

“Oi oi, that fight just a while ago was not the boss fight? Is it such a luxurious reward? The Healer’s Guild headquarters is surprisingly stingy? Unless … I’m just weak after all …”


What appeared was an undead wearing pure white robes holding an expensive looking cane encapsulated with tremendous magical power. It was even wearing a crown.

“Oi oi. Why is it a Wight? The staple of Fantasy is supposed to be Wraiths!!”


I had no idea if those words annoyed it but at the very next moment, it gathered magical power at once in the cane. At the same time I felt a heightened sensation, black light began emitting from the Wight.

Compared to the enemies I’ve faced until now, the speed of the black light was clearly on a different level … No, it differed by way too much.


I was unable to avoid the unexpected speed and my right thigh was slightly grazed by it. Right … Just a graze resulted in the painful feeling of being burnt running through my body.

“Ugh. 【O Lord I offer my magical power to recover this person, Heal】Damn it, why isn’t my magic activating. To only restrict my magic, that’s too cowardly.”

That’s right. I could not activate any magic.


“I refuse to die until I clear the boss stage and receive my bonus.”

I was already completely disoriented, I had confused the prize from clearing the boss room with the bonus I received during my salary man days.


Towards the Wight readying to release darkness magic at me, I threw my magic power channeled spear at it with full force.

The Wight evaded greatly without unleashing it’s magic. That action seemed to say that it would hate it if I approached it and that it was scary.

The moment I saw that, I decided to go with a large gamble.


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