GDBBM – Chapter 614

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Chapter 614: “Finally Missing Me? (2)”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes blinked a few times, but she did not make a sound and just fell into Jun Wu Yao’s embrace, just like a hurt little animal, seeking comfort from the familiar scent.

Jun Wu Yao’s smile on his face froze a moment. Jun Wu Xie sudden display of reliance put him into a momentary loss of what to do. The pair of small hands were grasping at his clothes tightly, her soft body pressed onto his expansive chest, the two figures joined in an embrace.

They were close enough for Jun Wu Yao to hear the breaths that came with the heaving of her chest.

After being frozen for a awhile, Jun Wu Yao tightened his arms and pulled Jun Wu Xie closer tighty. The smile on his face grew wider, and he rested his chin on Jun Wu Xie’s hair, muttering soft whispers, just like one coaxing a young child.

“Were you bullied? No need to worry, your big brother is here now. With your big brother around, no one will be able to bully you in the slightest.”

One arm clasped Jun Wu Xie around the waist, holding her near, and his other hand was gently stroking Jun Wu Xie’s smooth tresses. That deep and gentle voice soothed and coaxed, and anyone would be intoxicated just from hearing the voice alone.

Jun Wu Xie’s head that was resting on Jun Wu Yao’s chest shook in denial, but she still did not say a word.

She had not suffered injustice and no one had bullied her. She only missed home…..

She missed home, but she could not return.

Jun Wu Yao did not know what else to do but only hugged her tight. He did not know why his little darling was being needy this time, but he greatly enjoyed the feeling.

He would not mind her being more reliant on him.

The picturesque scene of the two figures locked in an embrace under the scatter of sun rays that shone down through the canopy of leaves remained for a long while, as though they were the only two people there.

All the other people throughout the set up camp were holding their breaths, subconsciously afraid to desecrate and despoil the scene of serenity and harmony.

Qiao Chu’s eyes opened unbelievably wide as he stared at Jun Wu Yao who was holding Jun Wu Xie in a deep embrace, his eyes showing utter disbelief.

His trembling finger was pointed at the two figures as his completely shocked expression turned to look at Hua Yao, who was looking a little inquisitive besides surprise.

[Damn it! Who is that! ? He dares to hug Little Xie like that! Is he tired of living! ?] [Why is Little Xie meekly allowing herself to be held like this? I want that too! But I don’t dare to even try it! ARRRRGH!]

Hua Yao did not reply, still not fully recovered from the shock, as the scene before their eyes was rather difficult for them to digest.

Only Rong Ruo’s expression was a little strange.

Jun Wu Xie lay in Jun Wu Yao’s embrace, indulging in the familiar presence that comforted all her unease and misgivings hidden under her cold and distant facade.

She might be able to complete her journey on her own, but she had come to very much cherish the family affections that she had gained after so much hardship.

Slightly releasing his arms, he pulled himself from the small figure clasping herself tightly upon his chest, creating a short distance between them. The slight lack of oxygen had made Jun Wu Xie’s little face flush red. It made Jun Wu Xie look a little bashful and seeing that made Jun Wu Yao’s heart feel like a cat’s claws had just swiped over his heart, wrenching with longing.

“Be honest, were you missing me?” Jun Wu Yao said in deliberate low voice, his arms hung around Jun Wu Xie’s hips, not allowing her to pull the distance further.

Jun Wu Xie’s nose was slightly tinged red, and she raised a finger to her nose and nodded almost imperceptibly.

She missed home.

Jun Wu Yao felt as if he had been fed a mouthful of honey, and his heart warmed. He immediately pulled Jun Wu Xie back into his warm embrace.


Hidden in the shadows all this while, Ye Sha observed all of this in silence. On his perfectly stoic and serious face, no one would have any idea what he was thinking. But he suddenly said to himself involuntarily: “When will my Lord learn, can’t he see that the Young Miss’ reaction is because she misses home? It is nothing like what my Lord is thinking! My Lord! Wake up please!”

The moment he finished his sentence, Ye Sha stiffened up. He hurriedly clasped his hands over his mouth, his eyes filled with bewilderment.

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