GDBBM – Chapter 615

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Chapter 615: “Finally Missing Me? (3)”

[What was he saying? Why did that feel so natural to say?]

Ye Sha was shocked by his own strange actions and he held his hand clasped over his mouth and went behind a tree to reflect and repent.

“Cough, Young Master Wu Yao.” After Long Qi watched the two having chatted for a long while, he could not help but step up to approach.

It was rather strange, Young Master Wu Yao was a member of the Jun Family as well, but Long Qi did not know why the Young Master was so easily forgotten. If Long Qi did not see Jun Wu Yao’s person, he did not seem to remember such a person, but when Jun Wu Yao is standing before him, it just felt everything was as it should be.

Thinking back on this, Duke Lin and His Highness had not mentioned anything about Young Master Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao was in a rather good mood and did not show a single ounce of displeasure even after being rudely interrupted by Long Qi and his tall slender frame easily lifted Jun Wu Xie into the crook of his arm.

“Hmm?” Jun Wu Yao raised an eyebrow.

“Would Young Master Wu Yao be returning with us to the Lin Palace?” Long Qi inquired solemnly.

“No.” Jun Wu Yao sneered. His darling will not be there, why would he want to go back to the Lin Palace?

Long Qi retreated to the side respectfully and did not say another word. He was well battle hardened, but without knowing why, when before Jun Wu Yao, Long Qi’s heart was always tinged with a sense of fear and respect for Jun Wu Yao, a completely different kind of respect he held for the other members of the Jun Family.

Jun Wu Xie allowed herself to be held in Jun Wu Yao’s arms and did not show any signs of wanting to break free. Although she was not able to see her Uncle and Grandfather,  being able to see Jun Wu Yao here was still a good thing.

With Long Qi having taken the first lead, Qiao Chu and gang were finally able to bolster enough courage to go up.

“Lit….. Little Xie….. This is…..?” Qiao Chu asked in a trembling voice. Qiao Chu was befuddled as to the reason, but the man before him greatly terrified him. The man’s face was all smiles, but he could not help feeling as if he was being eyed by an immensely powerful and terrifying beast, and he could be torn to shreds anytime.

“Jun Wu Yao, my elder brother.” Jun Wu Xie gave him a straightforward answer.

“Your….. your elder brother? !” Qiao Chu’s mind whirled, but if they were siblings, that would explain why Jun Wu Xie was willing to allow Jun Wu Yao to get so close to her.


Although both of them possessed astoundingly and flawlessly beautiful looks, their features were not in the least bit similar!

[Little Xie, are you sure this is your real brother?]

Those words, Qiao Chu did not possess the guts to utter them out loud.

“My humble name is Hua Yao.”

“Fei Yan.”

“Qiao Chu.”

“Rong Ruo.”

After knowing Jun Wu Yao’s identity, Qiao Chu and his gang became less wary.

Only Rong Ruo’s expression still remained a little complicated.

Yan Bu Gui had told her before, that Jun Wu Yao was not someone they could afford to offend, but had not been willing to tell her anything about his identity. Although Rong Ruo had only met Jun Wu Yao once before this, but she held absolutely no doubts about the terrible and unbelievable power the man possessed.

Despite the fact that Jun Wu Yao had not shown his power before them, but the strong oppressive aura emanating from the man far surpassed anyone Rong Ruo had ever met. Subconsciously, she knew Jun Wu Yao held much more power than Yan Bu Gui himself.

But why would such a man who possessed such Heaven defying strength appear in the Lower Realm? And how did he become Jun Wu Xie’s brother?

Endless questions quickly filled Rong Ruo’s mind, but she did not speak a word about it, and did not even share her doubts with Qiao Chu and the others.

As Yan Bu Gui had clearly left his instructions to her, she was not about to violate them.

Jun Wu Yao’s eyes swept over Qiao Chu and the others, and he tilted his head slightly. He beamed as he looked at Jun Wu Xie, the smile on his face more intoxicating than any other beautiful scenery.

“Seems like in the period that I was not around, my Little Xie had been living a fulfilling life.”

Among the four companions, there was only one girl.

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