GDBBM – Chapter 613

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Chapter 613: “Finally Missing Me? (1)”

People like Bai Yun Xian and Yin Yan who were timid and easily cowered, only needed her to exert adequate pressure and they would be docile and be at your beck and call. As long as they are watched properly, they would not stir up problems. But people like Qin Yu Yan and Ning Xin, must not be kept alive. Even if you could suppress them for a time, their vicious hearts would ultimately lead them to scheme and plot how they would be able to get out of the quandary.

“The Spirit Healing Technique is useful. As to how it is to be used, my Uncle will know what to do with it.” As Jun Wu Xie spoke, she pulled out two medical prescriptions and handed them to Long Qi.

“One is poison, one is medicine. Hand them to Mu Chen to control Bai Yun Xian and Yin Yan. Mu Chen will be able to produce them.”

When she had left the Kingdom of Qi, she had only provided Bai Yun Xian with a half year’s supply of antidote. The time was approaching and if she was not provided with the antidote, Bai Yun Xian would die. Other people might not be capable enough to produce the kind of elixirs and poisons developed by her, but Mu Chen would at least be able to accomplish that.

Long Qi received the items and kept them securely. Jun Wu Xie had never missed a thing in her calculations and was extremely meticulous. He knew he only needed to carry out the orders as instructed.

“Duke Lin and His Highness has words for me to convey to our Young Miss.” Long Qi said after a short pause.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes lit up.

“The Duke and His Highness said, that our Young Miss must put her safety as priority in all her actions. And that they will be waiting for our Young Miss to return home back at the Lin Palace.” Long Qi voice had suddenly become rather gentle.

Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes, trying to suppress the longing in her eyes.

“Alright, tell my Grandfather and Uncle to rest assured.”

Long Qi nodded, and silently retreated to one side.

Within the woods, the crisp wind was slightly cool as it brushed Jun Wu Xie’s cheeks, bringing with it the emotions of longing in her heart.

The surroundings became still and quiet. Jun Wu Xie’s head was lowered, as she recalled all that had happened in the Lin Palace from before.

Uncle, Grandfather….. and Jun Wu Yao…..

“What are you thinking about?” A voice heavily tinged with mirth suddenly sounded behind Jun Wu Xie, a voice she found so familiar.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head, greatly startled. In the next moment, she found herself enveloped into a warm and comforting embrace. The familiar scent went up her nostrils, and that smell made her tremble slightly.

“Was my Little Xie thinking of me?” A slightly devilish laughter sounded beside Jun Wu Xie’s ears and the warm breath tickled the sensitive skin at her neck.

Within the encampment, all was deathly silent, all eyes were turned, concentrated on the tall figure who had enveloped Jun Wu Xie into a full embrace.

Rong Ruo stood up startled, staring hard at the mysterious man that had previously made her feel so helplessly oppressed with his aura.

In the middle of the dense woods, the incredibly and flawlessly handsome man hugged the flawlessly beautiful girl, and they both just stood there quietly, as specks of the sun’s rays peeked through the thick canopy of leaves overhead, falling like glittering stars, looking as though the starry sky had descended on Earth, to shine and twinkle, upon the two figures.

“Big brother…..” Jun Wu Xie opened her lips slightly, calling out the form of address that had appeared before in her dreams.

A series of deep laughter, intoxicated with joy, rumbled from right behind Jun Wu Xie. The man turned the tiny Jun Wu Xie around and slightly lowered his head, pressing his forehead to Jun Wu Xie’s, his eyes half narrowed with laughter.

“Little Xie can actually recognize my voice, I really like that.”

A devilishly handsome smile that was able to make the Heavens and Earth lose their lustre was suddenly imprinted deep in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes. Jun Wu Xie’s eyes widened slightly, as her startled gaze took in those perfectly formed features.

“What? Looking at me like this. Don’t tell me, Little Xie has really missed me so badly?” Jun Wu Yao said mischievously, taunting his startled and frozen little darling.

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