GDBBM – Chapter 429

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Chapter 429: “Malady or Poison (4)”

One had fainted and another had suddenly appeared. Jun Wu Xie’s hand that was still on Fan Zhuo’s pulse suddenly had green veins showing vividly against her fair skin.

“If you don’t want him to die, do as I say.” Jun Wu Xie could not spare the time to explain anything to Fan Jin. She decided to take a gamble, on whether Fan Jin trusted her enough.

“You…..” Fan Jin stared at the unconscious Ah Jing and turned his eyes to Fan Zhuo whose body was still rocked by violent spasms and a great struggle showed in his eyes.

Everything before his eyes signalled undeniable danger signs in his mind as no matter how anyone looked at the scene in front of him, they would only think that Jun Xie was delivering harm to Fan Zhuo.


“Just tell me what and I’ll carry it out.” A tiny voice in Fan Jin told him that he would not go wrong if he listened to Jun Xie.

“Hot water, warm wine.” Jun Wu Xie lacked the ability to split herself and she could not afford to take one step away from Fan Zhuo at that moment.

Fan Jin did not hesitate and immediately turned to carry out the tasks.

The little black cat sat quietly at the side as it watched Fan Jin’s quick actions, and it swished its tail lazily through the air.

[He is at least more sensible, my mistress had not expended so much effort to save your brother in vain.]

After a while, Fan Jin had gotten what Jun Wu Xie had asked for ready and brought it into the room. Jun Wu Xie ignored him completely, directing all her energies on treating Fan Zhuo.

Fan Jin placed the things he had prepared on one side and he found the room so quiet he could hear his own heartbeat. He bent down to check on Ah Jing’s injuries and found that Ah Jing was only bleeding at the neck from a scratch before having fainted. He saw that Ah Jing’s life was in no danger and he carried Ah Jing out and put him into another room. Fan Jin came back after that and just stood quietly at one corner of the bed, watching Jun Xie carry out the treatment for Fan Zhuo.

As he observed further, Fan Jin was utterly shocked. He had not really thought carefully about what Jun Xie had wanted to do, but when he saw Jun Xie repeatedly feeding elixirs to Fan Zhuo and incessantly applying medicated cream on Fan Zhuo’s acupressure points, his expression became one of shock.

“Little Xie….. You are carrying out treatment for Little Zhuo?” Fan Jin asked cautiously.

“Shut up.” Jun Wu Xie shot Fan Jin a cold glance and Fan Jin immediately quieted himself.

Many years later, every time that Fan Jin recalled this scene on this very day, he would always feel torn between tears and laughter. He had actually left the fate of his gravely ill younger brother in the hands of a fourteen year old youth. He would still wonder in disbelief at his totally irrational decision that fateful day.

The spasms that wrecked at Fan Zhuo’s body stopped after a long while. His eyes were tightly closed and his deathly pale face was contorted in agony. Jun Wu Xie used the hot water that Fan Jin brought in to clean the blood off Fan Zhuo, and then she poured the warm wine down Fan Zhuo’s throat.

Moments later, the spasms started to wreck at Fan Zhuo once again!

“Hold him down.” Jun Wu Xie stepped back and told Fan Jin.

Fan Jin hurried to the side of the bed and his eyes were pained as he looked at his brother. He stretched out his hand to hold down Fan Zhuo’s shoulders to prevent him from struggling too much.


A dark black liquid suddenly spewed forth from Fan Zhuo’s mouth and it sprayed heavily all over Fan Jin.

The dark black liquid carried an obnoxious odour and Fan Jin almost lost consciousness from the sudden onslaught to his sense of smell. Nevertheless, Fan Jin held his brother down determinedly as he looked on anxiously as Fan Zhuo continued to spew out the black liquid.

“Lie sideways.” Jun Wu Xie voice sounded out.

Fan Jin understood and immediately turned Fan Zhuo’s body to make him lie on his side at the edge of the bed.

Fan Zhuo continued to vomit but the spasms were gradually dying down and the amount of filth coming out of his mouth was also lessening. When Fan Zhuo had nothing else left for him to vomit out, Jun Wu Xie gestured with her hand and said: “Let him lie down properly.”

Fan Jin immediately complied and he saw that Fan Zhuo’s complexion looked visibly better than just now. The green and purple hue on his face had completely disappeared.

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