GDBBM – Chapter 428

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Chapter 428: “Malady or Poison (3)”

Fan Zhuo’s body was exceptionally weak and would not be able to hold up under overly intensive treatment. But the afflictions within his body were nevertheless very violent and if not suppressed by strong medicine, he would soon cease to breathe. Jun Wu Xie employed her own technique, the Devil’s Heart Needles to retain the last gasps of his breath.

The technique was developed by Jun Wu Xie herself when she had been isolated from the world for more than a decade. Its implementation was highly invasive but its effect were just as astounding. This technique when employed through Jun Wu Xie’s needles would forcibly incite a person’s life force to flare for a period. Although that might just retain a person’s life, this technique  could only be employed on a person three times throughout his life and every time it was used, the person’s lifespan would be shortened by a decade. If the body were to undergo through the technique more than three times, then, that person wouldn’t be saved even if the gods descended.

The technique was highly detrimental to a person’s body and Jun Wu Xie avoided employing it if she could help it. But faced with Fan Zhuo condition now, besides using the Devil’s Heart Needles to gain the precious time she needed, she could not think of any other way.

Under the seventeen life preserving needles, Fan Zhuo’s life was kept from ebbing away and that would allow Jun Wu Xie the highly precious time she needed to execute other purging and healing methods to drag Fan Zhuo out from Death’s gates.

A snake’s gall immersed in poison was pushed into Fan Zhuo’s mouth. The snake’s gall contained lethal poison and if not for the Devil’s Heart Needles protection, Fan Zhuo’s body would have been caught in a seizure and he would have died immediately upon swallowing it. But the poison from snake gall brought about another effect in this instance whereby it greatly stirred Fan Zhuo’s deep seated malady into a frenzied state. Fan Zhuo’s body began to tremble violently and blood formed into a drop through the pores on his skin. In a moment, Fan Zhuo was suddenly covered in his own blood! His body twisted and turned and his arched body was like a bow stretched to its limit, and it seemed like it could snap at anytime.

Ah Jing stared in horror as he saw what Fan Zhuo was going through and his heart winced in pain. He no longer cared about being inhibited by black beast and he struggled while he shouted out: “Jun Xie! You will die a thousand deaths! My Young Master trusted you so much! And you would still do this to him! If anything happens to the Young Master, I’ll still come back and haunt you even when I turn into a ghost!”

Ah Jing’s eyes were all red as he stared venomously at Jun Wu Xie, looking like he would have liked nothing better than to tear her apart right at that moment.

The black beast’s fang scratched Ah Jing’s neck slightly and blood flowed down his neck. But Ah Jing had not noticed it and just continued to shout.

“Quiet.” Jun Wu Xie said coldly. She could not afford to be distracted now as Fan Zhuo’s delicate situation called for her full attention.

The black beast sensed Jun Wu Xie’s perplexity and it raised its paw and swiped it against Ah Jing’s head.

The next moment, the screaming Ah Jing fell over in a dead faint.

And silence claimed the room once more.

The black beast turned back into a cat and jumped up onto the bed to silently observe Jun Wu Xie as she conduct Fan Zhuo’s treatment, a face a mask of intense concentration.

The most difficult maladies to fully treat and root out completely were those that had their illness accompanying them all the while straight from birth. Not many ways existed that could fully mend such inborn deficiencies. Fan Zhuo had been born with a weak constitution and his body had been mainly sustained by medicine and elixirs over a long period and their side effects had been deeply ingrained all the way into his bones. The sudden seizure had shown all the signs of Fan Zhuo being poisoned and the deep seated side effects accumulated over the long years of his high intake of medicines had erupted together. Under the successive bouts of trauma inflicted upon a person’s body, even a normal person might not survive under the torment and Fan Zhuo’s situation was made all the more dire.

“Jun Xie! What are you doing! ?” Having just completed his training, Fan Jin had made his way over here to sponge a good meal off his brother. The moment he had stepped into the small yard within the bamboo grove, he had detected a faint smell of blood. Worried for his brother’s condition, he had rushed into the room and the moment he had pushed the door open, he saw Ah Jing lying in a heap, motionless on the ground, and bleeding from the neck. His dear younger brother was on the bed, covered in blood, and his body was badly contorted as violent spasms rocked him and Jun Xie was just staring coldly at his side.

At that moment, Fan Jin’s mind exploded!

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