Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 914

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Chapter 914: Liu Meng Ying (Part 1)

In this competition, Ye Yu Xi had deliberately hidden her strength.

The first few rounds were easily taken care of and more and more people paid attention to Ye Yu Xi.  At first people only thought that her talent wasn’t bad, but once she entered the fifth round and defeated a mid seventh spiritual level freshman in two moves, no one dared to look down on her.

Everyone was discussing Feng Tian Zong, Ye Yu Xi, Princess Yuan Na, and Mu Er.

“Seventh round, Ye Yu Xi and Feng Tian Zong, come up!”

Hei Feng Tian Zong heard this and his smile dropped.  He looked at Ye Yu Xi with a bit of depression while Ye Yu Xi looked at him with a smile.

Feeling helpless, Hei Feng Tian Zong jumped up.

“Feng Tian Zong, high seventh spiritual level!  Ye Yu Xi, mid seventh spiritual level!”

The referee loudly announced.

“Taking bets, taking bets!  1.5 on Feng Tian Zong winning, 2 on Ye Yu Xi winning!  Come bet now!”

A sneaky inner court disciple took this chance to start betting.  He had already analyzed the two on stage.  They had both defeated their sixth round opponent in three moves, but Feng Tian Zong’s strength was a small realm higher, so he had a higher chance of winning!

Hearing this man call out, many students made bets.

“Fake good person, you’re starting betting again?”  Chu Tian Zhe looked at Jia Hao Ren surrounded by people.

“Ya?  Senior Chu, a rare visitor.  I am Jia Hao Ran, not a fake food person.”  Jia Hao Ren cupped his hands to Chu Tian Che before continuing to take bets.

What was being bet was not gold coins, but rather points!

After all, gold coins were useless in the academy.

Chu Tian Che naturally didn’t come to Jia Hao Ren for fun.  As a senior, Chu Tian Che knew that this kid Jia Hao Ren had a sneaky mind and sharp eyes.  If he could join the Thousand Pain Hall or Blood Enchantress, it would be a great help to him!

When Chu Tian Che wanted to speak, a voice came from behind him.

“Who is this!  Don’t you know that dogs shouldn’t block the way!”

Hearing this voice, Chu Tian Che’s eyes turned cold.  He turned around and standing behind Chu Tian Che was a large man with a charming woman in his arms.

This man was called Suo Yuan and that woman was Chu Tian Che’s fiancee, Liu Meng Ying…..

“I was wondering who this was, isn’t this hall master Chu?  My mistake, my mistake!”  Suo Yuan deliberately raised his voice as his large hands grabbed Liu Meng Ying’s chest.

“Meng Ying, you are old acquaintances, why don’t you greet him?”  Suo Yuan’s smiled at the girl in his arms.

“Hateful~!”  Liu Meng Ying nudged Suo Yuan’s chest.  But when she looked at Chu Tian Che, her eyes became complicated.

“Big brother Chu!”  Kang Yuan and the others noticed the situation and stood behind Chu Tian Che, glaring at Suo Yuan’s group.

Ye Yu Xi and Hei Feng Tian Zong had just gotten up on stage, but Chu Tian Che’s side was about to clash!

The sneaky Jia Hao Ren’s eyes turned and mediated for the two of them, “We’re allo seniors here, we need to care for our status.  Big brother Chu, big brother Suo, do you two want to place bets?  The match is about to begin!”

At the freshmen conference two years ago, Suo Yuan had been defeated by Chu Tian Che and a grudge formed between them.  Two years passed and the tides changed.  Chu Tian Che offended the Dragon King Guild and his position dropped, but Suo Yuan had firmly established himself.

Suo Yuan looked at the stage and laughed, “It seems like it’s a rare chance to be happy.  Let’s play, I’ll bet five thousand points on that Feng Tian Zong!”

Five thousand points at once!  It was something that many normal students couldn’t earn in three years.

Liu Meng Ying gave Suo Yuan a wink in adoration.

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