Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 913

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Chapter 913: This kid, the Black Wind Hall will take

“The girl that just came off stage seven, go and investigate her.”

“Send someone to contact Ye Yu Xi.  Tell her that the Purple Phoenix Guild will take her.  As long as she’s willing to join, she’ll receive the same treatment as the inner yard disciples.”

“Go and contact the one from stage seven……”

There were many leaders who had taken interest in Ye Yu Xi.  Other than that, there were many forces interested in Hei Feng Tian Zong.

The freshmen conference reached the seventh round and only ten people could participate!

There were freshmen who were unlucky and were seriously injured in the competition.  The academy provided medical treatment in these cases, but they couldn’t keep on participating.

There were many new freshmen who left, but more and more older students gathered.

These older students knew that the ones who lasted were all elites!  They were also the targets for the bigger groups.

“Tian Peng, the cultivation technique that Feng Tian Zong uses is similar to yours.  He is also surnamed Feng, could it be…..that he is from your family?”  A strong man was standing beside Hei Feng Tian Peng.

Hei Feng Tian Peng smiled without saying a thing.  Then he suddenly spoke to the one beside him, “The kid on stage, our Black Wind Hall will take him.”

“Un?  He’s really from your family?”  The large man was a bit surprised!

Countless people wanted to join the Black Wind Hall, but they were rejected by Feng Tian Peng.  There were even eighth spiritual level inner court disciples who were rejected, but he never expected Feng Tian Peng to book this freshman!

“He has a talent for refining weapons.”  Hei Feng mTian Peng slowly said.  Looking at Hei Feng Tian Zong, there was a slight pampering in his eyes.

Hei Feng Tian Peng raised his hand and an inner court disciple came over, bowing to him, “Hall Master.”

“Go and tell the five great guilds that the kid who just came off stage fill will be taken into our Black Wind Hall.”

“Yes!”  The inner court disciple ran off.

The leaders of the five great guilds were chatting when an inner court disciple came over.

“The Black Wind Hall’s Lu Xiu Si greets the leaders.”

“Un, brother from the Black Wind Hall, do you need something?”  Long Wu looked at Lu Xiu Si.

Lu Xiu Si lowered his head and said, “Feng Tian Zong who just came off stage five, our Black Wind Hall intends to accept him, so I’ve come to notify the leaders.”

“Oh?  Feng Tian Peng is finally intending to accept people this year?  Feng Tian Zong…..Alright, we got it.  Tell your leader that we won’t fight him for this one.”  Bai Ran waved his hand at Lu Xiu Si to have him retreat.

Bai Ran made the decision for the five of them, but the other four weren’t dissatisfied.  The Black Wind Hall was the only weapon refining guild and the hall master Feng Tian Peng could refine Spiritual Weapons, so the five guilds have been cooperating with them for many years.

It wasn’t exaggerated to say that the Black Wind Hall was the weapon supplier of the Alchemist Academy!  The Black Wind Hall had less than a hundred people, but their annual profit wasn’t less than the five great guilds.  If the Black Wind Hall’s master said he wanted someone, the five great guilds would naturally give him face.

“Everyone, there’s only nine people left.  Let’s discuss the rest of them.”  Bai Ran looked at the others.”

“Princess Yuan Na, our Hundred Flower Hall wants her.”

“The one called Ye Yu Xi, the Moon Heart Pavilion is interested.”  Yue Ling Shan revealed a bit of a smile.

“Brother Qi, does your Together Summit Hall not want those two?”  Long Wu looked at Qi Yu Ze on the side.

Qi Yu Ze shook his head, “Our Together Summit Hall took four people last year, this year we won’t take anyone.”

Qi Yu Ze shaked his head as his eyes unconsciously looked at Ye Yu Xi.

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