Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 907

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Chapter 907: Can you let this treasure……

Ten Thousand Year Old Cold Ice?

Ye Yu Xi’s breath became tense, this was a treasure.

“You are just in the eighth spiritual level, so you can’t use the Cold Jade Bed in the space, but it’s just right for cultivating here.”

“How is Huo Ling’s cultivation going?”  Ye Yu Xi thought of Huo Ling.  It was already close to an hour, the burning feeling in her meridians still hadn’t subsided.

“The little dumb bird?”  Long Xiao Pang scratched his head, “He should be done in another half a day.”

Ye Yu Xi found a place to sit down and following Long Xiao Pang’s instructions, she put the Qilin Horn on the side as she began cultivating.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t feel hunger or thirst while cultivating, she sat there all night.

Bai Jin Yi came again the next morning to give Ye Yu Xi something to eat.  Once she finished, she went right back to cultivating.

After a day of cultivation, Ye Yu Xi felt the long lost spiritual energy fluctuations.

Long Xiao Pang on the side suddenly looked at Ye Yu Xi.

Intermediate eighth spiritual level!  The little dumb bird!

Long Xiao Pang grabbed Zi Ling beside and turned into a beam of light that entered Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi suddenly benefited from Huo Ling breaking through.  After more than ten hours, Huo Ling had finally finished swallowing the Beast Flame.


When Long Xiao Pang entered, he heard the phoenix cry.  Although it was a bit young, there was already the power of the Vermillion Bird in it.

“Your tail has evolved out of the youth stage, not bad, not bad.”  Long Xiao Pang looked at Huo Ling with a smile.

Huo Ling’s feathers were beautiful like crystals.  Once could even see flames flowing through them if one looked carefully.  Although the feathers were beautiful, the only drawback was that Huo Ling’s tail…..was very short, it didn’t look like a phoenix’s tail at all.

Huo Ling had flames around it that kept growing, until he finally turned into his child form.

“Little dumb bird, you did well.”  Long Xiao Pang gave a certain look.

Huo Ling had a smile.  Looking at Long Xiao Pang, he blinked, “Little human ginseng, I feel like I’m more powerful compared to before.”

“That’s certain, you’ve at least evolved.”

“This treasure feels I can eat you now.  Can you let me take a bite?”  Huo Ling looked at Long Xiao Pang with his big eyes, discussing this matter.

Long Xiao Pang’s eyes opened wide……


In a part of the Purple Cloud Continent, Ghost Asura Sect

Compared to the dignity of the Medicine King Valley, the Ghost Asura Sect that was just as famous was a bit gloomy.

“Reporting to the sect master, the branch in Sun Mound City was slaughtered yesterday.  All the two hundred people in the branch were all killed, without a single one being spared.”  Someone in a dark cloak kneeled down.

Long Qing Feng leaned back in his large stone chair and his eyes turned cold, “Who did it?”

“Medicine King Valley’s Bai Jin Yi and…..his twelve Shadow Guards.”  The black cloak kneeled on the ground as his body trembled, afraid that the sect master would lose his temper.

“Bai Jin Yi?  That kid poisoned with our Blood Poison still isn’t dead yet?”  A surprised look appeared on Long Qing Feng’s face before he said to the guard beside him, “Go call Old Ghost over.”

After a while, Gui Qian Xiu came to the hall.

“Greetings to the sect master.”  Gui Qian Xiu had a solemn look.  He had already heard something had happened from the guard.

“Old Ghost, Bai Jin Yi was hit by your palm, right?”  Long Qing Feng narrowed his eyes.

“Indeed, he used a secret technique and escaped.”  Gui Qian Xiu said.

There was a short silence in the hall.

Long Qing Feng looked at the spy on the side, “Was there any other information from the branch?”

“Yes, according to what others nearby said, Bai Jin Yi has most likely entered the Profound Spirit Realm.”

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