Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 906

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Chapter 906: Exquisite Tower’s sixth floor (Part 2)

“Un?”  Bai Jin Yi’s expression changed.  Bai Jin Yi didn’t make a move as he looked at Ye Yu Xi on the side, “Let them see the jade token.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded and with a flash in her hand, the jade token appeared in front of the two old men.

“I didn’t know it was miss envoy, I’ve been rude.  I hope you forgive me.”  The two old men accepted it without asking anything.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the two old men and was a bit surprised.  Just what was inside that two eighth spiritual level experts were guarding?

She was curious as she entered the stone door.

The sixth floor was different from the fifth floor.  There were only twenty rooms on the sixth floor, but the area wasn’t smaller than the fifth floor.

The decoration was different from the fifth floor.  Other than being simple, there was no place to swipe one’s card.  It seemed like cultivating on the sixth floor didn’t take points.

“Just find a room to cultivate in.”  Bai Jin Yi’s eyes became softer.

Ye Yu Xi nodded before turning to enter a room.

“Wait.”  Bai Jin Yi reached out his hand to touch Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder.

“Un?”  Ye Yu Xi turned and it turned dark in front of her.

Bai Jin Yi was already near Ye Yu Xi and he lowered his head to put a soft kiss on her head, “Jump into the space if you meet danger, don’t fight the enemy and protect yourself.  I’m here for other things.”

Ye Yu Xi twisted her shoulder and escaped Bai Jin Yi’s embrace.  She didn’t dare face Bai Jin Yi’s handsome face as she complained in a small voice, “Don’t touch me.”

After saying this, Ye Yu Xi flicked her black hair and entered one of the stone rooms.

Bai Jin Yi watched Ye Yu Xi’s graceful back.  There was still a faint scent from her in his embrace.  Bai Jin Yi revealed a smile, this girl, so she can become shy.

Thinking of Ye Yu Xi’s slightly angry protest, Bai Jin Yi’s mood was very good!

Raising his head and giving a sigh, the depression that filled Bai Jin Yi’s chest for many years subsided.  His starry eyes sparkled and Bai Jin Yi stood there muttering, “The Alchemist Academy has been a bit too calm in the past few years.”

The evil smile appeared on his lips and Bai Jin Yi turned to head downstairs.

When Ye Yu Xi entered the room, she leaned against the door and a trace of confusion appeared in her beautiful eyes.

The feeling Bai Jin Yi gave her was different from before!

Thinking of the scene just now, Ye Yu Xi felt something.  She couldn’t become cold in front of Bai Jin Yi anymore!

Hearing the sounds outside, Ye Yu Xi knew that Bai Jin Yi had left.

There was a spiritual energy fluctuation in the empty stone room and Long Xiao Pang appeared carrying Zi Ling.

“Dragon master?”  Ye Yu Xi raised a brow and put away her thoughts immediately.

“The Exquisite Tower’s sixth floor?  Not bad, not bad, it’s just right for you.”  Long Xiao Pang looked around before tapping on the wall with his small hand.

“Dragon master, why did you come out?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Long Xiao Pang.  Long Xiao Pang said that he wouldn’t come out in the academy to avoid being detected by people.

Long Xiao Pang laid on the floor to listen to movements before standing up in a relieved manner, “I was bored, so I came out for a walk.  This place isn’t bad.”

“Why is this place so cold?”  Ye Yu Xi felt the strangeness around her as a bit of a chill filled her body.  Without using her cultivation technique, her spiritual energy quickly turned to resist the cold.

Long Xiao Pang laughed, “When this tower was built, it was mixed with Cold Ice Jade, which you know as Ten Thousand Year Old Cold Ice.”

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