Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 744

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Chapter 744: Ghost Prison (Part 1)


Ye Yu Xi flew at the ground like a cannonball.  The place she chose to land was right where the seventh prince was.

She quickly fell down as a cold glow flashed on the Soul Devourer Blade in her hand.

The seventh prince who was in a daze saw Ye Yu Xi suddenly “charging” at him.  He quickly moved back, but he found that no matter where he went, he was still in the range of Ye Yu Xi’s attack.

This is bad!

Elder Qiu’s eyes popped out.  Just looking at where Ye Yu Xi was landing told him that he had fallen for a trap.  Ye Yu Xi deliberately took that palm from him, her actual goal was to kill the seventh prince.

Hong, hong, hong.

The black energy in the sky gathered in elder Qiu’s sleeve and it turned into a black claw in the sky that flew out at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi noticed the situation behind her.  Her eyes turned cold as the Soul Devourer Blade in her hand had already flew out.


Ye Yu Xi stopped in midair.

“Caught her!”  Elder Qiu’s face filled with joy.  At the last moment, he used a giant spiritual energy claw to grab Ye Yu Xi’s ankle.

The seventh prince had his back against the wall and couldn’t retreat any further.  His eyes were wide open as he looked at Ye Yu Xi in the air.

There were several meters between the two of them, but Ye Yu Xi’s dagger was only ten centimeters from the seventh prince’s forehead.

Time froze in that moment as a gentle breeze blew the hair in front of Ye Yu Xi’s face and elder Qiu reached out on hand to control the giant spiritual energy claw.

Life and death, there was only ten centimeters.

Elder Qiu’s eyes turned dark.  With a flick of his hand, he threw Ye Yu Xi aside.

In the seventh prince’s stunned eyes, a faint smile appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s nation collapsing face as she softly spat out two words, “Shadow Blade.”


A spiritual dagger came out of the tip and pierced the seventh prince’s head.


Ye Yu Xi was slammed down to the side.

The seventh prince was pinned against the walls.  His eyes were wide open and there was no sign of life in his pupils, as the spiritual energy dagger between his brows slowly faded.

“Your highness!”  Elder Qiu saw the seventh prince instantly lose his life and his face became even darker.

The seventh prince wasn’t close to elder Qiu, but the seventh prince was the King of Hell’s Palace’s puppet for developing in the Ice Mist Country.  Now that the seventh prince was dead, everything they had worked for was all ruined!

Ge, ge, ge.

Elder Qiu’s black cloak bulged and ge, ge, sounds came from him.

“You, must, die!”  Elder Qiu looked at Ye Yu Xi who had been thrown a hundred meters away and his eyes turned black.

Now the main problem had been taken care of, Ye Yu Xi could focus on the fight.

Her Dark Poison God’s Art quickly revolved and the red lines on her wings became more pronounced.  The lines spread from the wings on Ye Yu Xi’s back and moved towards her face.

“Grandmother, that Ye Yu Xi, it seems like she’s using a secret technique.”  The young girl in the corner looked up at the battle in the sky.

“Ye Yu Xi, she’s a genius.  If she can get past this and step onto the Central Plains, her future will not be beneath you and Xiao Wu.”  The old lady had a certain tone to her voice.

“Humph.”  The young girl gave a soft snort, as a trace of unhappiness appeared in her heart.


In the air.

Sou, sou, sou.

Large amount of black energy came out of elder Qiu’s cloak and quickly flew at Ye Yu Xi.

That black energy kept churning in the air and when it approached Ye Yu Xi, it had already gathered into a long black cone.


Ye Yu Xi’s palm was covered in Strange Flame that kept attacking the dense black cone.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t know what this was, but Ye Yu Xi did know that if she was hit by this fishy smelling thing, she would definitely suffer!

A proud look appeared in elder Qiu’s eyes as waves of mental energy controlled the changes with the black energy.

Suction came out of his other hand and the dark flag inserted in the ground flew into the air.

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