Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 743

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Chapter 743: I want to see who can save you! (Part 2)

“It seems like your excellency wants to fight me.”  Elder Qiu’s voice suddenly turned cold.

“The seventh prince must die!”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes suddenly changed as she moved backwards.

Sou, sou, sou.

With the control of her mental energy, her silver needles flew out and landed in three different acupuncture points.


There was an explosion that came from Ye Yu Xi.

It was like an ancient beast was slowly awakening from its slumber.

Ye Yu Xi’s spiritual energy and aura quickly increased by several times.

“Oh?”  A surprised look appeared in elder Qiu’s turbid eyes.

“Grandmother, she actually hid her power.”  A ripple appeared in the young girl’s voice again.

“This aura, it’s almost at the peak ninth spiritual level.”  The old woman slowly said.

“Peak ninth spiritual level, it’s only half a bit lacking compared to Xiao Wu.”  The young girl was surprised as her interest in Ye Yu Xi began to grow!



Wings with red lines began to gather on Ye Yu Xi’s back.

The feeling Ye Yu Xi gave people was like that of a demon god!

“You have some skills, take my palm!”  Elder Qiu flew out.

It seemed quite slow, but Ye Yu Xi felt that she couldn’t dodge this palm!


Two palms clashed with each other.

Ye Yu Xi flew twenty meters into the sky while elder Qiu was sent back to the ground by the force of this palm, landing firmly on the pole of the flag.

Elder Qiu’s turbid eyes suddenly changed and instantly filled with a bloodthirsty look.


With a flap of his wings, he flew into the air and a black aura surrounded Ye Yu Xi.


Purple flames swelled out of Ye Yu Xi’s hand and met the black energy.

Si, si, si, si.

The corroding sound from the collision of the Strange Flame and black energy grated on everyone’s eardrums.

“Strange Flame!”  A serious look flashed in elder Qiu’s eyes.

He never thought that there would be this kind of treasure in this girl in her teens!

Seeing the flame in Ye Yu Xi’s hand, a greedy look appeared in elder Qiu’s eyes.

Strange Flame was not like Beast Flames.  Other than having intense might, Strange Flames could also…..be stolen!

As long as he killed this girl, the Flame Seed would fall out of her body.  As long as he could refine this Flame Seed, he could break through the peak ninth spiritual level and reach the Yellow Spirit Realm!

Elder Qiu’s aura changed again!

With a flash of cold light, the Soul Devourer Blade was raised in Ye Yu Xi’s hand.

The seventh prince looked up at the people in the air.

When the wings on Ye Yu Xi’s back appeared in the seventh prince’s eyes, it was filled with irony!

The seventh prince looked at the unconscious Jia Qiong to the side.

Once upon a time, Ye Yu Xi was a waste and Jia Qiong was the Ice Mist Country’s number one genius.  In order to obtain the Mingyue Sect’s power and to obtain his position, he didn’t hesitate to break off his engagement and even tried to kill the waste.

If…..he didn’t do that.

The seventh prince looked at the spiritual energy waves around Ye Yu Xi.  Right now…..he would have already been the emperor!

The seventh prince revealed a bitter smile on his desolate face.  That smile, perhaps there was a trace of regret.

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi were both in hard battles right now.

Bai Jin Yi’s cultivation had been sealed and he couldn’t use the power he had, so he could only struggle against elder Pan.

Ye Yu Xi and elder Qiu had fought several rounds.

With their strength, if they weren’t in the air and were in the yard, just the spiritual energy from the clash of their weapons would be enough to make normal cultivators spit out blood!

No, I only have an hour, I will definitely lose if I keep clashing with this old man!

Thoughts passed through Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.

Peng, peng, peng!

Their fists clashed and a shocking spiritual energy was released.

“Watch this palm!”

Elder Qiu moved behind Ye Yu Xi and being a bit taller, a mountain like pressure fell down towards Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi felt the palm wind behind her and her eyes turned cold, “A chance!”


Elder Qiu’s iron palms landed right on Ye Yu Xi’s back.

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