Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 745

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Chapter 745: Ghost Prison (Part 2)

The flag that was as tall as a person kept shrinking in the air.  When it reached elder Qiu’s hand, it was already the size of a person’s arm.

“Ghost Prison!”

Elder Qiu’s hand changed and under the control of his mental energy, the black cone that had been smashed by Ye Yu Xi began to stir again.

Sou, sou, sou.

Several hundred black cones shot at Ye Yu Xi.  With the change of elder Qiu’s hand, those cones joined together to form a two meter long cage!

Ye Yu Xi was caught right in the middle of the cage.

What is this?

Ye Yu Xi looked at the black cage around her.

She slashed out and the black cage shook, but there wasn’t a single mark on the black prison.

So hard!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes changed.

Hong, hong, hong.

Purple flames were shot out.  Under the head of the Strange Flame, the black cage was burned away a bit, but…..it was only a little bit.

“Humph, Hundred Poison Nether Flag!”  The flag in elder Qiu’s hand suddenly shot out and inserted itself into the black cage.

Ye Yu Xi!

Bai Jin Yi’s eyes in the other battle widened!  That Nether Flag had powerful poison!

“Xiao Bai, the little girl is fine, quickly take care of this old man.”  Long Xiao Pang’s voice suddenly rang in Bai Jin Yi’s mind

The worry in Bai Jin Yi’s starry eyes disappeared.  Ye Yu Xi had condensed the Poison Natal Bead, she was immune to all poison, which he had forgotten about.


The Empty Starry Night Flames were released and Bai Jin Yi wildly attack elder Pan.


Ye Yu Xi attacked several times without any success.  She calmed down and looked at the prison with cold eyes.


The Nether Flag was silently inserted into the black cage.


A black smoke was released from the pole of the flag and surrounded Ye Yu Xi, not scattering at all.

Ye Yu Xi’s reaction was very quick, immediately holding her breath and not letting a bit enter her body.

Everything in front of her became blurry and Ye Yu Xi’s body trembled.

“Humph, being hit with the Hundred Poison Nether Flag, it would be hard to escape death even in the Yellow Spirit Realm.”  Elder Qiu looked at Ye Yu Xi shaking and his heart filled with pride.

Two weak lights appeared in Ye Yu XI’s hand, mixing black and purple light.

Under the cover of the golden glove, these lights didn’t attract anyone’s attention.


Ye Yu Xi’s blurriness only lasted an instant.  There was a strange feeling from her hand before her consciousness cleared.

Looking at the cage in front, Ye Yu Xi tightly gritted her teeth.  If she stayed here, there might be other changes! She could only…..use her final move!

Hong, hong, hong.

The spiritual energy around elder Qiu was compressed and the black spiritual energy gathered as a black blade in his palm.

“Die!”  Elder Qiu sent the blade at the cage.


A shattering sound rang out.

“Bullying a girl, that is not something a man should do.”  An unfamiliar man’s voice rang out.

There was an extra blood red figure between the cage and elder Qiu.

Ye Yu Xi in the black cage narrowed her eyes!  It was him!

“Grandmother, it’s someone from the Xue Family!”  The eyes of the young girl below lit up and a more serious look appeared.

“Why are the Xue Family’s people here?  They’re also helping an unknown girl!” The old woman was also surprised by this situation.

“Who are you!”  Elder Qiu’s face sunk.

Such a strong person, he used his hand to block the blade!

“It isn’t important who I am.  The important thing is that you can’t kill this person.”  Xue Yu caught elder Qiu’s black blade in one hand and the blood red crystal in his hand shattered.

Xue Yu felt the spiritual energy change behind him and his face changed, as he moved several meters aside.


A hole appeared in the incomparably firm black cage and a bolt of purple lightning came out.

Xue Yu dodged it and elder Qiu wanted to dodge, but it was already too late as the purple lightning was already close to him.


Spiritual energy exploded and blood and flesh scattered.

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