Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 591

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Chapter 591: Buy one for your son

Ding, ding, ding!

When they came to Black Wind Town, they saw the outer walls were a bit worn out.  When they came into the city, they heard the ding ding dang dang sounds of pounding iron.

The air was a bit warm and this warmth was the heat that came from the air being burned by the flames.

Looking around, the street was filled with blacksmith shops.  It was occasionally dotted with inns, restaurants, and pharmacies.

There were even many blacksmiths that put their forges on the street.  The bellows blew and an unknown ore was being melted inside.

“This place really lives up to the name of Ore City.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the shops on the street and slowly followed Bai Jin Yi, looking like a little couple.

“This young master, buy a longevity lock for your son.  Look at this look, it is made of newly refined silver, look at it glow.”  A small vendor was holding a longevity lock in his hand, showing his wares to Bai Jin Yi with a bright smile.


Bai Jin Yi staggered back as he looked at Long Xiao Pang following him…..

With Long Xiao Pang’s size and his innocent look, following behind him in a cute manner, he did look like it.

Bai Jin Yi looked up at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes looked like they wanted to eat someone.  Flames of rage billowed as if saying: If you dare agree, this old lady will definitely kill you!

“Ke, ke!  No need, no need, I still have other matters to do.”  Bai Jin Yi quickly said this and grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s hand, pulling her along.

“You’re considered smart.”  The flames of rage in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes slowly disappeared.

The street was very noisy and adding in the fact that Long Xiao Pang had been urging them the past few days,  Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s chance to make contact had greatly increased. If Bai Jin Yi suddenly grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s hand now, Ye Yu Xi actually wouldn’t immediately throw it off.

“Hey!  Madame, how about buying one for your soon?  It’s very cheap.” The vendor didn’t give up.

Ye Yu Xi stopped and turned to look at the vendor.  Her eyes were especially cold and it scared the vendor so much he didn’t dare say anything else.  He just muttered to himself, “Which ever brother meets this girl is certainly doomed. He’ll be afraid of his wife with a single look.”

“The vendor’s identification isn’t bad, how about I suffer a bit?”  Long Xiao Pang came between them and grabbed their hands, giving his suggestion with his immature voice.

“It can be considered.”

“In your dreams!”

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi spoke at the same time!

“Pretend I said nothing!”

“Say it again!”

The two of them, once again…..spoke in unison.

“Humph!”  Ye Yu Xi gave a snort and turned to look at the stores, ignoring Bai Jin Yi.

Long Xiao Pang looked at Bai Jin Yi who kept compromising.  His little eyes narrowed and he even felt embarrassed looking at Bai Jin Yi.

“This, men can’t keep arguing with women.”  Bai Jin Yi explained to Long Xiao Pang in a small voice.

“Forget it, I guess you’ll be eaten by that little girl.”  Long Xiao Pang simply gave up on saving Bai Jin Yi. His other hand holding Ye Yu Xi’s hand swung a few times as he said, “Little girl, you promised you would buy roasted lamb meat for me, we’re here now.”

“Go find a restaurant.”

Ye Yu Xi coldly spat out.

With Ye Yu Xi’s dominating personality, they directly grabbed someone from the street and asked them where the largest restaurant in Black Wind Town was.  Then they brought Long Xiao Pang there.

Black Stone Restaurant.

Ye Yu Xi looked up at the plaque over the door.  The name was very simple, it was quite appropriate for this place.

When they came in, it was still early, so there weren’t many people eating.  They directly asked for a private room.

“Waiter, do you have whole roasted lamb?”  Bai Jin Yi softly asked.

“Yes.  Guest, do you need one for the two of you?”  The waiter gave a timely half bow.

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