Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 592

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Chapter 592: Filling one’s stomach (Part 1)

“How many do you have?”  Bai Jin Yi didn’t immediately reply.

“This, although there are many customers each day, they don’t eat much.  There are around twenty in the backyard and they are slaughtered on the spot.  Guest, will you be having one?” The waiter said with a smile.

“Un, how is the taste?”  Long Xiao Pang suddenly cut in.

“Ai, this little master, one look at you is enough to tell you aren’t a regular.  The craftsmanship of our Black Stone Restaurant, we don’t dare say this for the Purple Cloud Continent, but it is definitely unique in Black Wind Town.”  The waiter knew how to talk. Although Long Xiao Pang was a child, he still called him master.

“Un~You calling me master is very satisfying.  Alright, we’ll eat at your place.” Long Xiao Pang happily made a decision.

“Your eyesight is very good, you made the right choice!”  The waiter quickly gave a few bows.

The waiter who served people all year round knew that normally when children spoke, adults usually wouldn’t refute them.

“Twenty lambs…..”  Bai Jin Yi calculated the quantity before looking down at Long Xiao Pang.  Long Xiao Pang hadn’t eaten in several days, so these twenty wouldn’t even be enough to fill the gap in his teeth.

“Waiter, go and tell the people of your restaurant to buy a hundred lambs for me.  Roast them all, I have need of them. This is a tip for you, I’ll give the money for the lambs later.”  Bai Jin Yi casually threw out two gold coins.

“Thank you master for your tip, but a hundred lambs, you……”

“You don’t need to care, just focus on roasting them.  After you roast them, bring them up for me.” Bai Jin Yi waved his hand.

“Understood.  Please wait a moment.”  The waiter left and had people rush out to buy lambs.

Although the waiter questioned whether these two adults and this child could finish all those whole roasted lambs, his many years of experience told him that he couldn’t ask!  If he asked, he wouldn’t be able to learn anything.

But thinking about it, the people that came here all came to buy ores or weapons.  There were probably guards outside that came with them, so they must be ordering takeout.


In the private room.

Gudong, gudong.

After the waiter left the private room, Long Xiao Pang had been staring at the door the entire time, swallowing his saliva.

“Dragon master, in this half hour, your eyes have never left the door.”  Bai Jin Yi saw Long Xiao Pang’s appearance and felt it was funny.

“Humph!  What do you know, this dragon master hasn’t eaten in three days.  That little dumb bird Huo Ling is the same, his nose is so sharp, he can even smell things that are underground.  If it wasn’t for helping him find lingzhi, we would have arrived yesterday!”

Long Xiao Pang was swallowing his saliva while staring at the door, anticipating the moment it would open.

“The tallest building at the center of the city, is that the Black Wind Family?”  Ye Yu Xi remembered the things she saw when she came in.

At the end of the road, one could see a building in the distance.  It was a full six-seven stories higher than the other buildings.

“Un, that’s the Black Wind House, one of the symbols of Black Wind Town.”  Bai Jin Yi casually sipped some tea. After waiting for a while, Bai Jin Yi was a bit hungry.  He regretted the fact that he didn’t order some side dishes to fill his stomach for now.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and said nothing else, sitting there with closed eyes.

After around half an hour.

The door to the room was finally opened.

“Three guests, one lamb has been roasted.  Do you want to bring it up now?” The waiter asked from the doorway.

“Bring it, bring it, quickly.”  Without waiting for Bai Jin Yi to speak, Long Xiao Pang excitedly stood up.

The waiter waved his hand and the two helpers behind him brought in a large iron plate, placing a whole roasted lamb in front of Long Xiao Pang.  

Long Xiao Pang licked his lips and wanted to chow down, but he suddenly noticed Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi looking at him.  Accurately speaking, they were looking at the lamb meat.

Long Xiao Pang thought for a bit before raising his hand and saying to the waiter at the door, “Waiter, bring two plates of peanuts first to let them fill their stomachs.”

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