Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 590

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Chapter 590: Black Wind Town

“Master, are we going to deal with those people?”  Huo Ling was flying in the air. The place where his master had just left, he couldn’t see the ground at all, it was covered in corpses.

Ye Yu Xi shook her head.

In the mountains, the smallest worry was dealing with corpses.

Putting them there, in less than a day, there would be spirit beasts that eat them.  For those robbers to end up like this, it was their own faults.

Long Xiao Pang followed Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi, heading to the main road.

This little girl and Bai Jin Yi, they were more and more like a couple.  At least, there was a simple intimacy and Ye Yu Xi didn’t repel him anymore.

“It seems like it’s time to let them train the third level of the Exquisite Wonder Technique, hei, hei,”  Long Xiao Pang gave two “crude” laughs as he skipped after them.

The Black Stone Mountain Ranges were not big or small.

Compared to the Heaven Mountain Range, the Black Stone Mountain Range was smaller, only being half its size.  But compared to the Ice Mist Country, the Black Stone Mountain Range was big.

The Black Stone Mountain Range in the Ice Mist Country was only the tip of the iceberg.  This entire mountain range was several times larger than the Ice Mist Country.

On the way, Huo Ling didn’t miss out on finding herbs.  Only, he rarely met anything on the same level as the Flame Ginseng.

Huo Ling had found quite a few lingzhi and Blood Ginseng.  Eating these “high grade” herbs, Huo Ling was very happy. If it wasn’t for Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi being in a rush, Huo Ling didn’t even want to leave this place.

The day after they had fought Hei Wu Chang, Bai Jin Yi had recovered half his spiritual energy.  On the third day, naturally he could move freely.

Although Bai Jin Yi was not willing, under Ye Yu Xi’s angry gaze, he took his arm from Ye Yu Xi’s tender shoulder.

“Little girl, we’ve already talked about it.  When we head to Black Wind Town later, buy some lamb meat for me first.”  Long Xiao Pang chattered from beside Ye Yu Xi.

“Dragon master, you’ve said this several times now over the past few days.”  Bai Jin Yi said with a smile.

“Do you know how bad your little wife’s memory is…..”  Long Xiao Pang unconsciously said the truth.


Ye Yu Xi looked at Long Xiao Pang, scaring him into changing his tone.

“The little girl has many other things to do, what if you forget?  Isn’t that right, little girl?”



While Ye Yu Xi’s group of three were walking on the road, there were rushed hoofbeats coming from behind them.

When the three moved to the side, two horses quickly went past them.  There were flags on the back of the horses that danced in the wind.

“Black Wind?”

Ye Yu Xi looked at the flag, it was white with black edges, with the two words “Black Wind” in the center.

“Do you know why this place is called Black Wind Town?”  Bai Jin Yi also saw the flags on the backs of the horses.

“Why?  Could it be that Black Wind Town is the Black Wind Family’s business?”  Ye Yu Xi casually said.

Bai Jin Yi revealed a faint smile, “You actually guessed it.”

“What?”  Ye Yu Xi felt a bit surprised!  The Black Wind Town recorded in many books actually belonged to a single family?

“In Black Wind Town, the Black Wind Family is the law.  Even the Spiritualist Guild and the Alchemist Guild don’t have as much influence as the Black Wind Family.  Those two riding horses just now, they were messengers for the Black Wind Family. With the Black Wind Flag, on the road through the Black Stone Mountain Range, no one dares stop them, no one dares go against the Black Wind Flag.”  Bai Jin Yi explained.

Ye Yu Xi looked in the direction the two horses rushed off in and not far away, she could vaguely see the city walls.  She just didn’t know what the scene inside the city walls looked like.

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