Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 586

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Chapter 586: Hei Wu Chang (Part 3)

The mountain wind kept blowing.  Hei Wu Chang’s sunken eyes became even more sunken.  On his thin chest, the turquoise flame blade was slowly dissipating.

“Shadow Blade.”

Ye Yu Xi softly spat out these two words.

In the beginning, she was leaving this move for the seventh prince, but she never thought she would have to use it ahead of time.


Hei Wu Chang’s spiritual energy seemed like it was searching for a vent as it became unstable.

Bai Jin Yi felt the change with Hei Wu Chang and his face fell, “Run!”


The two sounds rang out at almost the same time.

Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi, one behind the other, was sent flying away by that giant spiritual energy.

Ye Yu Xi was fine.  The instant the spiritual energy exploded, Huo Ling smartly used his wings to protect Ye Yu Xi.

But Bai Jin Yi……he directly slammed into the ground.

“Wu…..it hurts so much for this treasure.”  Huo Ling whined in Ye Yu Xi’s mind. Those flame red wings, the crystalline feathers looked very messy.

“You, you all.”

After Hei Wu Chang’s spiritual energy swelled out, his defenses instantly disappeared.  There was a bit of turquoise flame left on his chest wound that was gradually burned brighter, until it enveloped his entire body.


Hei Wu Chang’s burning corpse fell to the ground.

Ye Yu Xi calmed the spiritual energy inside her body and released her mental energy.

Hei Wu Chang’s corpse no longer had a trace of life to it.

Bai Jin Yi!

The wings on Ye Yu Xi’s back flapped.

In the air just now, Bai Jin Yi was sent directly flying into a patch of forest by the spiritual energy.

Ye Yu Xi spread her mental energy as far as possible and in less than two minutes, she had found a trace of Bai Jin Yi.

The ground of the forest was not firm, with most of it being loose soil.  When Bai Jin Yi fell from the sky, with his energy and Hei Wu Chang’s energy, he created a large hole in the ground.

Ye Yu Xi came close.

Bai Jin Yi was in the center of the hole and half his body was buried in the mud.

“Don’t be dead, don’t be dead…..”

Ye Yu Xi was very worried as she quickly fell down.  She reached out her hand to Bai Jin Yi’s nose and there seemed to be no breath.  There was already no spiritual energy around him.

Ye Yu Xi placed a hand on Bai Jin Yi’s chest and sent spiritual energy into him.

After half a minute, Bai Jin Yi showed no signs of waking up.

“You, what are you doing?”

A childish voice rang out.

Long Xiao Pang!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes lit up and she suddenly looked around, “Help me save him!”

Ye Yu Xi’s voice was very firm, not giving any room for discussion.

“This…..I can save him, but shouldn’t you get off him first…..”  Long Xiao Pang reached out his little hand and pointed at Ye Yu Xi’s leg on the ground.

Ye Yu Xi looked down……

She realized that Bai Jin Yi was half buried and she had fallen down in a rush right between his legs.  Her knee was pressed down on Bai Jin Yi’s abdomen.

Ye Yu Xi quickly stood up and moved to the side.

Long Xiao Pang skipped over to Bai Jin Yi’s side as he chattered, “It’s luckily this dragon master came in time.  If I came late, even if you had happiness later in life, you wouldn’t be blessed.”

A small green glow appeared in Long Xiao Pang’s hand and gently placed it on Bai Jin Yi’s forehead.

“Your little husband is fine, only he overdrafted his spiritual energy.  I never thought that in this Ice Mist Country, he could meet an enemy he would have trouble with.”  Long Xiao Pang said to Ye Yu Xi.

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